What to do for hair density

Makeoveride program

Friends! We offer to experiment with your appearance without fear of getting a negative result! The online hairstyle selection program, “Makeoveridea”, allows you to choose a hairstyle from a loaded photo or simply using the example of one of the manicures. The program is absolutely free and can be used without registration – immediately after downloading this page. Instructions for its use is very simple and understand it is not difficult.

We give a step by step description of your actions..

Step 1. Upload a photo

What to do for hair density

You can upload any photo from your computer to the program. To do this, click the button “Select file”. In the window that opens, on the left, you will see a list of all folders and devices on your computer. After clicking on any of them, its contents will open in the main part of the window. You can choose the image you like in two ways: 1. Double click on the photo you like. 2. Click once on the photo (it will highlight in blue) and press the “Open” button below. After such actions, your photo will appear in the right half of the program window (initially there is a photo of a cropped Natalie Portman).

The board. To work with the program, choose a clear and high-quality photo in which you are photographed from the front. Pay special attention to the hair: without bangs, the hair should be pulled into a “tail” or a knot at the back of the head. If there is no such photo, and it will not work, you can process the existing image in Photoshop. After uploading the photo to the hairstyle selection program, it can no longer be changed. Also note that the uploaded photo is not dynamic, zooming in and zooming in will not work – do it all in advance.

Step 2. Select the floor

In the second line “Hairstyle for …” there is an automatic checkbox next to the word “women”. If necessary, move the box to the word “men”.

What to do for hair density

Step 3. Work with filters

For convenience and speed of work with the program it is recommended to use the proposed filters. You can select multiple filters at once. The main thing is to ensure that you do not check the boxes at the same time opposite opposite signs (for example, long – short). It is necessary to remove the checkbox from one of them. Checkboxes are set or removed with a single click of the mouse.

Step 4. Working with hairstyles

From the proposed hairstyle images, select the model you like and click on the image with the mouse. After that, the hairstyle should appear on top of your photo. To combine it with an oval face, you can use the mouse to move, stretch, rotate.

Step 5. Saving

Any result that you enjoy can be saved. To do this, after all the changes in the photo, you need to click the “Download result” button. In the window that opens, select the location in the computer where the image will be copied, and click the Save button. After that, you can continue to work in the program, trying on a different hairstyle. The number of saved photos is unlimited.

The program “Virtual Beauty Salon”

Another program that allows you to experiment with your appearance is called “Virtual Beauty Salon”. This computer assistant will help you choose not only the hairstyle suitable for your face, it will also allow you to change hair color, choose makeup, various optics and other accessories.

Working in this program is a little more difficult, but after getting acquainted with our step-by-step instruction there will be no difficulties.

Step 1. Work with photos

First you need to upload a photo. In the central part of the program window there is a tab “Select a photo”. It contains images of six typical female models, which are configured under the necessary parameters. You can click on the one with the face type that matches yours. If necessary, you can check the box opposite the word “male” and select one of the six male photos that have appeared.

However, it is best to use your own photo. To do this, click on the button “Upload photos from PC”, which is located on the right side of the program window. In the new window that appears, select the desired folder and the appropriate photo. You can double-click on it or click once on the photo and then click on the “Open” button. Your photo appears on the left in the program window and needs to be configured according to the simple and clear guide located on the right.

Using the arrows in the lower left corner, you can adjust the location of the image. Set the blue pointers that appear in the center of the icons in the photo. On the same page, adjust the color of the photo by moving the sliders in the menu “brightness”, “contrast”, “hue”, “saturation”. If you don’t like the results, you can click the “Reset” button and start over. After completing all the settings on this page, click the Next button.

Mark the corners of the eyes with the green arrows. Adjust the location of the pupils. Lock the corners of the lips with blue arrows. Press “Next”. Adjust the contours of the eyes by moving the eye stroke lines by holding and moving the red dots on it. Press “Next”. Similarly, adjust the lip outline. To do this, control not only the red dots, but also the white ones. Setup is complete. Press “Next”. Each page also has a “Back” button, which allows you to make a correction. You can return to these settings at any time later. To do this, in the “Tools” section (in the lower right corner) click the “Edit Photos” button. There is also a button “Change photo”.

Step 2. Selection hairstyles

Now you will find yourself directly in the virtual beauty salon. A list of all tabs is in the top row. Active is highlighted in blue. The first tab that opens automatically is “Hairstyles”. 1. Choose the type of hairstyle: male or female. 2. Determine the type of hairstyle: long, short and

Step 3. Makeup In the “Makeup” tab, you are invited to select the type and color:

When experimenting with makeup, it is suggested to use the toolkit on the right. Note that only the last change will be undone. You can delete everything at once and start from the beginning. In the upper right corner of your photo is placed a button with an image of the eye. If you press it, a list of all applied changes will appear. By removing the check box in front of one of them, you can cancel it.

Step 4. Additional options

The program can also pick up:

  • spectacle frame;
  • lens color;
  • accessories;
  • hats;
  • the shape of a beard and mustache.

Work in these tabs is similar.

Step 5. Saving

You can save the result you like to your computer or print it. The corresponding buttons are in the Tools panel menu (bottom right).

Hairstyles tips

When choosing a hairstyle online there is no possibility to take into account one of the key factors – the quality of hair. From their thickness, texture and physiological features depends on what hairstyle most steals you. In addition, with virtual selection, you will not get a three-dimensional image, and in fact you need to choose a hairstyle depending on the type of your face.

Recall some classic rules:

1. For an oval face, almost any hairstyle of different lengths is suitable, with or without bangs.

2. If you have a round face, select one of the following:

  • short layered hairstyle;
  • short bob;
  • hairstyle with volume on top;
  • hairstyle with oblique bangs;
  • long caret without bangs;
  • high horse tail.

3. With curly hair, short hairstyles should be abandoned. Also, do not wear a thick thick bangs or haircuts with tips near the cheeks and cheekbones.

4. With a square face shape, you should avoid direct parting, try not to open your forehead. Pick up asymmetrical haircuts, wear oblique bangs. If you have straight hair, it is better to curl.

5. The triangular or rhombic shape of the face can be corrected by making elongated square or similar haircuts. A good option is oblique bangs, curls, waves. Strictly short bangs, short boyish hairstyles, combed back hair.


Choosing a haircut, strive to emphasize the most advantageous features of your face. And remember that any defect can be corrected with a skillful make-up and hair styling. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and soon you will be able to impress everyone you know with your unforgettable bright image.

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