What is ombre on the hair

Grooming car does not lose its relevance. The main thing – to find your own version, which will emphasize all the advantages of appearance.

If you are going to the beauty salon, and you want to try out the “square” haircut on yourself, you need to clearly determine which of the varieties is right for you: short or long, square with a bang or “square on the leg”, graduated or with clear cuts? To do this, you need to focus on the shape of your face and its features. Kare – fashionable haircut for many years, and if you count from the time of Cleopatra, then many millennia. Each era brings something new to this haircut, leaving unchanged the overall style and unchanging charming femininity.

Haircut on the short hair

Oval face

Obviously expressed oval faces are actually not so much. If you do not have outstanding cheekbones, rather big or square chin, not too wide or too narrow forehead, it means your face is oval, and you will get any kind of square, you can easily browse magazines or Internet pages and look for something you like!

What is ombre on the hair

Round face

Consider variations for “round” faces. In order to visually “pull out” such a face, it is best to choose a graded square, let the maximum possible volume be at the crown, and in front – as long as possible strands, in the presence of a high forehead a long bang will not hurt. If the forehead is low or even low, bangs are not required.

Square face

The square face can be compensated by asymmetry: slanting bangs, parting on the side, you can play with hair dyeing. If the length of the hair is such that you can cover the cheekbones completely, great!

Triangular face

A bob with lengthening strands twisted in the direction of the face will go to the owners of “triangular” faces. Imagine a face that resembles a pear. Here you need a volumetric top and the shortest haircut.

Diamond shaped

Sometimes the face of a diamond shape, this type of elongated square will go. For a narrow face with an angular chin, it is better to choose a haircut that resembles a ball.

Fashionable frame 2019-2020

The original and current trend is asymmetry. Thanks to her, a woman can look extravagant, hide the flaws of the face and emphasize the best features. Originally, the asymmetry looks on dark hair, and on the background of the skin of a light tone when crossing the edge, they are pronounced.

The most trendy in 2019-2020, according to forecasts of stylists will be:

Benefits of caret

Stylish hairstyle always makes the image attractive. When choosing a car you need to consider that from time to time you will need to go to the hairdresser to keep in shape.

What is ombre on the hair

Kare gives hair volume, which is important for weak and thin hair. It is suitable for different face shapes, if you correctly select the angle of the haircut, shape and length, type of bangs. Kare perfectly emphasizes the narrow long neck and creates an attractive image. Stylists say that this haircut is able to throw from 2 to 10 years off the shoulders!

Features of a bob haircut

Those women who are wrong are those who believe that the square on short hair does not fit, they simply have not found their individual length and shape of the square. This is so multifaceted haircut that it goes to almost everyone.

We mentioned quads without bangs. How to wear this haircut? It is enough to find suitable accessories – headbands, hairpins, ribbons, headbands – and you can create yourself an exclusive hairstyle.

It should be noted that the bob goes for women with any type of face. With such a haircut, the neck is open, the bangs are not pronounced, the length of the hair is up to the ear lobes or slightly shorter.

If you have no idea what the words “square with lengthening” mean, find a photo of the singer Rihanna, where parting divides her hair into two parts on both sides of the face, without a bang, and the front strands with their sharp “corners” touch the shoulders, and on the back of the head the hair is shorter. Stars choose everything just the most stylish! Do not confuse with the car Rihanna, where she is with straight bangs to the eyelids!

Rihanna’s hair on the back of the head is shorter, but in the case of “square on the leg” they fall at an angle to the lower line of the cheekbones, the neck is visually lengthened, but with such a haircut the girl should have a good posture. Once a model Victoria Beckham, who is now a recognized fashion designer, wore such a haircut. “Leg” can be asymmetric, and it looks very impressive.

How to stack

If your hair is wavy or curly, a textured caret with soft contours can enhance the beauty of your hair. Layered bangs (or lack thereof) is selected individually.

What is ombre on the hair

It is easy to do styling with such a haircut at home: mousse or styling foam is applied to slightly dried hair after washing with a towel with the flick of your fingers, your hair is “whipped” with your hands when your head is tilted. Want to consolidate the volume, use the varnish. The effect of “deliberate negligence” is guaranteed!

Haircut is good because it can be laid with your fingers, and you can screw it on the tongs and give it more volume, depending on what goals you want to achieve, whether you are going to the club, to the office, for a walk or going to attend a theater premiere. This hairstyle has many advantages, and one of them is versatility!

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