Hairstyle for curly hair

It is very easy to make a mistake in choosing, because a woman usually feels much younger than she actually is. Because of this, it is often possible to observe a comical situation when an adult lady looks ridiculous and ridiculous, having built a haircut on her head, more suitable for her granddaughter.

So, what hairstyles are perfect for women over 50?

Goodbye, girlish braids!

If you follow the advice of grandmothers at the entrance and are afraid of universal condemnation, you will only have to gather the graying hair in a bun and sit on a bench, tying a handkerchief on your head and meekly waiting for the inevitable old age. But it is now about those who are willing to resist age until the last minute.

Hairstyle for curly hairOf course, to put an end to yourself and, hopelessly waving a hand, cut the entire length of hair cleaned, so as not to look like an aging mermaid, in any case should not. But to soberly assess the situation and recognize that the curls have lost their former density, luster and radiance, would be very helpful. Why take care of something that no longer decorates you? Hairstyles of short and medium length – here it is, a panacea for dozens of years.

The choice of haircuts and hair colors

Hairstyles for medium and short hair have a lot of advantages. Not only do they have a magic rejuvenating effect, they are also universal. This makes it possible to perform a variety of styling, from simple everyday to evening solemn.

Hairstyle for curly hair

The main rule – you need to apply only to a qualified master, who will select the correct version of the haircut and dyeing, depending on the type of hair, shape and shape of the face.

An important role for women over 50 plays and hair color, it must be chosen very carefully. If you are already 50-55 years old, then surely gray hair is your faithful companion, but we all know that gray hair only adds age, so you need to disguise it.

If you do not want a radical change, then you should choose a hair shade as close as possible to your natural hair color.

Changes in appearance do not scare you? Then you can safely experiment. Chocolate, brandy, copper, chestnut, honey shades emphasize femininity. The main thing that the color looked luxurious and "expensive". Highlighting and coloring can also be your allies in pursuit of noble beauty.

What haircuts are suitable for women after 50 years?

Many-sided bob – a great haircut for women over 50-55 years

The king of a model haircut named Vidal Sassoon presented a modern woman with the most popular and diverse hairstyle called “bob”. True, the famous stylist invented the original form of a bean, which has acquired a variety of modifications during more than half a century of existence. The main differences of this haircut are its functionality and simplicity in styling, due to which it is suitable even for thin and sparse hair. Therefore, if you are over 50 and your hair is not so thick, as in your youth you can safely choose this universal haircut.

Versions of a bean great variety: Short, with a lush mop on the back of the head. Long – lush due to graduation. Multi-layered. Asymmetrical, able to hide the flaws of the face and neck. With bangs. Bob without bangs with elongated side strands. Having opted for this haircut, a woman over 50, of course, will emphasize its excellent taste and will look harmonious.

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