Haircut calendar

The lunar calendar of haircuts for October 2018, indicating the days of the new moon, full moon, quarters of the moon, the location of the moon in the signs of the zodiac, as well as favorable and unfavorable lunar days for cutting hair. Lunar calendar haircuts will allow you almost always to be aware of when you can cut your hair according to Oraklu. The lunar haircut calendar for October 2018 will be able to assist you in planning a visit to the hairdresser and will be able to help you determine the favorable and unfavorable days of the month for haircuts.

Haircut calendar

Lunar calendar haircuts for October 2018

In the lunar calendar haircuts for October 2018, various events have a definite effect on the cutting of human hair. Having chosen the most auspicious day for a haircut, you will save your positive forces and get rid of all the negative, you will find harmony with yourself and the outside world.

Haircut calendar

Choosing a location for calculating the calendar

Haircut calendar

In the lunar calendar haircuts for October 2018 in the first column indicates the day of the month and day of the week. In the second column is the lunar day and the phase of the moon. In the third – the moon in the sign of the zodiac. In the fourth – the sunrise and sunset of the moon. The fifth column contains an estimate of the favorable period for haircuts, which consists of 4 characters, which can take the following values: [+] favorable period for haircuts, [-] not favorable, [±] neutral. For more information about haircut on a particular day and favorable period for haircut, you can see by clicking on the link in the last column.

Remember that the sign of the zodiac is the most important in determining the time of visiting the hairdresser, then the lunar day, and only then the phase of the moon and the day of the week. Do not forget that the lunar calendar is a recommendation. When making important decisions, rely more on professionals and on yourself. If you think our lunar calendar is doing calculations wrong, read the questions and answers.

Favorable days for haircuts

How to use the lunar calendar haircut we told. You should know that hair is the source of our strength, which means that everything that happens to them changes our bio-energy. Therefore, any impact on the hair can change in one direction or another not only our appearance, but also our whole life.

In order not to harm yourself when cutting hair or during coloring, so as not to lose your Guardian Angel, you need to follow certain safety measures, know when there are favorable days for cutting and when you should refrain from visiting a hairdresser. Below are the most favorable days for haircuts in October 2018 according to the electronic journal World of Space.

When to cut hair?

The lunar calendar has long been used to determine the days on which it is preferable to cut, curl or dye hair. Naturally, the health of the hair depends on proper nutrition and care.

The use of vitamins for hair growth, strengthening masks and special care products can not be replaced by hair cutting. To know when you can cut your hair on the Oracle, you need to be guided by the lunar calendar haircuts for October 2018. Adhering to simple recommendations, you can increase the effect of proper hair care and will be able to enhance the positive result of hair care procedures.

The influence of the moon phase on hair cutting

The phases of the moon in October 2018 primarily affect hair growth. Haircut on a particular lunar day can accelerate hair growth or slow down. On some days, you should refrain from going to the hairdresser in order to preserve the health of your hair: it may increase the tendency to hair loss or, for example, cause dandruff. This affects not only hair cutting, but also other procedures: hair coloring, perm, etc.

If you are addicted to changing hairstyles quite often, then it is obviously very important for you that in October 2018 your hair would grow quickly. In this case, for haircuts, it is better to stop the choice on the date when the growing Moon is located in the first or second quarter.

If, on the contrary, you rarely prefer to visit the hairdresser’s salon, choose an auspicious day when the moon is in a diminishing phase. A haircut on the waning moon will strengthen your hair roots and prevent their loss, but they will grow back slowly enough. In the new moon you need to abandon haircuts, because these days haircut shortens a person’s life.

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