Hairstyle for September 1 girl

Comic prizes and gifts with poems

All gifts with poems can be divided into several categories: food, stationery, tableware, clothing, household accessories, toys, souvenirs, medical goods, garden and garden items, cosmetics, and of course the most universal gift – money.

Products: 1) We give you a stick of sausages, so that life would be like in a fairy tale! (sausage) 2) We give you tea as a gift, so that not life was, but paradise! (tea box) 3) Insertive jaw to fasten the chewing gum can benefit. (chewing gum) 4) Whiskas will help you everywhere and always bounce above any cat! (Whiskas bag) 5) You will go to the Dead Sea, from the moment you fill the bath with salt. (package of salt) 6) Give you a bag of tea, he sometimes helps out. (tea bag) 7) You are sharp on the tongue, give pepper to you a pod. (pepper pod) 8) You will get oranges as a gift to smooth out wrinkles. (orange) 9) A goldfish will fulfill all desires, even secret secrets and dreams. (canned) 10) We give refined sugar, it is more tasty than chocolate. (a box of refined sugar)

Stationery: 11) We will give you a postcard to make you smile! (postcard) 12) We give you a pen as a gift to record your pay. (fountain pen) 13) We will give you a heart to warm like a stove! (card-heart) 14) You keep a notebook rather to write crazy ideas. (notepad) 15) We give rubber eraser to erase our buckles. (eraser) 16) Cut whatever you want. Scissors quickly hold. (scissors) 17) Give a stroke in a large bottle to gloss over errors. (stroke) 18) The prize is simple, now it’s yours, take the pencil. (simple pencil) 19) Give paint, watercolor. You are our artist now. (watercolors) 20) Give a pony tassel, those horses go bald. (paint brush)

Dishes: 21) We give you a simple fork to make a hole in a cutlet! (fork) 22) Giving a whistling kettle, give us a tea. (teapot) 23) It is pleasant to drink tea from a mug that your girlfriends will give you. (mug) 24) To feed a large family, we give you a pot. (pan) 25) Giving you a frying pan, fry delicious food. (frying pan) 26) Our surprise is a large service. (set) 27) A set of knives as a gift to you, chop up a salad in the evenings. (a set of knives) 28) Salt and pepper on the table to make it tastier to be food. (salt and pepper shaker) 29) Turk coffee connoisseur is needed in order to rather cheer up in the morning. (Turk) 30) To be happy and happy, you need a beautiful ladle. (ladle)

Hairstyle for September 1 girl

Clothing, textiles: 31) Keep family pants, always keep your family! (family cowards) 32) If a cold catches you, your handkerchief will be pity. (handkerchief) 33) Socks without holes will improve your look and an extra pair will not hurt. (socks) 34) Wrap yourself in the stole, plunge into the soft world. (stole) 35) Rather, keep slippers and wander around the rooms. (slippers) 36) We give wool mittens, the handles will be wonderful in them. (mittens) 37) Do not be a felt boot, wear felt boots! (felt boots) 38) We give tights, always come in handy, the legs comfortably in them. (pantyhose) 39) Caps knitted in fashion, dress for the weather! (hat) 40) We are giving smart gloves, and leave the skin gentle. (gloves)

Household supplies, chemistry: 41) Toilet paper to absorb moisture. (toilet paper) 42) We give you a gold chain, now you are cool, thieves and the point! (chain from the stopper in the bathroom) 43) Give you a piece of soap to wash you beautifully. (soap) 44) Matches in the house will be useful, only children are afraid of them. (matches) 45) We will give you a car wash so that you can wash the car yourself (spray gun) 46) You need French perfume so that the groom can lead you. (air freshener) 47) Italian gloves, so that the skin of the hands was in order. (rubber gloves) 48) Give a hedgehog in the fog, what to do with it – think up for yourself. (toilet brush) 49) You can make fashionable hairstyles with a comb. (comb) 50) To whiten your teeth, we need to give the paste! (Toothpaste)

Toys, sporting goods: 51) We will give you a sled, so that life was like in a fairy tale. (sled) 52) A teddy bear is kind, good, it will help you to fall asleep very sweetly. (bear) 53) Hold the prize – it is yours forever, a nipple is useful to a person! (nipple) 54) The boy needs a machine, look how cool it is! (machine) 55) To keep the doll for the girl, to play mothers with daughters. (doll) 56) A little helicopter for a boy is better than any better book! (radio-controlled helicopter) 57) Jump and jump the ball, score a goal on the chandelier! (ball) 58) You jump rope for the soul to lose excess fat! (skipping rope) 59) Giving an exercise bike to love your boyfriend! (exercise bike) 60) We will give you dumbbells so that you want to lose weight! (dumbbells)

Souvenirs: 61) A fridge magnet, like a small alarm clock, you look at a magnet and immediately remember me. (magnet) 62) Statuette for a gift, the interior will decorate brightly! (figurine) 63) Give an inflatable balloon so that the holiday will be with you! (a ball or a condom) 64) A souvenir such, here, – a calendar for the whole year! (calendar) 65) Stand for pens – a gift for the boss, you sign it beautifully and simply! (stand for pens) 66) A simple souvenir is a stylish pen that will help you write beautifully about pay. (pen) 67) The badge – a souvenir is simple and pleasant, for your valiant work yours is such a reward. (icon) 68) For a million scarlet roses, Santa Claus brought you a vase! (waza) 69) To write our poems, and to solve our problems, we will give you a notebook, very necessary here and there. (notepad) 70) Matryoshka – Russian gift to you, original element. (matryoshka)

Medical supplies: 71) If you like to chat, you need to stick the plaster. (adhesive plaster) 72) To keep you warm from the cold, you mustard plaster with red pepper. (mustard plasters) 73) We give enemas from constipation, and for creativity of open space! (enema) 74) We give a tablet of youth, 10 years old, we’ll take it down! (vitamins) 75) Give the device – measure the pressure, you can now check it for you! (pressure measuring device) 76) I give you a cream that is useful, and thank you for everything! (cream) 77) Lip gloss from cracks to you, so that your lips feel comfortable. (lip gloss) 78) We give you a herbal balm so that you can get tired in the evening, take a wonderful spoon, you forget the pain and fear! (balsam) 79) We give a set for weight loss, so as not to suffer from obesity! (set for weight loss) 80) Massager will give you to get high in the evenings! (massager)

Things for the garden: 81) In order to finish the dacha soon, we will give you a nail in addition. (Nail) 82) Keep a shovel to dig the beds, so that you don’t get tired all day. (children sovochek) 83) Giving gloves – work in the garden, your skin will be in order! (gloves) 84) Giving a rake for work, you shoveled the leaves in order. (rake) 85) We give you a hat with a brim to sunbathe in the summer! (hat) 86) So that worms dug a fisherman, we give you a scoop just like that! (scoop) 87) Give you a bucket for the garden, pour water if necessary. (bucket) 88) We give you seeds, greens, vegetables, flowers! (seeds) 89) Give a book to a gardener to plant only at any time of the year! (book) 90) Give an apron for the hostess to prepare your bunny. (apron)

Hairstyle for September 1 girl

Cosmetics: 91) Eye shadow is just for you! (eyeshadow) 92) To shag the ears of hair, and always aspire to grow, we give shampoo for hair growth, your sensitive question will be solved. (shampoo) 93) Give red lipstick, all men like it! (lipstick) 94) Hold, a friend, a pencil, beautiful arrows they smear. (eyeliner) 95) We give a beautiful mascara for your long eyelashes! (mascara) 96) For every day and birthday – cosmetics is always a salvation! (cosmetics) 97) To the hero of the day our surprise is the lengthening of the eyelashes! (false cilia or mascara) 98) Beet the cheeks rub again? Again? Giving balls – rouge, be more modern, mom! (blush in balls) 99) Anniversary is an excellent occasion to give such a surprise, we have collected a basket for you, if you please, do not refuse! (basket with cosmetics) 100) Hairspray, for stylish styling. Your hairstyle will be fine! (hair spray)

Comic gifts: 101) For a photo to be a class, a stick-selfie just right! (selfie stick) 102) We give our pacifier Lala, congratulations on our jubilee! (dummy) 103) Giving you a car! To go to Vaudeville! (toy car, or steering wheel) 104) Giving you brandy in glass containers, purchased in the morning at the market. (a bottle of brandy) 105) Give a pill to you from constipation so that you are not at home for a long time! (any pill, ascorbine can be) 106) Happy birthday and congratulations and give you a ticket! (comic voucher) 107) We give the horse to you in care, harnessed – and to work! (toy horse) 108) Give you a man, so as not to miss the evenings! (poster with a man) 109) Accept the keys to a fancy car, you certainly deserve it a long time ago! (any keys and washing machine) 110) Give you a big spoon, eat caviar with potatoes! (wooden spoon)

New Year: 111) We give you a flash drive as a gift to work without haste. (usb flash drive) 112) Christmas toys for Andryushka and Tanyushka to decorate the Christmas tree, to decorate a cozy house. (toys on the Christmas tree) 113) We give a garland so that your window looks like a fairy tale. (garland) 114) A snowman for your kids, instead of sweets. (snowman) 115) Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, so that in the house of happiness there was a cart. (Toys Snow Maiden and Father Frost) 116) Let tinsel decorate the house so that it becomes more joyful in it! (tinsel) 117) A set of sweets will always fit in order to forget from your problems. (candy) 118) We give toys for your Christmas tree to make it brighter and more beautiful. (Christmas-tree decorations) 119) We give you a live Christmas tree, fragrant needles! (live or artificial herringbone) 120) Give a jar of caviar so that you live in wealth! (caviar)

Symbols of the Year: 121) Pig is a very kind and lovely creation, accept this souvenir, I give it to you! (pig) 122) A dog is a symbol of the year now, let it become a friend for you. (dog) 123) The cockerel is a golden comb, the symbol of the year, he will wake you up at an early hour. (rooster) 124) Symbol of the Year – Monkey, better than any gift! (monkey) 125) Goat goes horned, presents rich, what you dream about – you make a goat. (goat) 126) The horse is the symbol of the year, it beats the hoof quickly, and gives away great gifts to everyone! (horse)

Hairstyle for September 1 girl

This list of options for gifts and comic poems to them can be continued indefinitely! You can use these verses, prizes, as a comic lottery for guests at a birthday, anniversary, wedding or New Year’s corporate party.

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