Wavy hair with braids

Hairstyles for girls should be simple and clear, easy and fast. And they should be comfortable and practical, so as not to disturb the child under any circumstances, and also give aesthetic pleasure from wearing really beautiful and comfortable hairstyles. Modern little women of fashion often want to choose for themselves what will be on their heads today, and, accordingly, adults will have to try to make all the wishes of the little princess come true. In this article you will find a lot of options for simple hairstyles and you can always please your child with a variety of styles without going to salons and not spending hours on it.

We select a hairstyle for the child:

  1. If the hair is liquid: braids are contraindicated (strong pressure on the roots).
  2. If the soft and wavy curls: well-half-styled, and braids are also not suitable (lost all the highlight of such hair).
  3. If the face is wide, square or rectangular: short haircuts are possible, but sleek and smooth styling will not work.
  4. If a high forehead: the presence of bangs required.
  5. If the face is narrow, elongated: you can have short haircuts, but the volume at the temples is important (these can be bows, flowers).
  6. If a large amount of hair, lush: perfect braids (remove excess volume).

Let us turn to the already specific styling options and guidelines for their implementation (by the way, here are also several options for children’s hairstyles).

Long hair

The good, shiny long hair of a little lady is of course the pride of both mother and child. They are very adorable girls and are an indicator of health, both general and hair in particular. But, choosing the next version of the hairstyle, do not choose too complex and hung with a lot of rubber bands, bows or using the whole head curling – do not torture either the child or the curls. The consequences can remain for a long time and will have to recover for many years.

The easiest way to lay – loose hair , but this is not very practical, especially for children of gardening age. But the showiness of loose hair is difficult to replace with something and often you really want exactly this option. And here you can collect a little hair at least in some places: for example, to tie a fly to remove hair from the face, a bezel will also work. You can also fasten bows on each side to secure the side strands. For more effective hairstyles, curl the ends of the curls, but use soft curlers and dry your hair in a natural way.

Braids and weaving . Long hair gives incredible grounds for weaving fantasies. You can embody a million options. Here are a few instructions:

  • On the sides, braid one ordinary pigtail (plaits) and connect them from behind, in the back of the head, into the tail. Tie a rubber band. The ends of the braids wrap around the elastic band and form a basket. You can leave loose ends loose, or you can also braid 2 more additional pigtails and add them to the basket.
  • hair side parting divided in half. In the lower part we make 3 tails at the same distance (if we can do more, we do more). Each tail is twisted in

Simple tails A good option for everyday hairstyles. Having added some interesting details, it will turn from simple and usual styling into something bright, original and will play in a new way.

Hair divided into two halves. Separate the strands at the level of the middle of the ear and above. Make the tail of the lower strands, but do not tighten the gum. Make a hole behind the elastic in your hair and pass the end of the tail from the bottom through this hole. Pull up so that the rubber band also comes out through the hole to the top (the base of the tail should twist). Tighten the gum.

Highlight a new strand over the finished tail. Make a tail and also pass the end through the hole, but at the same time grab the end from the first tail. Repeat the same steps with the third tail. The remaining ends can be arranged in the form of a bundle, knot or a simple tail.

Wavy hair with braids

On medium hair

Medium-length hair is the golden mean: there is a sufficient amount of styling for them, and care for them is much easier than for long ones; they also tangle and dry a little more quickly. The most popular hairstyle for medium hair is a bob haircut. She does not need any styling and is therefore quite popular with moms who find it difficult to braid their hair every morning. The only thing you can add hair with a barrette or a pair of hairpins, crossed crosswise and secured to the side. Zest need any styling.

Wreaths and placer flowers . From the entire mass of hair, form a high beam, fasten it. Put on top a wreath, a bandage with flowers, so that the bundle falls on the center of the accessory. Headbands and wreaths with flowers can be put on and loose hair is a lovely, fresh addition to summer styling.

Naughty tail . Tie tail at the side, at the level of the ear. Decorate it with a bow or twist the ends slightly.

Other styling options: braids, plaits, rosettes, bunches . Combining these elements into a single hairstyle. Supplement with colored rubber bands. In general, all manifestations of fantasy to help you.

On short hair

Short hair is certainly not long, but it can also be beautiful and with a twist. There are of course not very many options, but those that are there will help to diversify the everyday image and add new emotions!

So, the simplest options are: loose hair , You can play a little with the parting (oblique, torn, zigzag), the addition of all sorts of accessories. Hoops (simple or decorated with some nice detail), bandages or ribbons (with long ends will look very interesting and unusual), studs (they are collected in groups and secured with them all the necessary strands).

Funny tails : one, two, three – as much as you like. They look incredibly cute, easy and relaxed. Instead of gum, you can add bows. A tail on the back of the head is well suited for active girls (for walking and playing sports), as it allows you to quickly collect hair and at the same time keeps well and does not fall apart even with the fastest movements.

The main element with which you can diversify the very hair and in general increase the number of hair styling options – this accessories . There are a lot of them today. Headbands and ribbons are ideal for short hairstyles. Only bangs will need styling, the rest of the hair needs to be combed back and anchored on them. Pay special attention to what the accessories are made of. They should not have sharp corners, be soft, not tight, do not paint the scalp.

Very original on short hair will look braids . You can braid the French braid in a circle – from the temple to the temple. And you can split the hair mass in half into a parting and from the parting to the temples also braid pigtails – you get an openwork bezel of braids. All this is charmingly decorated with flowers or ribbons. It looks amazing.

For very young girls

Starting from kindergarten, girls can already make interesting and varied hairstyles and styling, since by this age the industry’s hair is already enough for mother’s experiments on the head of hair and the realization of old desires to decorate her child. Hairstyles for such young children usually consist of simple elements, complemented by accessories and no chemistry is used in any way. Healthy hair and wearing comfort are paramount!

Gather the hair in two or three high tails and tie them with colored rubber bands. Such hairstyles for very young children should benefit from color, brightness, and not due to the complexity of weaving.

Long bangs can be removed under the bezel (stabbed with a funny hairpin) or make a small bow with a beautiful elastic band out of it. It turns out very cute and funny.

We make a tail on the back of the head. Wet the end of the tail with water. Screw it on your finger and dry it with a hair dryer (use cold mode so as not to overdry the ends). You should have an elegant curl.

If the length allows, then you can try to braid small braids. Each braid is decorated with thin colored rubber bands or bows. The main thing is not to overload the child’s head with accessories and voluminous, cumbersome styling – all this will only disturb him!

For little schoolgirls

In school, anyhow that you can not dress in terms of clothing, and in terms of choosing hairstyles. School styling should be serious, concise, with no extra elements and neat, so that nothing distracts the young schoolgirl from the learning process. Naturally festive options, too voluminous styling, brightly colored hair, non-standard hairstyles (various fashion trends) are not suitable for school.

The most common hairstyles: just loose (but it may not be very practical), various kinds of beams and tails, braids and weaves.

Princess Jasmine’s tail from the cartoon: braid a regular tail, peg it, and tie it with thin elastic bands in several places.

Bundle: Braid a regular bundle, but slightly tousle it, but not much. This is very relevant today and it looks fresh and interesting. Such a bunch is very feminine and well emphasizes delicate facial features.

The tail is the opposite. Tie a regular tail – not tight. At the base we divide it in half and in the formed hole push the lower part of the tail. In principle, it is possible to leave it, but it is possible to form the lower bundle once more by wrapping the end of the tail to the base and decorating it with some kind of hairpin or simply fixing them with pins.

Still some tips and advice to create children’s hairstyles:

  • Preparing hair for styling: First, wash the curls with shampoo. Before you wash off the shampoo – comb a rare comb strands. Wash off the shampoo with a towel (do not rub it) – all these measures are necessary to prevent tangling and minor damage to the hair and roots.
  • with dry hair: after washing, be sure to apply conditioner.
  • dry preferably in a natural way.
  • varnish and other styling products are contraindicated for children under 7 years old.
  • It is advisable not to use small hairpins and hairpins for very young girls in hairstyles – this is not safe.
  • if you want to decorate the hair with a bow, then choose a small, neat bow, and not a huge and lush. A small bow in tone with the dress will be a wonderful and original addition.
  • Spit perfectly complemented by pearls, ribbons, flowers and pins.
  • hair should not get into the eyes – it is fraught with conjunctivitis and squint, and in general it creates great discomfort.
  • if the hair is thin and long, then it will be very attractive to braid the braid and assemble it in a high bun, and you can also decorate with beads or flowers.
  • if you really want curled curls, it is better to use a more gentle way of curling: from the evening wet hair braid in tight braids.
  • Children’s styling has one unpleasant property – they quickly lose their shape and disintegrate. What to do?! Here you need to choose the right hairstyle. Best of all different kinds of weaving – braids, baskets, snakes and spikelets. They are well withstand the activity of the child, the hair at the same time picked up and do not climb into the eyes.
  • preferably during the process of laying the child something distract: and he will not be bored, and you will succeed all neatly.
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