Casual hairstyles for long hair

Short hair is not only as comfortable as possible, but also very stylish and modern. Judging by the statistics, this length of hair is preferred by rather emancipated, self-confident girls and women. For many people, hairstyles with short hair are associated exclusively with so-called boyish haircuts. However, as experience shows, not everything is so simple. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair provide different lengths, which allows you to create real masterpieces on your head, depending on the situation.

If you are a happy owner of short hair or are planning to become one in the near future, information on hairstyles for short hair will be more than useful to you.

Hairstyles for short hair: 25 step-by-step photos for all occasions

We picked up the 25 most fashionable and stylish hairstyles for short hair, which you can do yourself or show photos to your hairdresser. For your convenience, they are sorted into separate categories in accordance with the purpose of the hairstyle and its relevance in a particular situation.

Practical hairstyles for short hair

Despite the fact that any woman deserves the title of "queen", from time to time all fall out the days when you need to stay as active and collected as possible. During such a period it is necessary that the hair does not distract from important matters, and at the same time be beautifully arranged. Therefore, we propose to consider hairstyles for short hair, characterized by increased practicality.

Hairstyles for long hair: 10 photos with step by step instructions

1. French bun for short hair

Fully collected hair is ideal if you do not have the opportunity to correct styling during the day. For this reason, we recommend to pay attention to the photo hairstyles for short hair called "French bun". Make it not so easy, but after a few times you manage to develop the necessary skills and significantly speed up the procedure. To make such a practical hairstyle for short hair perfect, follow the tips below:

  • Divide hair into three parts.
  • The back of the curls neshite with thin scallops.
  • Catch the main part of the hair and twist it into a bundle, with the free tip hide inside. Secure the shell formed with a large number of studs.
  • Hair, left on the sides, twist in a similar way, connecting them with the main beam. Use hairpins to strengthen your hairstyle.

2. Low horse tail

The ponytail is one of the most convenient practical hairstyles for short hair. Its only drawback is that it still requires the presence of a certain length and very short haircut will not work. "Build" a similar installation is quite simple:

  • Leave two strands near the ears, and the rest of the hair gather in a low tail and tie a thin elastic band.
  • Take the side strands, pull back and cross them between themselves directly above the rubber band. Output the ends of the strands under the tail and fasten with the help of a hairpin or barrette.

3. Magnificent horse tail

Hairstyles for short hair are very diverse. But if you need a practical styling, then it is best to use a horse tail hairstyle. To some girls, it seems too boring and therefore we recommend using more interesting options. For example, tie a high tail, and decorate its base with two side strands. To make such a practical hairstyle for short hair look more spectacular, make one strand significantly more.

4. Spit of harnesses

Hairstyles on the elongated four of a kind can also be very practical. Especially if you decide to braid the classic braid of the harnesses. To keep such a hairstyle on short hair as tight as possible, start weaving from the top of your head and gradually add other strands to your braid.

5. Romantic tail with braids

Casual hairstyles for long hair

You have a romantic mood, but the day promises to be active? Then pay attention to the pigtails for short hair, combined with the tail. This hairstyle keeps without problems the whole day and at the same time attracts everyone’s attention. You can make it at home, especially since, for short hair, this procedure does not take much time.

Hairstyles at work or in the office

Hairstyles for short hair at work or in the office should be fairly modest and as comfortable as possible. It is not recommended to use any decor, to make curvy or too elaborate styling. This is especially true if there is a dress code in your work. However, this does not mean that you can forget about stylish hairstyles, because even in an office fashionable modern styling will be more than appropriate.

20 easy hairstyles for every day with step by step instructions

1. Double Greek bundle

The Greek bundle usually looks smart for an office. However, we offer you a more rigorous version, when the hair is divided into two parts and twisted one over the other. It is important that the hair does not get out of the styling. For this you need to use varnish or another tool with a strong fixation. This hairstyle is quite strict, so it will be especially good to look at women in leadership positions.

2. Light curls on short hair

If you have a bob haircut, it means that you can safely go to work with her hair loose. However, in order not to look too simple, you can style your hair with a curling iron. The main rule is to make the curls rather large and not too twisted. For this purpose, fix the strands with forceps as quickly as possible, and for the hairstyle to retain its appearance, be sure to fix it with a special tool.

3. Malvina

In the presence of long hair, the “malvina” hairstyle usually looks quite festive, however, if you are the owner of a short haircut, you can safely “wear” it to the office, school or university. In addition, of all the hairstyles for short hair to work or to the office, it is done the fastest. It is enough just to comb a little hair on the top of the head, gather strands near the face and fix them behind the “invisible”.

4. Bundle of harnesses

Classical hairstyle bun – a great version of the hairstyle for short hair for a woman who spends a lot of time in the office. We advise you a more original version – a bundle of three bundles twisted in the same way. He looks feminine and at the same time very elegant and restrained.

5. Double tail

If the dress code allows, then you can safely go to work with a tail. It is recommended to owners of short and not too thick hair to make a double tail. The main secret is that the collected hair was on the same level. This hairstyle for short hair allows the curls look more lush and thick.

Festive hairstyles for short hair

Any festive event, be it a best friend or graduation wedding, requires an appropriate appearance. In particular, proper styling plays a big role in creating an image. Festive hairstyles for short hair can be very diverse – it all depends on your imagination and skills of your master.

Beautiful hairstyles for medium hair every day: 25 step by step examples

1. Kok with braids

If you want to do the original styling for short hair, pay attention to the braids. By themselves, they look quite romantic, therefore, in order to slightly "bring down" degrees of naivety, we advise to combine them with high Kok:

  • nashesite hair in front of a small cook, fix them;
  • the remaining hair is divided into three parts;
  • braid the strands in three separate braids using the spikelet technique; tie the ends with elastic bands to match the hair.

2. Exquisite beam

Today, natural beauty is in fashion and, accordingly, light, elegant styling is popular. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to the shell in the form of shells. He is the undisputed leader among the festive hairstyles for short hair. Make a beam is extremely simple, but it looks very aristocratic and perfectly emphasizes the beautiful bend of the neck of its owner.

3. Babette with a bow

If your hair is short, but the length allows you to collect it in a high tail, then babette is your option. She looks especially good with outfits in the style of the 60s: puffy knee-length skirts, A-line dresses. To make such styling look more elegant, we recommend complementing it with a small bow twisted from your own hair.

4. A bunch with braids for short hair

Regular round bun, located just above the neck, it is difficult to attribute to the holiday hairstyles for short hair. However, if you add braids to it, then the situation changes radically. To do this, it is enough to braid two French braids on the sides, and twist their ends around the bundle. To make the hairstyle look as fresh as possible, we recommend making light waves with a curling hair before styling. Spit in combination with a beam – this is the best hairstyle for the summer, he can safely choose graduates as a hairstyle for graduation and young brides, as a hairstyle for a wedding.

5. Romantic Bezel

As you can see, braids – one of the most popular options for festive hairstyles for short hair. Most of all they are suitable for young girls, because it is these elements that best emphasize the charm of youth. To make the look look most gently, braid the headband of two braids, starting in the forehead. Gradually weave all the hair into the bezel, then fix it with hairpins. The romantic headband looks especially beautiful with light dresses made of flowing fabric.

Fashionable casual hairstyles for short hair do it yourself

The advantage of short haircuts is that they are fairly easy to lay at home. Fashionable casual hairstyles with their hands on short hair look appropriate in any situation and allow a woman to always feel beautiful and well-groomed. We offer you several styling for different lengths of hair, from which you can choose for yourself the ideal option.

16 inspirational ideas: Do-it-yourself simple hairstyles

1. Curly curls for short hair

Curls for short hair – it is always very feminine and attractive. To give spectacular hair on the front of the head curl on large curlers, and the rest of the strands walk curling. At the end of the procedure, give the curls a pomp with a brush and a hairdryer.

2. Hairstyles for short hair: Malvinka spike

Fashionable casual hairstyles with their own hands for short hair – a variety of styles and a combination of different forms. If you are not afraid of unusual combinations, spike-malvina surely you will like it. This hairstyle for short hair is quite simple in execution:

  • comb your hair back;
  • take part of the strands and braid them into a loose spikelet;
  • spit formation start as close as possible to the forehead line;
  • tie the rest of the hair on the top of the head with a rubber band, add it and fix it in the form of a small bundle.

3. Loose hair

Owners of short hair can always wear them loose if desired. It looks quite tender and feminine. However, so that this hairstyle for short hair does not look too simple, you can decorate it with a small pigtail. In order not to visually overload the styling, it is enough to braid it on one side of the head.

4. Careless tail on side

Would you like to look romantic, but do not want to spend time on complex styling? Then the side tailless tail is for you. Tie it in an unusual way, before splitting the hair into two parts. On one side of the head, leave a loose strand, braid it in a braid and connect it with the tail. This is the perfect option for dating or as a hairstyle to school or university!

5. Hair on short hair

To create a daring image, among all the hairstyles for short hair, it is better to choose a haircut. It is very simple to make it, because for this it is enough just to take the hair back and comb it. For the stability of hair, it is important to use fixing tools. This styling is suitable for both the bob caret hairstyle and hair of a different length.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful styling for short hair

Every woman loves her hair to be neat and beautiful. This gives confidence and allows you to emphasize the natural beauty of the face. We offer the owners of stylish cropped haircuts to get acquainted with a small collection of beautiful styling for short hair. They differ in the level of complexity and appearance. Some of these hairstyles for short hair are suitable for self-fulfillment, while others require the confident hand of a professional hairdresser.

Braid weaving schemes: 50 step-by-step photo and video lessons

1. Braids from short hair

A classic braid for many girls seems too boring. In this case, they can be advised to look at the piling, which uses several braids, woven into a harness. Four pigtails start at the front, and just below the crown are connected. It turns out a kind of malvina, which is best for young girls.

2. Easy styling for a boyish haircut.

If your hair is of minimum length, then it’s impossible to make braids or tails out of them. However, without laying on the street do not want to go. In this case, we recommend a simple hairstyle for short hair, for which you only need a hairdryer and brush. Before styling the hair should be divided into a side parting, this will give the final result a special showiness.

3. French braids for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair can be beautiful and feminine. A clear proof of this are the French braids. To make this hairstyle, follow the rules:

  • Divide hair into three parts.
  • Braid the bottom of the two braids. Connect their ends into a bundle.
  • Add hair to the crown by combing.
  • Twist the side strands with a cord and fasten over the bundle of braids.

4. Hairstyles for short hair: Sloppy malvina

Among the beautiful styling for short hair the most popular is Malvina. To make it look modern and stylish, try to create a negligent effect. To do this, use braid weave braids. Make it not tight and additionally add loose hair.

Simple hairstyles for every day: 12 step by step photos

5. Hairstyles for short hair in the style of hippie

If you have short hair and you are in search of stylish hairstyles, pay attention to pigtails, braided in a peculiar way. They create a kind of bezel over the hair, resembling ribbons, which at one time wore hippies. This hairstyle for short hair looks fresh and very stylish. It is perfect for walking around the city, going to the movies or shopping.

Surely you liked at least a few hairstyles for short hair from the above options? Write in the comments, which you liked the most. And also, we recommend that you save your favorite images to create a laying took a minimum of time. We are sure that you will arm yourself with new ideas and your hair will be decorated every day with a new original hairstyle.

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