Wash the paint from the hair in the salon

Characteristics in the ranking

Transformation for women is a standard daily procedure. Everybody wants to look presentable. One of the most basic details of the image is eyebrows. Their shape and color should be perfect. Someone goes for it in beauty salons to professionals and pays a considerable amount. And someone uses modern means at home alone, because today there are so many of them.

The market offers a variety of eyebrow paints. In just a few minutes you can make the last expressive and beautiful. The choice is great: from low-cost products to high value goods. Almost all paint quality, despite the difference in price. The main rule is to study the reviews and the composition of funds. The list below shows the manufacturers of the best paints, not only for coloring, but also for tattoo. Relying on it, it will be difficult to make a mistake and waste money.

The best inexpensive eyebrow paint: a budget of up to 200 rubles.

High price is not always an indicator of quality. For example, among inexpensive means for painting eyebrows there are a lot of those whose cost does not exceed 200 rubles. On average, coloring in the conditions of a beauty salon ranges from 250 to 500 rubles, and the duration of this result is identical to paints that can be used independently. This category is what you need to try out your skills for beginners.

Wash the paint from the hair in the salon

4 Fara Professional

An example of high-quality and, at the same time, budget coloring of eyebrows. This professional paint can be found in many stores. As you know, demand creates supply, so there will be no problems with the acquisition. Fara Professional is economical to use and has a long shelf life. One tube, on average, can be used throughout the year. You can paint your eyebrows at home quite quickly – 20 minutes is enough. Measuring cup and a special brush in the kit make the procedure easy and convenient. Buyers in their reviews confirm this fact.

Wash the paint from the hair in the salon

The emulsion does not stain the skin, which most users like. Eyebrows after the procedure look natural and expressive. A great plus for women is that the paint does not spread and does not have a strong smell. In addition, she steadfastly held for 2-3 weeks. Almost all the promises made by the manufacturer, Fara Professional fulfills. The disadvantages include the likelihood of allergic reactions, but the percentage of the real threat is reduced to a minimum.

3 Lucas Cosmetics CC Brow

One of the best colors for eyebrows according to many girls. The compact bags packed in a cardboard box are convenient in use. Apply the tool can be easily at home, and if necessary, take with you on a trip and not worry about the state of color eyebrows. In each small package of 3 ml of emulsion, which is enough for several procedures. It has a consistency of medium thickness and practically does not smell.

CC Brow – professional paint. The manufacturer recommends keeping it for 5-10 minutes for the desired result. Means perfectly dyeing hairs and effectively highlights eyebrows, and also gives them volume. After the procedure, every woman looks more spectacular and more attractive. Almost all buyers are satisfied with the durability of paint. In the reviews, they note the inexpensive cost and quality effect. Allocate and minus: the tool leaves marks on the nails and hands, so it is better to use CC Brow in gloves.

2 Kapous Magic Keratin

Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes from Kapus Magic Keratin, as the name implies, contains keratin to restore hair and give it strength. Users are generally positive about the tool. The result of staining persists from 2 to 4 weeks. Pleasant consistency, not spreading during the procedure. The paint does not remain on the skin. Color fits evenly. Shades are natural. The tube is enough for several applications.

Wash the paint from the hair in the salon

As a minus in the reviews mentioned the lack of a set of oxidant for mixing. It is required to purchase the same series for an additional fee, which ultimately affects the total cost.

  • uniform staining for up to 4 weeks;
  • natural shades;
  • enriched with keratin composition.
  • no oxidizer in the kit.

The better to paint eyebrows with paint or henna, you will be prompted by a detailed table comparing these two methods of coloring eyebrows. You will learn what are their advantages and unique features, and what are the main disadvantages.

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