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Home lottery for the New Year 2019 with comic prizes for the family can be a favorite entertainment of all households and their friends during the long New Year holidays. Remember: the New Year is a dangerous celebration. Inspired by food and TV, not only really to gain weight, but also to spoil the stomach with delicacies. Therefore, being at home with your family, you should definitely come up with common entertainment, which will make this holiday unforgettable and enjoyable for memories.

Win-win lottery: organizational issues

This unsophisticated fun, able to cheer up adults and kids, requires skillful preparation. Serving “anyhow” will not bring the effect of an exciting, ridiculous event, from which it is impossible to break away. So, the organizer must show a creative streak! What exactly is required of him:

  • reflect on the lottery theme,
  • develop a design and make (glue / draw / cut) bright and fun tickets for the lottery,
  • make a script
  • prepare universal, that is suitable for any participant, prizes.

So, the subject can be either in a certain key (for example, all prizes will be for the New Year’s masquerade), and mixed versions. It is good if the tickets look festive, and at least somehow “overlap” with the subject matter. Cabana can be depicted – a symbol of 2019 or kitchen utensils, if the subject is “everything for the kitchen”. Cutting a ticket in the form of a ball, a Christmas tree, snowflakes, a snowman is also a suitable option. And by all means specify the number. It is not necessary that all the paper numbers with numbers are absolutely similar. They can differ in colors, arrangement of the picture (in the middle, in the corner) and

Lottery is focused on children? Then let the colored tickets they fall under the wrapping of chocolates hanging on the Christmas tree. They themselves choose a happy candy. Winning leaves and prizes should be a few more units than the intended participants in the game – suddenly your child will bring a friend with him.

In the conditions of a prolonged crisis, you can think of saving. The surprises with their own hands, besides the fact that they protect the family budget (after all, on the New Year, and so much waste!), They look lively and creative. Also in the prize pool will fit everything that exists in the economy.


Tickets on hand? Are all participants intrigued? So you can start a rally. Leading by that time, he should already come up with (partially after looking at the network) and write down the humorous statements accompanying the process of giving out presents. For example:

  1. On New Year’s Eve now and in early times the calendar was valued.
  2. Rejoice, rejoice now, because I gave you a pen.
  3. Do not try to get angry at us, and the nail in the household will come in handy.
  4. To cook soup for fame – Lavrushka for seasoning.
  5. Your number is happy. Get a pencil!
  6. To find out the size of any, you carry a ruler with you.
  7. Everyday business, as they say, maybe the file will come in handy.
  8. Beat everyone today! Get your own nut.

Enrich through such prizes will not work. But to spend time is fun – very much!

Lottery for children

Children adore attention, sweets, and even more surprises. Win-win lottery, this is the first, and second, and third. So you please your child anyway. If more children come to you right on December 31, then warn them not to make too much noise. Believe me, the neighbors will appreciate it. Since one thing is the background noise of exploding fireworks on the street and quite another – op right outside the wall.

Cap hairstyles

Choose for your idea a good musical accompaniment (some cartoony songs) and start pulling out prizes corresponding to the numbers. Already played tickets, set aside separately, so that it does not happen that some child will be left without anything. Accompanying rhymes may be, for example:

  1. You get this badge and pin it as a brooch.
  2. Get a friend, vitamin. You will be a strong citizen.
  3. There is no more practical win than the blue trash bag.
  4. No notebook is more important, only you draw in it.
  5. Dear our friend, get a candy, but do not eat it alone – treat your neighbor.
  6. Are you practicing yoga? Buttons – the main help.
  7. On the run blows off the cap? Here’s a clip for your business.
  8. Want a stylish haircut, get a baby comb.
  9. And now the gift is sweet – taste chocolate.
  10. Well, this guy, gets a cucumber.

Cap hairstyles

In the usual lottery for the purchase of a ticket we pay money. Here, at the children’s New Year’s party or family party, you can “buy” a ticket – singing, dancing, telling a poem or anecdote. The moment of creative participation will certainly appeal to the whole company. With children it is not worth much to delay the issuance of prizes, because kids are interested in getting a present as early as possible. Prizes for the lottery can be borrowed from the table:

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