Haircut for fine hair

Lunar days and haircut


Eastern astrology draws attention to any action of a person with his body – as a change in the quality of life. Even the most ordinary haircut can radically change the fate. Tibetans share lunar days for favorable and unfavorable for haircuts (shaving), paints and hair treatments, nail clippings, dentistry, days of operations.

The days of circumcision (haircuts) of hair have a beneficial effect on the further fate of a person – they have a positive effect on longevity, success, financial stability and visual appeal, as well as a negative one, because cutting these days can damage the vitality of a person and bring trouble.

Hair – the source of our cosmic Force means that everything that happens to them changes the course of the invisible river that washes us with its own bioenergy waves. Therefore, any impact on the hair can change in one direction or another not only our appearance, but also our whole life. And therefore, in order not to lose baldness ahead of time and not lose your heavenly half in the form of a Guardian Angel, it is necessary to follow certain security measures when cutting, know when with whose help and why you do it.


  • You can not trust your hair to anyone.
  • It should be remembered that the person who cuts you, changes your biofield.
  • Therefore, when you come to the hairdresser, choose an energetic and cheerful master, then your life after haircut will change for the better.
  • The older a hairdresser, the stronger his influence on your life.
  • If you are an independent person, you are used to solving your own problems and you don’t like it when something prevents you from carrying it out, choose a master of your age or younger.
  • When you are chronically unlucky for some strange reason, it makes sense to choose a very old and famous wizard, even if the hairstyle made by him will cost you dearly. But after visiting the barbershop your life will change dramatically.

Haircut for fine hair

And if you still correctly calculate the time of your visit, then your life will not just change, but will drastically improve.

The lunar day does not coincide with the earth day, and comes at a certain time (hours, minutes) of the earth day.

The calendar also indicates the time of entry of the Moon into one or another Zodiacal constellation.

(Moscow time)

To determine the time of your city should consider the time zone.

March 2019

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of the week

New moon




Choose a day of the week for a haircut or hair treatment that can be beneficial for you.

Monday will help get rid of longing, depression, unpleasant memories. On this day, all the negativity is clipped.

Thursday will help strengthen your credibility, increase self-esteem and faith in your own strength.

Friday do not go to the hairdresser. According to astrologers, on this day, the biochemical processes in the body are slow, and after the Friday haircut, the hair will grow poorly.

Saturday haircut helps to get rid of loneliness, dissatisfaction with yourself, increases self-esteem. It is also believed that it helps to remove some of the problems that have arisen due to the fault of others.

Sunday you can not get a haircut! On this day, your relationship with your personal egregor (guardian angel) is as strong as possible. If this day to change something in the body, and even more so to cut off some part, then you can connect with the cosmos. By the way, these recommendations fully apply not only to the hair, but also to the nails.

period of the phase of the moon in various zodiac signs

Hair cutting during the moon phase in the signs of Fire:

Moon in Sagittarius: haircut will help advance career development and improve business connections.

Moon in Leo: a haircut will help those people who want some fundamental changes in their lives. In the event that you do not want to change anything, do not do a haircut.

Moon in Aries: unfavorable day for hair cutting. Although it does not affect the condition of the hair, immunity may decrease, the probability of getting sick increases.

Hair cutting during the moon phase in Air signs:

Moon in Aquarius: on this day it is better to wait a little haircut

Moon in Libra and Gemini – a very period for haircuts, hair growth accelerates, and their structure does not change.

Haircut in the Moon Period in the signs of Water:

Moon in Pisces: A haircut on such a day can lead to dandruff problems.

Moon in Scorpio: The position of the moon is very dangerous, a haircut can cause problems in your personal life and worsen relations with members of the opposite sex.

Moon in Cancer: hair will not keep shape, will be naughty, they will be difficult to style. Haircut is not recommended. It is also not recommended to wash your hair.

Haircut in the Moon Period in Earth Signs:

In Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus: This is the most favorable time for a haircut. Hair will grow faster and become less split.

Haircut for fine hair

Having chosen the most auspicious day for a haircut, you will save your positive forces and get rid of all the negative, you will find harmony with yourself and the outside world.

Hair treatment , dyeing and perm should also be carried out on favorable days.

Tried advertised shampoos, balms, masks and conditioners and nothing

So you should pay attention to the vegetable traditional recipes and on favorable days for wellness treatments with hair.

For dyeing hair is better suited growing moon, then the paint will last longer on the hair.

Hair nourishment masks are also best carried out during the growing moon.

For curling the state of the moon – growing or decreasing – does not matter much. The ideal time is when the moon is in Virgo.

The period when the Moon is in Leo is good for curling hard hair that is difficult to curl, and for thin and soft hair, the results of curling may not please.


Hair balm – highly effective drug. Balm is a compound that, penetrating under keratin hair scales, fills the voids formed after washing or other procedures. As a result, the structure of the hair normalizes, it is aligned, begins to shine. This increases the flow of nutrients into the hair follicle, increases blood flow to the papilla, stimulates hair growth. In addition, the balm acts on the skin, improving metabolic processes in it, stimulating cell growth.

213 rub.

Formula Beauty Natural of the company AD Medicine (ED Medical) created in order to maintain the healthy beauty that is inherent in every person by nature. Healthy appearance depends on the coordinated work of the internal organs and systems. To ensure the normal functioning of the cells, timely delivery of nutrients, oxygen and removal of metabolic products and metabolism is necessary, which depends on the state of the blood vessels and microcirculation. The renewal of skin cells and its rejuvenation depend on the course of metabolic processes. The state of connective tissue, collagen and elastin fibers causes the tone and elasticity of the skin, strength and elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus, on which the gracefulness of the gait, plastics, flexibility, magnificent posture depends. Equally important is the effective work of the organs of excretion, which ensure the removal of toxins and metabolic products. The effective work of the intestine allows you to avoid the formation of pigment spots, increase skin turgor. And the work of the liver depends on the clarity and brilliance of the eyes. Evening primrose oil and avocado, yohimbe extract, microelement iodine at various levels regulate metabolism, stimulate the formation of new young skin cells, which contributes, literally, to rejuvenation of the skin.

3600 rub.

For washing hair, attaching and restoring growth.

431 rub.

for washing hair • reduces inflammation of the skin, regulates the work of sweat and sebaceous glands; • nourishes the hair follicle, strengthens the core, enhances hair growth; • prevents fragility and split ends of hair; • protects hair from harmful external influences; • gives thin hair fluffiness; • makes hair well-groomed and docile

431 rub.

For quick recovery and hair growth. It gives hair, especially dull and damaged, lively shine and

400 rub.

for fast restoration, strengthening and growth of hair. The mask has antioxidant properties, has a healing effect on the hair and scalp. With regular use of the mask improves the structure of the hair, removes the feeling of dry scalp. The mask is effective for damaged hair, baldness and dandruff. Prevents fragility and split ends of hair, protects hair from harmful external influences.

400 rub.

The components of the foam have a moisturizing, soothing, antiseptic, firming and normalizing effect on the skin. Prevent the occurrence and spread of infection, activate epithelialization processes, protect the skin from moisture loss.

950 rub.

  • as a blood-purifying agent in: – poisoning of the body with various toxic substances; – long-term exposure to various chemicals, including drugs; – poisoning by alcohol surrogates, hangover;
  • violations of fat, carbohydrate and water-salt metabolism;
  • in complex therapy and as an independent remedy for systemic diseases (rheumatism, gout);
  • in the complex therapy of diabetes;
  • in the complex therapy of obesity, atherosclerosis;
  • in skin diseases (furunculosis, eczema, allergic dermatosis, purulent wounds, burns of various degrees);
  • with infectious diseases, accompanied by fever as a febrifuge;
  • in complex therapy of oncological diseases.

1044 rub.

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