We all are unhappy with their hair and try to change something.

Owners of short hairstyles dream of long strands, owners of curls – of even hair, owners of even hair – of curls …

Hairstyles with false strands

We all are unhappy with their hair and try to change something. Fancy strands that easily attach to natural hair, give volume to a hairstyle and allow you to change the image in a few minutes will help to fulfill the dream of a hairstyle with long hair. Hairstyles with false straps are the perfect solution for prom, wedding, social events and everyday life.

Overhead strands and their varieties

Tress (overhead strands) are safe for health, they can be made of natural or artificial hair. It is the material used that influences the cost of the product; otherwise, the overhead strands of natural hair are not much different from artificial counterparts. Both those, and others have healthy gloss, silkiness and wide color scale. If necessary, you can color or highlight the strands.

HairpinsThe use of overhead strands is much cheaper than the extension procedure., besides, you can take them off at any time. Mounting strands does not require much time and is easily attached with hairpins to natural hair, regardless of their length. Tresses come in different lengths, widths, colors, and types (smooth or curled).

In the manufacture of artificial strands are most often used nylon, acrylic and vinyl. These threads are much thinner than natural hair, which makes strands light and comfortable. Unlike natural hair, artificial strands do not break or stratify, which allows them to be used for years. In addition, the overhead strands of synthetic materials perfectly preserve the shape of styling and do not require time for maintenance.

Along with this, artificial strands have drawbacks., the main of which is instability to heat exposure. Artificial strands cannot be blow-dried, curled or leveled, and frequent washing can lead to tangling of hair and knots.

Strands of natural hair can curl, straighten, dye, wash and dry with a hair dryer, but all these procedures can damage the structure of the hair.

Hairstyles with false strands – how to fix?

Tress have special hairpins, Facilitating the process of attaching and removing strands, however, to get a natural hairstyle, you will have to practice a little. It is best to have a mother or girlfriend next to you who can help you to attach the strands correctly.


Before attaching the tresses, carefully comb your hair along the entire length. Separate the part of the strands on the crown and fix them with a barrette. The received horizontal parting needs to be slightly combed and sprinkled with hairspray. Overhead strands are also desirable to comb.

On average, each set of Tesse has 6-8 strands of different lengths and widths. The widest strand is fastened first, the rest are added (the narrowest strands are fastened in the temples area). Particular attention should be paid to the fixation of tresses. It should be noted that for the maximum volume you may need more than one row of overhead strands, which are located at a distance of 3-5 cm from the first horizontal parting. After you have fixed all the strands, you can start modeling hair or leave your hair loose.

How to attach overhead strands? Video!

What hairstyles can be done with patch strands?

At all times, a ponytail is relevant and fashionable – a minimalist hairstyle that does not require special skills. This hairstyle fits any style, image and age, it saves time and retains its shape throughout the day. You can advance prepare strands, placing them on a cloth with a tape for fixing on the hair. The hair fixed in this way can be left even, or curled to create a more romantic and tender look. In addition, such fastening strands make invisible hairpins.

Make an original hairstyle in a few minutes is possible! Add a patch of bright color to your hair (1-2 narrow strands are enough). It is best to fix the tress under the hair collected in a ponytail at the crown, after which the tail should be dispersed.

If you have long but sparse hair, overhead strands will help to weave a beautiful braid. Gather your hair in a tight tail, divide into 2 half and attach overhead strands in the middle. Braid a braid, having strengthened strands in addition with hairpins. Using strands of bright color, you can create an original color braid or weave hair with a braid.

Three hairstyles with patch strands – video

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