Hairstyles for 50

The age of a woman is not the number of past years, it is a reflection of her inner state, self-love, care for her appearance and health. Stepping over the anniversary mark of 50 years, you can stay fresh and attractive, with no hints at a particular age. But for this you need to correctly approach your image and find a good haircut.

Peculiar, but very interesting haircuts for women after 50 years allow to solve the most necessary task – to visually rejuvenate the image.

Modern hairdressers-stylists offer a lot of interesting options for women balzakovskogo age. At this age, you can safely experiment with your image, look for something unusual, but always suitable for the person.

Professional tips

  • Stick to the rules, but do not blindly follow them. Indeed, older women are more suitable short haircut. But if you have thick, beautiful hair, safely make a square of medium length. This hairstyle favorably emphasizes a well-groomed face and neck;
  • Be sure to paint over gray hairs. Some women look stylish with a short haircut and a noble gray hair. But this option is rather an exception to the rule. Pick a trendy, pleasant shade. Depending on the lifestyle, nature of the character, the color may be more or less bright;
  • If the condition of the skin on the face is far from perfect, do not paint the strands in too bright colors. The contrast between the stylish styling and wrinkles will be clearly visible. Choose a softer shade closer to the natural. Prefer warm tones, caramel, delicate chestnut shades. Avoid yellow, dry, “burned out” strands;
  • Go to the beauty salon, find a good master. Properly chosen hairstyle will add elegance to the image, increase self-esteem. On the Internet there are many programs for the selection of hairstyles. Upload your photo, choose the most interesting image of the hundreds offered;
  • Avoid vulgar images, do not aspire to look like at 50 years old. A full lady with bright orange strands, an ultrafashionable asymmetrical haircut and bold make-up will cause a mockery. Do not overdo it – it looks ridiculous;
  • Be sure to style your hair. It is not enough just to make a beautiful haircut. Use soft styling compositions, regularly (every month – one and a half) update the haircut. Rarely do hot styling: so you keep your hair healthy.

Haircuts for short hair for women over 50 years

Pixie or Garcon

Boyish haircuts, opening the temples and ear zone, creating a volume at the top, very much go to the ladies at the jubilee age. They can be created smooth, with an even cut and soft transitions in length, or torn, feather-shaped, with sticking to the sides. The main thing is to observe the principle of volume in the hair, especially if the shape of the face is far from the reference proportions. Pixie and garcon look great with or without a bang. The bang present in the haircut can be absolutely any length, but its structure often acquires a profiled, torn, pointed shape.

The bob square is created with a short leg at the back of the head and gradually lengthening strands that extend to the ear line or cheekbones in the face region. Such a haircut for women after 50 – 55 years should be created using a graduation and step effect. The crown and sides are processed in detail, the leg is not created too short – the volume should be felt in the hair. The tips of the strands are milled, acquire a pointed cut and feathers. Bangs favorably complements this haircut. It can be quite thick, medium or long, with beveled or sharp hair cut.

Cesson is a smooth and adjusted haircut. It is created with a bang, repeating the line of the entire haircut, has an arched, straight or even asymmetrical shape. Strands of the main length, with a cap framing the face, gradually descend to the neck. A special feature of this haircut for adult women is the moderate final length of the strands. Do not draw too much attention to the neck and divert the haircut to the shoulders. It will be enough to round the strands around the beginning of the neck or pull them down a little lower. The main emphasis should remain on the face. In some cases, it may also be acceptable variation cesson with a slight ragged effect on the tips of the hair.

Aurora – a multi-layered, hairstyle with fringe. The stylist models her shape, based on the features of the appearance and structure of the client’s hair. For women over 50 Aurora, they often create a short, open-necked and voluminous crown of graduated strands. Lateral curls stepwise frame the face, tapering to the neck. The final hair length does not descend below the chin. The tips of the strands are heavily filleted, created sharp, with a clear texture. Bangs can be any length, but look better variations that create volume, starting almost from the top. The structure of the bangs should repeat accents haircut: thinning, sharp cut, torn effect.

Haircuts for medium hair for women over 50

A woman who survived the 50th anniversary, it is time to part with a scythe (meaning long curls), since the hair no longer has its former thickness and looks just sick. Therefore, the scythe should be parted without regret. If it is scary to radically change the hairstyle, then the best option would be to trim the braids to medium length.

It should also be noted that the short or medium length hairstyle makes a woman several years younger. In addition, this haircut has a huge number of positive points, because of it you can make a lot of styling for everyday life and for special occasions.

The most successful hairstyles for women of mature age for medium hair length are bob, square and others. Each of them should be considered in detail, taking into account the age of the beautiful woman.

This model has a lot of options accumulated over 50 years of existence. Distinctive feature of hair – easy installation and practicality. It should be done even on thin and sparse hair, which can be found mainly in women of this age. There are many options – there are plenty to choose from, for which it is worth looking at photos of all modifications of the hairstyle presented. Pay attention to the following variations:

  • an elongated bean that has formed a volume due to the graduation;
  • multi-layer haircut model;
  • asymmetrical – masking small wrinkles on the face and neck, which looks great for women with dry skin, which, as a rule, is more quickly covered with the first wrinkles;
  • haircut with bangs;
  • haircut without bangs, but with elongated locks on the temples.

By choosing one of the options presented hairstyle, a woman will designate her perfect taste and will look harmonious.

This model has no age – it looks perfect, both on a young lady, and on a mature woman, and even an old woman. Feminine and fashionable at all times model of a hairstyle that fits all, creating a beautiful and stylish look. But this is not about the “standard of Natalya Varley” – there are various techniques for her performance, where each stylist brings something different to the model, taking into account the shape of the client’s face and hair type, as well as her personal preference ideas.

Women over 50 years old are suitable for all models of this haircut. But it is necessary to choose options taking into account the type of face and skin condition, so that you can disguise what you do not want to show behind the long strands of hair. For example, flabby skin on the neck will help to hide curls to the shoulders, and a wrinkled forehead – bangs.

Mature ladies should not choose too clear and smooth outlines hairstyles, and also give preference to variations with an open neck. Saturated colors will not work here either: black and black, unnatural white or bright red.

Graduated car

This hairstyle looks perfect if the hair is thick enough and even. When shearing, there are straight long curls on the temples and the nape is trimmed. You can choose models with bangs and without it. Graduated kare well emphasizes the sharpness of the cheekbones. This hairstyle can be highlighting or coloring – it rejuvenates the face a little. The downside to the presented hairstyle is the fact that the haircut requires constant care, because otherwise it will look sloppy. Here it is constantly necessary to do the styling with the addition of volume, which will have to use foam, mousse and hair dryer. Hairstyle requires constant correction, sagging strands able to "steal" the volume, with the result that the haircut will be "heavy."

Hairstyles for 50

Sharp long strands

If you put your hair in the right way, even with thin and rare strands of hair of medium length, they will become pompous. This model is ideal for cheerful, not loving boredom and monotony of women. The color is recommended to choose, both soft and calm, and bright – they all look equally great.

The advantage of the presented image includes the ability to perform coloring or ombra at the tips, as well as coloring individual strands. The hairstyle is light and airy, it does not make the curls heavier.

If it is hard to part with long curls, then you can keep the length just above the shoulder blades and make a fashionable haircut cascade. This is an unpretentious styling model in which the bangs cover the wrinkles on the forehead, rejuvenating the face. On the basis of this haircut a suitable volume of hair is easily formed. To do this, strand each individually should be screwed on curlers, before applying a special mousse to them, which will give the hair rigidity and thickness. After eliminating the curlers, you should scatter the hair with a comb or hands, and then fix it with varnish – this is a festive styling option. For weekdays, it is enough to blow-dry hair after washing. The main thing is to use less chemical means – this will protect the hair from damage.

Haircuts for long hair for women over 50 years

For mature women, hairstyles that do not descend below shoulder level are the preferred option for long hairstyles. A more substantial curl length is quite risky and insidious.

Long caret

An extended four-shoulder length is perfect for women aged 50 years. A familiar classic without bangs looks good on the hair, but with a side parting. Strands can be slightly profiled at the tips. Hair over the entire length have a smooth line, smooth structure, without the effect of layering. Playful notes, dynamics and lightness are created by forming a ragged effect and easy graduation, mainly at the ends of the hair. Bangs help correct and hide flaws. In the elongated square, it is of medium or elongated oblique shape, rather thick and profiled at the ends.

Extra long bean

With the help of an elongated bean, mature ladies can create a unique stylish image, adding to this hairstyle a slight asymmetry, torn, careless elements and restrained creative accents. The asymmetry is manifested in the lengthwise cutting of the side strands: one side can reach the length of the cheekbones or chin, the second side goes down to the shoulders.

This haircut is created without bangs, with an even and straight cut of hair, thinning and side parting. Torn bob is formed with a smooth, symmetrical elongation of hair to the face. The back of the head is graduated, lifted. The side strands have an average graduation and sharp tips. The length of the hair of the face is kept at shoulder level. There is a bang in the haircut: lateral, elongated or medium with milled tips or teeth.

Cascade ladder

Cascade with elements of a ladder – a popular, but at the same time insidious haircut. The steps of the facial strands tend to focus on certain parts of the face or on the neck. Therefore, the stylist should be careful and carefully cut off the ladder. The sides and back of the head are created according to the classical scheme of formation of a cascade. The ends of the hair are slightly taken away by the shoulders.

Grading around the entire circumference, as a rule, is different: in one part (for volume) – reinforced, in the other part (for correction of proportions) – weak. The ends of the curls, including the facial strands of the ladder, have a sharp cut and a deep thinning. Bangs are created taking into account the features of a haircut: it can be thick or thinned, elongated or medium, with side or straight parting.

What kind of styling to do at home

Do not forget about the choice of hairstyle, which is especially relevant for various celebrations. Laying can be done independently at home. The most current and rejuvenating hairstyles after 50 years:

  1. Retro-style – body waves on the head are suitable for absolutely everyone. You can learn to do such a hair at home, but it is better to contact a hairdresser who will do everything neat and tidy. Then the styling can already be done independently. A retro image will look spectacular if you complement it with a strict dress and high-heeled shoes.
  2. Careless curls are created very simply at home. It is enough to wind the strands on the curling iron and comb them with your fingers. This will create a haze effect that can be fixed with hair spray.
  3. On the sparse hair, you can create volume using oblique parting. Strands spread from one side to another. Additionally, you can wind the ends of the hair to give the hair extra volume.

Hair coloring after 50 years

With age, a woman has to undergo many changes in the body, which are often reflected in external manifestations. All that remains is to calmly relate to change and be able to handle it correctly. Women over 50 should move away from previous hairstyles, make-up, and try on images that are more beneficial in adulthood. After all, the main thing in 50 years, not only make up and put curls, but also to refresh, rejuvenate your face.

For women of this age, it is also important to dye hair in a timely manner. Emerging gray hair, dull color, devoid of brilliance are not the details that need to be followed at fifty.

Stylists and hairdressers help older ladies to choose the right shade, which will favorably emphasize all the advantages in appearance and will distract attention from wrinkles.

For women of 50 years, the color of paint should be chosen on the basis of their own preferences and features of appearance. But, in most cases, a woman after 50 is cautioned against the use of red, red, burgundy colors (or their shades). Coloring in such colors, on the contrary, can emphasize the grayness and dullness of the skin. On the Internet there are many photos that confirm the veracity of these recommendations. It should also leave the dream of bright carrot hair color – let it remain the style of bold grannies "for 70". Acceptable looks red color at 55 years old, only if it is natural, presented by nature.

The most fashionable shades in 50 years are:

Blond coloring

Most stylists argue that the youthful effect is achieved when dyeing curls in light colors. Therefore, not knowing what hair color is young after 50, you can try to use the advice of experts. Light strands make the image of a woman softer, successfully conceal age. With the right make-up, a bright shade of hair perfectly emphasizes the eyes, lips.

In the color palette, it is best to choose warm shades: honey, wine. But staining in ashen or beige blond for women 50 years is undesirable. These tones not only do not mask the true age, but also emphasize the grayness and flabbiness of the skin.

Fans of gray hair are advised to choose silver shades of blond, you can with a blue shimmer. But before you dip your hair in gray paint, you need to think carefully – is this really the color that will be to your liking. In fact, the coloring in the style of "gray" is not all.

Hairstyles for 50

Women who have a natural gray hair is about 80%, to think what color to dye their hair after a certain age is optional. They just can create their own unique blonde and without ammonia paint. It will be enough to buy toning shampoos and balms that will remove yellowness from the hair and level the overall tone, adding a soft sheen to the hair. With regular use of tinting products, a woman will look fashionable and attractive, using her years for her own benefit.

Dark staining

Dark hair color after 50 years predominantly adds years to women. Therefore, every second girl dreams in her youth about black or deep-dark hair. But over time, when the freshness of the skin is no longer the same, black hair noticeably underlines all the wrinkles, the “floated” facial contour, dullness of the skin. But if dark colors are as close as possible to the natural shade of hair, the use of dark dye is allowed.

At the same time, hairdressers recommend dyeing your hair brown, rich brown, but not black. Brown, though darker, but more cheerful and sparkling, can advantageously shade the eyes.

Determining which color is young after 50 from the dark palette, you can select several colors. For example, the basic brown hair color can be successfully diluted with lighter strands. In combination with the correct haircut (cascade, ladder, gavrosh) such hair color in adulthood will look very impressive and fresh.

Different dyeing techniques

Coloring for women 50 years old plays an important role in the care of appearance. In this case, it is not necessary to be the same all the time, if you manage to find the right color. If you dye your hair in two colors, you can achieve even greater results. Thus, it will be possible to achieve several goals:

  • rejuvenate the look
  • create your special, bright image
  • be fashionable.

In modern hairdressing, you can choose a different technique of dyeing in several colors. Most often they prefer coloring and highlighting (light for women over 50). There are still fashionable techniques of amber, brondirovanie, 3-D and others. To choose a good option for yourself, you can see photos in magazines, which are full in beauty salons. Hair coloring in several colors is carried out in salons and hairdressing salons. Better to choose experienced craftsmen. At home, it is not advised to experiment, as you can only burn your hair, do not observe important proportions in colors or unevenly color the strands.

At the same time, for women after 50 years, it is permissible to change mono-colored curls at home. This phenomenon is often practiced, as it is easy, but allows you to save a little on the services of hairdressers.

Can I not paint

When deciding which hair color a woman is younger after a certain age, the question may arise as to whether one can accept oneself real, along with all the changes. Moreover, among modern celebrities, a new trend has appeared – “beautiful aging”. Some stars leave their hair color after 50 intact chemical product. Their photos can often be found in the news, in women’s magazines. That’s just natural gray is not every diva to face. In addition, ordinary women do not always have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on work with the skin, facial features, which is done by famous supporters of natural gray hair.

Still, for 50-year-old ladies should not refuse to timely painting. Hair color for mature women can choose any, most importantly, do not forget which one is able to highlight shortcomings, and which one will distract attention from them. In the modern color palette there are plenty of options that will help to extend the visual youth and attractiveness, which is very important for a woman.

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