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The fashionable shade of dark blond in 2018 gains immense popularity. Both designers and stylists note the increasing popularity of all blonde tones.

Today, stylists in one voice say that the dark blond is becoming the key trend of the new season. However, it can be the most diverse. And today we will talk about which shades of dark blond will be relevant in the new season, and also discuss the most popular hair coloring in 2018.

Natural Dark Blonde

Natural dark blond looks very stylish. This shade of hair resembles a muted bright blond, which has many additional tones. As a rule, stylists recommend choosing the technique of coloring in the style of ombre or sombre, also balayazh. With the help of a balaig technique on a dark blond, you can create light reflections that mimic hair that has burnt in the sun. Thanks to the technique of balayazh, you can create a variety of shades.

For example, it is recommended to choose such as pearl blonde, as well as light blond. It refreshes the image and makes the hair color deeper and more saturated. Natural blond is more like dark wheat or beige blond.

Like any other shades of blond, it looks just amazing when paired with glossy hair shine. Stylists recommend that you heal your hair in a timely manner and perform procedures to strengthen the hair. Due to the glossy shine, dark blond shade looks incredibly stylish and bright. Under the dark blonde, many stylists mean dark shades of beige hair. This is the hair color on the store shelf can be found under the label Wheat, dark beige, as well as a dark blond. Choosing a dark blond, remember that it will be a great solution for owners of blue or green eyes, as well as brown eyes and fair skin.

    Dark blonde paired with caramel shade

    Haircuts for thin hair photo

    Many stylists say that caramel hair color imparts a certain highlight to the image. This shade migrated from the 17th year into the new season and continues to win the hearts of millions of fashionistas. The whole point is that the stylists combine it with a warm dark blond, making a very bright harmonious image. Hair tint looks incredibly rich and attractive. If you want to try caramel dark blond, pay attention to the color combination with wheat and peach hair. Caramel warm blond will suit the owners of brown eyes with olive or dark skin.

      Blond with dark hair roots

      Haircuts for thin hair photo

      In 2018, it is fashionable to combine blond hair with dark shades. In particular, stylists recommend to pay attention to the dark blond with dark hair roots. To achieve a beautiful effect will help an experienced colorist and beautiful coloring of hair. Today it is important to dye the hair roots in dark blonde and dark brown and even chocolate shades. You can create warm shades of hair that look incredibly strong.

      Blond on dark hair

      Haircuts for thin hair photo

      Today, one of the most popular trends is dyeing blond hair with dark hair. Girls seek to refresh the image and make it more vivid and creative. Pay attention to the coloring in the style of warm dark blond paired with light brown or brown hair. And so, natural light brown hair color can be easily and dyed in a dark blond. It is much more difficult to make an image more harmonious and attractive. This will help you experienced professionals, because today it is important to dye in darker shades at the roots and lighter at the ends of the hair. The most important result will be a beautiful and healthy hair shine, this is what you need to strive for, as all specialists of the word say with a spoon.

      Dyeing blond on the basis of brown hair is also very popular in 2018. Note the stylish blond and bronze. In particular, balayazh-style dyeing, which involves the lightening of hair strands, is only very popular in 2018. Balayazh paired with blond shades and brown hair looks just amazing. Pay attention to such tint balms as ashy blond, warm blond, also dark blond.

      Dark blonde with pearl shimmer

      If you want to create a beautiful blond, pay attention to shades of hair with pearl shimmer. Pearlescent hair colors are incredibly popular in the new season. At the base of a dark blond mother of pearl color looks just amazing. This is a dynamic image for the modern urban fashionistas, which immediately catches the eye. Well-groomed beautiful hair with mother-of-pearl shine looks incredibly stylish and bright. Dark blonde paired with mother-of-pearl creates an image of a young girl. Today, mother of pearl blond is recommended to combine in tandem with rich dark shades of hair. It is well suited for coloring on the technique of balazhij or brond.

      Dark Blonde is one of the most popular shades of 2018. Do not miss the fashion trend and remember that it is important to choose the hair color based on your personal data.

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