Hairstyle for prom for short hair

The most famous designers predict that for the next two years, the fashion will be captured by the retro style of the 60s. And the most memorable and popular will be the direction of "boho". This is a truly distinctive style, it has something ethnic, gypsy and at the same time vintage. Some elements resemble the colonial era and safari response. Boho is a child of two parents – Bohemia and hippie.

Style features

For dresses of this style is characterized by many features. They always have a free cut, flared sleeves. The waist is often accented with various belts or laces. In the "boho" are always used natural materials that give some rustic simplicity, in the good sense of the word. You can not find a dress that does not contain numerous patterns, ethnic drawings, bright prints.

This is an incredibly multi-faceted style that will win the heart of every girl who loves fashion.

How to choose

“Boho” has a lot of styles that are suitable for various events. If you are looking for an evening dress, then stop at the length of the floor, and light, flowing materials. For everyday wear suitable short models, in every way decorated with original details. An abundance of accessories is also very important for the image.

Choose an outfit that will suit you according to the color type and body build. For example, plump girls should pay attention to things with a high waist and midi length. Thanks to the volumetric silhouettes, clear boundaries will not be expressed, which means that most of the dresses will suit ladies with completely different forms.

Fashionable cut and styles

Choose models that are entirely made up of natural materials. They will not be hot, because they breathe and pass moisture well. Summer outfits are always full of drawings, draperies, folds and sometimes quilling. Most dresses are light, flowing, with a large number of cuts. Their free, scattering cut does not cause discomfort in movements even on the hottest day.

Silky fabrics and less voluminous silhouettes are suitable for an evening look. Longer dresses are more solemn. Their hems and cuffs are very often decorated with fringe, which makes it even more festive. Undoubtedly, the outfit will be decorated with a belt made of suede or snakeskin, highlighting the waist. The correct jewelry will complement any thing.

This style has a lot of admirers, fascinated by a fine crochet or knitting. Dresses often consist of several materials. The top can be knitted, and the bottom lace. The most common of all models is a white outfit, often expressed by an American armhole. In color dresses there is a large number of combined shades.

Tunic dresses

Always flared sleeves and layered fabrics. V-neck or bare shoulders. This is a spacious dress, the length of which reaches mid-thigh. Girls who have a slender figure, can be distinguished waist belt. Ladies with curvaceous can also create a small separation of the bottom and top. Only they should have a belt slightly lower than the chest.

Shirt dresses

In this dress, the top and bottom are often expressed, but silhouettes are not always highlighted. You can note the presence of a straight sleeve with a length of кист or to the brushes. A special feature, of course, is the buttons that can be hidden. Most often, the girls unbutton them down and at the neck, creating a slight frankness in the notches.

With embroidery

On many dresses there are bright, large embroidery and appliqués. Basically, they decorate the bottom of the product, sleeves and neck. They are linearly repeated, creating a unique pattern.

Hairstyle for prom for short hair


For most people, the style of "boho" is associated with fringe. Yes, in this style it is really a lot. The sleeves and the hem are necessarily decorated with this element. However, dresses that are fully decorated with fringe are becoming more and more popular. Insanely popular cascading layout and some transparency.

Brides choose dresses in this style because of their femininity and immediacy. Semi-fitting cut may include several materials combined. Ruffles and various frills are often present. But the main feature is the absence of a veil.

Actual colors

Innocent color is used not only for wedding dresses, but also for everyday and evening looks. It often has embroidery and various finishes. The free cut is associated with airiness, ease. The girls are very refreshing this color, and dark-skinned persons distinguishes contrasting skin.

Not quite a characteristic shade for boho. However, designers decorate it with color patterns and finishes so that it is not so gloomy. His severity attracts, and unique features give mystery.


Immediately before his eyes gets a dress made of thick fabric, decorated with a thin, suede fringe. Brown is associated with simplicity, sincerity. Warmer models are often sewn of them. Almost every outfit is decorated with ethnic patterns, as well as tassels and interesting finishes.


Such models can be found more often. Bright, variegated dresses consist of a huge number of patterns. These are all kinds of triangles, arched lines, and plant motifs. From the variety of these colors dizzy, because each of them in its own original and beautiful.

This color is incredibly multifaceted. Popular shades of a stormy sky, cornflower flowers, sea waves. They are always diluted with contrasting patterns and prints. More suitable for evening events, holidays. This color is very blonde and owners of blue eyes.

From this material, dresses in the style of "boho" are most often sewn. Designers prefer slightly fitted outfits with loose sleeves. Very popular layering bottom, creating pomp. Flax likes embroidery, especially in contrasting colors. These dresses reflect the simplicity and modesty.

From staple

This is a fabric based on viscose and cotton. It is very light, has a pleasant coolness, breathes, and also almost does not fade in the sun. Pleases with its softness and weightless presence on the body. Perfect for summer dress-razletayki.

The staple often uses perforated embroidery. However, this fabric does not like some complicated design.

Denim is not very typical for this style, but designers come up with different variations with this material. Trapezoid dresses are sewn, as well as with a wide skirt and a marked waist. Denim loves the multi-tiered bottom and clear boundaries. The top and cuffs are decorated with metal buttons or colored embroidery.

Hairstyle for prom for short hair


Not very often found in the "boho", but still sometimes present. Loves the asymmetry of the bottom and bright embroidery, especially at the seams. Sometimes tassels, a suede belt and interesting prints flash on a dress made of such material. In the dress or no sleeves, or they are in the form of lanterns.

This direction simply does not understand itself without lace. Dresses can be completely sewn from this material, and often only complement other fabrics. Guipure is the airiness and lightness that our style bears. Interesting and unusual patterns, often large, adding transparency are appreciated.

Silk dresses amaze with their beauty and luxury. They love to wear at various celebrations and secular dinners. Monochromatic models are rarely encountered, mostly a colorful pattern. Natural materials do not like decoration and embroidery. His belonging to the "boho" give volumetric silhouettes, flared details and ethnic patterns.

Length approximately reaches mid-thigh, and sometimes ends higher. Short dresses are especially in demand on a hot, summer day. Often there are no sleeves, and if they are, then a wide form.

Increasingly begins to occur in the style of "boho." Midi carries a certain modesty, innocence and mystery. Length ranges from knee to mid calf. Bottoms in such dresses are often decorated with not very long fringe, which creates additional length.

Hairstyle for prom for short hair

Dresses from simple, thin fabrics fell in love with girls in the summer season. They present a minimum of finish, and they are suitable for beach walks, warm evenings. More dense and elegant canvases are used to create evening dresses. They look luxurious and presentable. Differ in original design or a coloring.

Asymmetric length

Bottoms of different lengths are now considered incredibly fashionable. Only this element can already give the dress a zest and uniqueness. In excessive design, the whole point is lost, since asymmetry is an insanely noticeable detail. Often, to give an additional accent to the shape, designers decorate the hem with small embroidery.

What to wear

Boho-style dresses can be combined with long, knitted cardigans. They must at least remotely resemble this direction. Let it be a certain pattern or finish.

Light, summer dresses will look great silky bathrobes on the floor, which are gaining all the great popularity.

Classic things will look silly, but you can decorate them yourself. If you sew a fringe, glue appliqués, or embroider beautiful patterns.

If it is cold outside, the outfit will decorate the coat with a straight cut. Desired length – midi. This is the thing that can be monophonic and without unnecessary design. A warm hat with wide, solid margins will complete the warm look. Hue may coincide with the outerwear or accessories.

How to create a full image


"Boho" just loves the abundance of original and memorable accessories. Unique large earrings, massive bracelets, as well as several pendants will not be considered overkill. They create a balance between simple cut and textures.

Attractive look natural metals, and specifically – gold. Costume jewelry is also appreciated, especially from different materials and all the colors of the rainbow.

Dresses are very fond of textured belts and belts. They must be original and fancy. Can be decorated with stones, embroidery or fringe. Often, girls use in their outfits belts made of snake skin and natural suede.

In this direction, every detail must create a complete image. Therefore, if the bag is of non-standard materials, with original trim and prints. Popular models on a long strap, as well as bags, bags and trendy backpacks.

In the summer – these are sandals made of thin, interwoven strips, decorated with stones. These are the sandals decorated with a fringe and color drawings in ethnic style.

In winter, these are leather cowboy boots. Certainly coarse boots and half boots, decorated with metal buttons.

Shoes may be no frills, but it must be atmospheric and characteristic.

It is impossible to name any one make-up, but naturalness should prevail. These are soft and light tones, minimum brightness. If this is an evening event, then lips can be made up with rich shades. Better to let be colored lipstick than painted eyes. After all, the “boho” style is sometimes called the village style, and pronounced naturalness prevails in it.

Girls can often be found with braids or woven ribbons, artificial flowers. Very popular since the days of hippies bandages, fitting the head. This effect can be created with thin braids on the sides, which are intertwined at the back. Loose hair is quite popular, but always with a light wave. Nobody will appreciate an elegant hairstyle, some carelessness is important here.

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