What hairstyles can be done on medium hair

Hair of medium length opens up a lot of opportunities for their owners! You can walk with her hair loose, curl them into curlers, or make very stylish haircuts for medium hair at home.

“Nest” on medium hair

  1. We divide the hair into 3 parts.
  2. The first strand is twisted into a light braid and wrapped in a snail. We use studs.
  3. Repeat with each strand. The tips can not hide, hairstyle should be very light and a little careless.
  4. Decorate the hair with a flower or hairpin.

Tail bundles

  1. We select part of hair as for “malvinki”.
  2. We tie the tips of the selected strands. Knot fix studs.
  3. Just below you need to take the same part of the hair.
  4. We make one more knot and we pin the hairpin.
  5. Bind the rest of the hair.
  6. Beautifully laid tips and sprinkle all varnish.

Malvinka with a scythe

1. We select part of the hair in the top zone and weave it at the roots.

2. Collect “malvinka” and tied with a transparent rubber band.

3. On the sides we take thin strands and weave braids out of them.

What hairstyles can be done on medium hair

4. We skip the first pigtail under the rubber band, hide the tip under the hair and pin it up.

5. The second pigtail also needs to be held from the bottom and wound around the elastic, stabbed the tip with a pin.

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With your own hands, you can create styling not only for every day, but also for a date, celebration or party.

What hairstyles can be done on medium hair

Step 1. We tie a high tail.

Step 2. Divide it into several strands.

Step 3. Each twist into light flagella and wrap around the tail.

Step 4. Each ringlet we pin up and sprinkle with varnish.

Basket of braids

Simple hairstyles can be very beautiful. Here is the best proof of this fact!

  1. Divide hair into two parts.
  2. Tie two tails.
  3. We form two harness.
  4. We throw them in opposite directions and fix them.

And you can create such a romantic image in 5 minutes:

French twist

Women’s hairstyles for hair of medium length can be both romantic and business. Before you one of these options.

1. We brush hair back.

2. We collect them in a hand a little higher than the head.

3. Wrap the strands inward so that the tips are down.

4. Pin up the “French twist” studs.

Original braid

Everyday styling amazes with its individuality and beauty. Make such a scythe – you are guaranteed admiring glances!

  1. We comb the hair back or parting.
  2. We select on each side on not so thick strands.
  3. Tie them back with a thin elastic band. It is advisable to choose silicone and hair color.
  4. A little lower we separate two more strands.
  5. Also connect them and tie a rubber band.
  6. Repeat the process two or three times – at will.

Greek styling

Not sure what hairstyles can be done on medium hair? Try to bring the notes of ancient Greece into your image – you will like it!

1. We make a direct or side parting.

2. Screw them curling.

3. Strands on the crown we weave with a thin comb.

4. We put a bandage on the head for the Greek hairstyle.

5. On the one side of the face we select a thin strand. Wrap it around the gum and gently hide the tip.

6. Repeat these steps on the other side.

What hairstyles can be done on medium hair

Fast hairstyle in the style of the 90s

With this arrangement, you can safely go for a walk with the dog or go shopping. Yes, and for meeting with friends, it is also suitable.

  1. We comb hair back.
  2. Just above the temples we select a part of the hair and collect it on the crown. The remaining hair should cover the ears.
  3. We tie the tail, not fully pulling the strands, and leaving a loop.
  4. Divide it in half and transfer the tips through the bundle.
  5. Fasten studs.

Like the Japanese heroine

This hairstyle for medium hair at home resembles one of the heroines of Japanese anime.

1. Make a parting.

2. We collect two tails, leaving the face with two free curls.

3. We make a harness from the first tail.

4. We put the harness with a snail, not hiding the tips, but leaving them hanging down. We fix invisible.

5. Repeat with the other tail.

Styling for curly hair

1. Separate the hair from the face.

2. The remaining strands are collected in the tail.

3. Tie it with a rubber band.

4. Twist the hair in a bun and fasten with pins.

5. We lay the rest of the hair – we twist the light braid, gradually adding strands.

6. Wrap the bundle with a bundle and fasten with pins.

Elegant hairstyle

With the help of tying knots, you can very quickly create an elegant styling for medium hair length.

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. To the side of the parting we take two not very wide strands.
  3. We tie them in a knot.
  4. Take a new strand and associate it with one of the ends of the previous node.
  5. We continue to knit knots, adding new strands and linking them with existing tips.
  6. Having engaged a half of a head of hair, we fix a braid an elastic band.
  7. Repeat the same on the other side.
  8. We take for the tips of both braids from knots.
  9. Tie them in a knot on the back of his head. Fix all the studs.

Like simple styling with weaving? 3 stylish options for every day:

Five-Minute Hairstyle

And here is another option for styling using nodules.

Step 1. Comb your hair back.

Step 2. Divide into 2 parts.

Step 3. Tie a double knot.

Step 4. Just below the knot we tie strands with a thin elastic band.

Step 5. Hide the tips inward and pin the hairpin.

Looking at hairstyles, you will surely think that it is very difficult to make them. In fact, everything is not so. Unusual hairstyles can be easy and accessible to each of you.

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