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In recent times, newlyweds are often interested in new, unban wedding rituals.

We want to talk about a beautiful ceremony that can be a real decoration for your wedding.

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The site contains only introductory information to create an original and beautiful wedding celebration. I do not sell anything;)

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Sand ceremony, or, in the original, The Unity Sand Ceremony (literally – a unifying sand ceremony). During the Sand Ceremony, the newlyweds fall asleep the sand of two colors into a beautiful vessel, which symbolizes the union of two lives into one whole. Read about other methods to decorate the wedding.

Since ancient times, the sand ceremony is held at a wedding in Hawaii. In areas where there is no shortage of beautiful beaches, it is customary to celebrate a wedding on the ocean. It is quite natural that beach sand in Hawaii has become an indispensable attribute of a wedding celebration. In addition, the Hawaiian islands of volcanic origin and several active volcanoes, many beaches with colored sand – white, gold, red and even blue.

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In the second half of the 20th century in America, it became fashionable to hold weddings on warm tropical islands, and Hawaii, where summer is all year round, became the perfect place for an off-site wedding. It is quite natural that the Sand ceremony, known only to the aborigines, was quickly adopted by the Americans from the mainland. And in the 90s the ceremony becomes a popular ritual at weddings in the United States. For the sake of justice, let’s say that this concerns more likely the western states, primarily California, on the east coast, the Sand Ceremony is less common.

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Sand ceremony held at weddings, used in the proposal of the hand and heart, carried out in a honeymoon trip to distant islands.

What is needed for the sand ceremony?

First of all, multi-colored sand. One color is for the groom, the second is for the bride. You will need suitable vessels (narrow and elongated), from which sand is poured into a large, common vessel. And, of course, the large vessel itself, into which the sand will fall asleep and mix.

The master of the ceremony can be a toastmaster or one of the guests. If the ceremony is held without witnesses, for example, in the honeymoon, the role of the presenter may well take on someone from the newlyweds.

At first, sand is poured from bags or jars, where it was stored, into tall, narrow vases, of which young people will pour sand into the main vessel. The groom sleeps the sand of his color in his vase, and the bride in his. Newlyweds take in their hands vessels with sand.

The word takes the lead: Now we will consolidate the union, which symbolizes the union of two individuals, two vessels with sand. One represents the groom, and all who he was, who he is now, and who he will become in the future. The second vessel symbolizes the bride, and all who she was, who she is now, and who she will become in the future. And, just as the sands from two different vessels unite in one vessel, the newlyweds cease to exist separately, turning into a single whole. Then the key moment of the ceremony follows: the bride and groom simultaneously fill the sand from their vessels into a common large vessel to the applause of the guests and the outbreak cameras. If the bride and groom fill the sand in turn, at short intervals, the sand will form a beautiful pattern, where a strip of sand of "male" color will alternate with a strip of color "female". You can fill the sand at the same time – in this case, the pattern in the vessel will be less orderly, but more picturesque and unpredictable.

When a large vessel is filled, it sounds final lead replica: Just as these individual grains of sand cannot divide and return to their vessels again, so let the love and the bond between you be unbreakable!

The ceremony is complete. Now it is important to carefully transport the vessel to where it will be stored. It is important to prevent shaking and turning the vessel with sand, otherwise the wedding sand pattern will collapse and the two colors of sand will mix.

Not only the bride and groom can participate in the ceremony. Parents of newlyweds, children, witnesses can take part. To this end, it is desirable that each participant have their own individual vase for backfilling and their own personal color of sand.

Sand ceremony is also appreciated for the fact that in memory of her and the wedding there will be a beautiful vessel with bright, multi-colored sand that can be stored for many years. The symbolism of the sand ceremony is suitable not only for a wedding, but also for other important events when you want to emphasize the unity of the family or lovers: wedding anniversary, romantic date or the birth of a child.

Hair style 90 x

We do not know much about the sand ceremony yet. However, some wedding hosts and newlyweds, especially those familiar with Western wedding traditions, show considerable interest in this wedding ceremony.

How to find items necessary for the ceremony?

In order to hold the ceremony, you need a vessel in which the sand will be poured, suitable in the shape of a vase, of which the bride and groom sand will fall asleep, as well as the sand itself.

The main problem is associated with sand – it is difficult to find colored sand in a regular store. You can try to persuade the wholesale firm to sell the floral sand, but if it succeeds, it’s not a fact that such sand can be used for the ceremony. Florists usually use coarse quartz sand, and this sand does not sprinkle evenly and quickly clumps together.

A vessel filled with sand needs to be transported home from the venue of the ceremony, so an ordinary vase will not work – it must be closed with something. And, of course, the vessel itself should look decent. This problem is solved by buying elite alcohol (cognac or whiskey) in suitable bottles. Sand is poured into an empty, thoroughly dried bottle and then closed with a cork.

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