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Dear readers, at all times it was believed that the family is sacred for each person. Mom and dad, brothers and sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers … As they say: “When the whole family is together, the soul is in place!” Therefore, we value and love and cherish our families, and on occasion always tell our loved ones about it. And, perhaps, family verses will also be useful for this, which will allow you to express your feelings more fully.

Also in this collection you will find poems about the family for children. They are suitable for holidays in schools and gardens and will be able to fully convey how important and loved families are for children.

Poems about a family for children

If you ask the baby about the family, he will immediately list all the relatives, and there is nothing surprising here: whom the baby loves is what he considers his family. It is in the family that the future life of our children is laid brick by brick. It is in the family that they learn respect, kindness, compassion, responsibility.

In this section, selected small poems about the family for children. They can be easily learned for matinees dedicated to the family holiday, telling at home.

Poem about family

I found out that I have a huge family. And the path, and the woods, In the field every spikelet, River, the sky is blue – It’s all mine, dear, This is my homeland, I love everyone in the world!

Mom and Dad – by the handle, And with me it goes – by the handle, In the hands of dad’s brother, He himself is a little stomp. And passers-by pass, And passers-by look And about us they, it seems, Between themselves say: – It is immediately obvious that the family! Dad, mom, brother and me! Oleg Bundur

Grandmother and grandfather, Mommy and daddy, Two older sisters And a kitten-bunting. And, of course, me. Very friendly family!

I have a family – Mom, Dad, brother and me. We live the best of all, We sing loudly. I will not allow anyone to offend your family. Let the family always live – Mom, Dad, brother and me.

Sunny song

I am a cheerful person, a friendly person. I’m glad when the rain is flowing And when the snow is spinning.

I am glad for my success in school and for my football affairs. I am very glad that I have a merry, big, friendly family!

Two grandmothers, two grandfathers, Parents and me – This is how an Ordinary Family turns out. And if a seed is put into water For a while, Water is a little soften by water, Then a soft sign with a sprout Spreading “uh” and “me” – This is how an ordinary family turns out. Terenty Travnik

Grandmother and grandfather

It is necessary to love the grandmother, It is necessary to be friends with the grandfather. Only together with the whole family. We can live a long time. You can play with them Or read a book, And from them, when you want, You can learn a new one.

Poems about family for adults

These short poems about the family are more suitable for adults. You can use them for congratulations and not only on Family Day, but also on other holidays. After all, it is never superfluous to say how much our families mean and give us.

What is family? This is you, this is me, This is our warm home – A lot of joy in it. This is our love, And I will tell you again, That I love you And my own family. Svetlana Kargina

I am proud of my family, Together we are always in everything! The gift of magic – friendship In my family is not service. And in joy, and in grief, At the festival and in the field We are always all together, Adults and children. So together we live. We invite you to our place!

Oh dear God, How are you right: What happiness – Husband and children; To live without changing Crossings … To be happier Everyone in the world!

The family is like a nest: the chicks will fly away, And everything seems to have lost ends, Yes, they will just return, they are right to comfort, From a distant city, a far country. Keep the family, sparing no effort, After all, it is love that we all deserve!

You can’t replace children, you can’t replace your family with Money, career, friends, yourself. Family is where you love and believe, Picture of happiness, care, peace. Spiritual intimacy, the secret of longevity, The struggle of all diseases, hope and light. And let something happen wrong and doubt, Family is a talisman for good luck, victories! Grigorieva Tatyana

Family is about the most expensive. About the most tender, beloved. About the kindest, most gentle. About the strongest and slightly vulnerable. The family is that frown of the father. Mother’s smile, support and attention. The family is an open heart, In which there is no reproach and suffering.

There is nothing family more expensive. She will always help in everything, Support in goals and deeds, In practice and in words.

There is nothing more valuable in the world of Family Evenings in the apartment, Joint trips to the cottage. Family in the world means a lot!

The family is the father and mother, the children and the sea of ​​troubles, the whole gamut in excess of emotions, the routine from year to year.

The family is a quiet joy, Support, comfort and hearth, Smiles of little daughters, sweetness And a son’s sure step.

If you take Love and loyalty, Add to them A feeling of tenderness, Multiply Everything For a year, Then it will turn out – Family! Svetlana Kargina

Family is important, Family is cool, In the family, definitely you need someone. Always take care and appreciate what you have. After all, if you break it – then you can’t stick it. Svetlana Kargina

Why do hair roots hurt

Family is work, caring for each other, Family is a lot of homework. Family is important! Family is hard! But happily living alone is impossible!

When we are together – you and me, There is no sorrow: the soul is at ease, How good that there is a family Svetlana Kargina

Love and appreciate happiness! It is born in the family, What could be more expensive On this fabulous land.

Family is us! Family is me! Family is my father and mother! The family is a brother, my little sister, the Family is a dog and a sea pig!

The family is the grandmothers, grandfathers too, the Family – when all are alike! Family is godfathers, uncles and aunts, Family – because you live together! Natalia Maydanik

What a joy to live in the world when I’m not alone in the world. When the soul is warmly warmed and behind the back is the family. We are not able to understand immediately – it takes many years: the family is given only once, Expensive, closer, better not! Svetlana Kargina

Mom met dad – This is a start.

Bore a son for dad – This will be the middle.

No happier father! No fairy tale end! Oleg Bundur

The family brings so much joy

The family gives a lot of joy. And therefore we love our families, appreciate them, rejoice in the fact that we have our loved ones. And so there are so many kind, touching poems about the family.

Poems about family

Mom looks at dad, Smiles, Dad looks at mom, Smiles, And the weekday is the most, Not Sunday, And behind the window is not the sun, But blizzard, Just such a Mood, Just they Love each other very much. From this love And light and light. I’m with dad and mom So lucky! Oleg Bundur

Do not forget old men

Do not forget the old men. Do not humiliate with the expectation of Your Visitors and Calls of Distant, Rare, With Lead.

Ringing the stanchion, (Forget all they are big children) For the little things, for trifles … You are everything that they have on the light.

So it has been in the centuries: To read the movie is the family award. Love your old men – They don’t need more from you … Julia Vihareva

All my family

I now know all the numbers, I will count all the houses. The red cat lives with us, The cat is lazy – this time. I think without error, Two – in the aquarium fish. Three – beloved granny Knits mittens on the chair. Dad walks around the apartment, Will he have – four. Well, mom is five, How not to count her? Who sings us songs loudly? Six – I think my sister. Grandfather with a newspaper – it’s seven, In the chair, he fell asleep completely. My sister and I are asking for a dog. If they buy, it will be eight. Well, nine is me, That’s my whole family. Oleg Bundur

Everyone in the world

Everyone in the world Should have a dad with mom – For those who are more obedient, And the most disobedient. Everyone in the world Must be brothers, sisters … So that life was fun And the smiles motley. Everyone in the world, Kids, birds, animals, There must be those who are dear – dear family! Everyone in the world Should have a dad with mom, Family is a great happiness – The gift is the best! Oleg Bundur

Who comes home late, Who looks threatening at things? Who changes light bulbs? Well, of course – daddy!

Who from morning to night with a squirrel Washes, cooks, cuts finely? Who flies swallow? Well, of course – mommy!

Who is ready to build a house, Run, jump, laugh a horse? Who is our fidget? Well, of course – grandfather!

Who will tell a fairy tale for the night About the princess Goldilocks, Will bake pancakes? Well, of course – grandma!

Who will break what he has built, Who will help me with my sister? Who is the naughty boy? Here he is – brother!

Who is all in bows and dolls, All in emotions and feelings? Who sings like a bird? This is – sister!

Who, you ask me, These lovely friends? I will answer, not melting, – This is all – my family!

Family – she does not sigh on the bench … And do not walk with the sweet moon. You can save your romanticism, Kohl can, then you are a double family!

She is not the same goddess now … And he is no longer a macho, as then … Already no longer hide the body behind a bikini, The pillow of stresses becomes his proud.

But between them is a true feeling. Let run cruel year. For her, he is still the same dear “baby”, She is still the same “Zaya” … forever.

From a small green seed of love The tree grows Young family.

The branches grow, They become stronger, The wind to resist With the growth of strength all is easier.

The roots have sunk into the ground – So tells nature, Leaves the tree mark In the history of the genus.

The flowers will bloom on the branches of Allegiance, And the heat will turn them into ripe fruits.

A person cannot be rich, Even with millions of money, When the family is unable to save, Nothing waits for him and warms him.

And the money will not embrace your shoulders, And the gold will not wait for you, More importantly, when the evening meets Happy and friendly family.

Family. And there is no more expensive. Always support and understand, And nothing can replace, When it is lacking!

Let people appreciate this miracle, Do not exchange for metal, Warmly at home, So that everyone on Earth will know! E. Kumenko


Sunday is good luck! Sundays are so needed! Because on Sunday Mom makes pancakes. Dad washes cups for tea. We wipe them together, And then we drink tea with pancakes for the whole family. And in the window a song flows, I myself am ready to sing, Well, when we are together, Even if there are no pancakes. Oleg Bundur

Dad with mom shore

Dad complains: – I get tired of work … Mom, too: – I get tired, I barely stand on my feet … I take a broom from my dad – I, too, are not a slacker, I will wash dishes after dinner, – Dad and mom are ashore, I same strong, I can! Oleg Bundur

After the rain

– You’re the most beautiful! – Dad mom says. – No, I’m the happiest! – Mom Dad says.

And a rainbow appeared in the sky, the Birds began to wax wit. I’m happy for mom and dad – And why else would you want?

I am proud of such luck – Dad and mom are better off, Otherwise, otherwise I would not be born! Oleg Bundur

It is very important to me, I really need, So that the whole family Going to dinner! Lay out my grandfather, What I learned from the newspapers, Grandmother, Correcting glasses, What sushi bundled Sage … Dad and Mom – About important work, Brother – about fishing, Football, hike … And about today’s control – I … Outside the windows, In the house – family! V. Drobiz

Goodbye, Mom! Lag in the crib early. Lag, and I’ll sing your Lullaby. Goodbye, Mom! I know you’re tired. The whole day with your warmth You have warmed our home. Goodbye, Mom! The night is full of fog. Hug you a hand, I will give you peace. Goodbye, Mom! I will not be naughty. I lie down on the bed, lie down and will … sleep. Goodbye! Oleg Bundur

Poems about family and family values

It is among our own people that we feel caring, warm, kindness, support, and we understand how important family values ​​are.

We are proud of our family, We are together, near: you and I, In trouble and joy with you With love, the whole Seven-I!

Let the sun shine to us with you, More expensive is not in this world, Than the house, our family rest, Where we are responsible for each other! Natalia Maydanik

My family is my abode

My family is my abode. My home, my castle, my peace. Save the Lord the Savior, from her evil spirits.

Save us from temptations And save us from storms and troubles. Save from envy and the evil eye, And if necessary, give advice.

I owe everything to my family. I do not know how to thank Those with whom my heart and soul is connected, And the bundle cannot be cut.

In the family, we all seem to be twigs And in a broom tied tight. Intertwined, so much so that not unwind. Dangerous. On the way do not stand.

While we are together, for each other We can not break. In trouble, we all stand elastic. We are a clan, we are a tribe, we are a family.

Who in the family is the most important?

I asked my father: “Who is in the family of all heads?” He smiled at me in reply, and said: “A two-headed serpent!”

“What kind of snake ?! – I was outraged. “What kind of jokes do you have ?!” Dad suddenly hugged the mummy And said: “She and I!”

I understood, it means – Equality in the family. And added: “Sorry, you forgot about me!”

Everything has changed over the years, I became older. The house is now ruled by the head himself – the three-headed serpent! Natalie Samony

What is comfort, So fill the house? This is when they sing a song before bedtime.

What is comfort? This is a cake, milk, This is when they get up Joyfully and easily.

What is comfort? It is a diffused light, It is when tired, If someone is not.

What is comfort? This is when family, This is when dad, mom and I live. Oleg Bundur

We talk in fits and starts, we have dinner in a hurry, We live on the run, as if to chickens to laugh. And I love when the table is laid And the whole family is going to him in the evening: Young, kids, grandma and grandfather, – This is a real family dinner! The tablecloth is beautiful, the faces are happy, The dishes are: beauty, aroma. Such minutes are very important to us: Seven I, and all together are kind and friendly!

Why do hair roots hurt

What begins the way to the top? From the family where the child rolls the car, Where the father repairs the TV for the grandfather, Where the mother gathers on the table for dinner, Where the grandmother knits socks made of wool, Where they value each other and stick together, Where, doing things, they don’t complain about difficulty what got there becomes common, Where honesty is not just a beautiful word, And the important thing is, relationships are the basis. Where they remember about their ancestors and wait from their descendants, That their native name be glorified loudly. Family, if something happens, will help, And there is nothing more in this world. Vera Butko

Without a family there can be No country, no home, Should a husband love a wife, This is familiar to everyone.

But often why we forget again, What is the foundation of everything Loyalty and love?

Wait for your spouse at the window in the Winter evening, wife! Think, husband, that to be healthy Your sweet should!

Only care about each other Live for many years, Do not forget in separation, If a moment comes.

Remember that your children write a portrait of your family! Since you, as a stencil, Will write your recipe.

Family is the main criterion, believe me! Appreciate the family! Take care and believe! A family is a home, it is children, relatives, Glorious and dear parents!

Love, understanding, care and affection … The family is a miracle and a paradise tale, Reliability, support, aspiration, success, And a wonderful children’s, joyful laugh!

Those will be happy in the world, Who will not forget about the ancient council: “The family will give strength for accomplishments And the best thoughts of advancements. Love warms the heart, relieves fear, turns into a brave man. And loyalty gives faith in miracles, And the strip of life becomes white. Only he is worthy of a good family, Who knows how to be empathetic and faithful in love. ” M. Langer

What could be family more important? The hearth, coziness and father’s house – Warmth and loyalty there cherishing, We find joy in it.

And these values, guys, let’s take care every day. Love for the family will not hide And we will not avoid meetings.

After all, mom and dad, father-in-law and mother-in-law, And brother and sister, and godfathers, and matchmaker Help us live and easier Answer the same a hundredfold!

Recipe “Fairy Tale”

So that the house was happy, filled with affection, I will give you a recipe called “Fairy Tale”. Simple, but true, follow it. Do you agree? Well, then proceed.

Six cups of LOVE you mix with CARE, Three spoons of CONFIDENCE, a cup of WORK, Two cups FORGIVENESS and a handful of KINDNESS, Add a bit of TRUEness, gentle DREAM.

Three cups of HOPE and FRIENDSHIP polmyski, a glass of RESPECT for elders and friends. Two spoons of LAUGH, a little LUCK, Pinch of PATIENCE. And your task

Everything is flavored with a SMILE heart and affectionate. And with morning coffee to serve this “Fairy Tale”. Lavrova Tatyana

Poems about the family of famous poets

About the family wrote poems at all times. Each poet sees his family in his own way, but of course, the warmest, good poems are poems about happy families, in which everyone loves and supports each other, poems about home warmth and comfort, about the feeling of closeness, which is possible only in a family …

Family is a strange word

The family is a strange word, though not foreign. – How did the word work out? It is not clear to us at all. Well, “I” – we understand, And why are there seven of them?

– No need to think and guess, But you just have to count: Two grandfathers, Two grandmothers, Plus dad, mom, me. Add up? It turns out Seven people, seven “I”!

– And if there is a dog? Is it eight “me”? – No, if there is a dog, Goes out! – family. Mark Schwartz

This is how I drew a family: Mom is a circle, And grandmother is an oval, Dad is a triangle, Younger brother is This wonderful square. How do I picture myself? I drive a feather on paper, I drive it there, It comes back to me – It turned out something incomprehensible: Corners, rough edges … Mom, is it really me? Mikhail Yasnov

Vova deuce with a minus – Unheard of!

He did not move at the blackboard. He did not take the chalk in his hands! He stood like a stone, He stood like a statue.

– Well, how do you pass exams? Worried counselor. –

Your family, father and mother, The Director will personally blame the assembly!

We have a good twenty-five And three families are excellent,

But your family is not yet satisfied with the Director: She is raising a student. Does not help the school.

– Well, what have my family? – He says, sighing. – I get twos – And suddenly the family is bad!

He would endure reproaches, He would not show the mind, But the question is about the family – He won’t be offended by the family!

Mother will be reproached: “We have twenty-five good and three families are excellent, And you alone are a bad mother!” – the director will say personally.

Sadly Vova looks into the distance, A stone fell on my heart: It became a pity for my mother … No, he will pass the exam!

He will tell mom: “Do not be sad, hope for me! We must be transferred to a good family! ”Agnia Barto

Loved you for no reason

They loved you for no particular reason For the fact that you are a grandson, For the fact that you are a son, For the fact that the baby, For the fact that you are growing, For the fact that it looks like your father and mother. And this love until the end of your days Will remain your secret support. Valentin Berestov

Touch the family album

Touch the family album, stolen (trouble!) From the swallow, dived over the eaves, stole your lock for the nest.

And here also, look, roadside hills are swept up by a blizzard. House clouds pinned to the ground, birch crazy about fringe.

No swallows, no jackdaws, no forty. And then someone clearly is not up to them. A boy attacking a snowdrift goes wild – in the absence of relatives. Joseph Brodsky

What do we, people, need for happiness?

What do we, people, need for happiness? A cozy house, your place, so that it smelled delicious, so that two friends could live together, two people. So that tea with jam in your favorite circle, Pickles with flowers, a sofa, two chairs And so that in the kitchen there is a clock with a cuckoo, And they make a cup, so interesting. So that the TV with a large screen And on the couch covered with a blanket, And so that tomorrow – not too early – Sleep quietly, let them do it. So that the regiment of books, the box of discs, All that is warming, reminds, Sit quietly, so close-close, Such a blessing, and there, who knows … Marina Boykova

I tell you honestly, for me The most important thing in this world is My favorite family, Where mom, dad have children.

Family – my rear, my consolation, My salvation from misfortune, Blessing and reward, With her dreams come true.

It is sad that they do not appreciate the purpose of the family, the priority is often money, Party, clubs … selyavi …

A career does not await us from work, You will not wipe away tears with money, Power will not envelop you with care, But you will not find happiness in clubs.

And the glory will not embrace at night, Will not listen, will not understand, And how long it takes And will tear away from your loved ones.

Then the light of God was born – Give love and find, Create your own family – open up And bring benefits to people.

Oh, how quickly time flies … Do not forget to ever love your family more, And in this happiness, gentlemen! Valentina Bykovskaya

What is family?

Family – this is what will keep us in a storm, After all, she is not afraid of the spray of life waves, She will hide from the cold and in the rain will protect. The family is our fortress and our faithful shield. The family is the children and the marriage union. What can be stronger such strong bonds? Here everyone is understandable and very much loved, In his own way dear and irreplaceable. We wish you to be a real family, After all, it’s great if your relatives are with you! We wish unity always and in everything, And let happiness be filled with your friendly home! Dementieva Tatyana

The family is the hearth where the warm fire of hope, love and loyalty burns. And in order for each of us to have a place where they will be helped and warmed, we must maintain a family hearth. Everyone should try to make his family happy, and poems about the family also remind us of this. After all, a united and strong family is our greatest wealth!

And now I propose to listen to the beautiful song “My Family” from the theater-studio of the group “Fidget”.

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