The most effective means of hair growth

How to choose coconut oil:

Coconut oil is made from the so-called copra – coconut pulp. At the same time, for the production of one liter of coconut oil, you will need the pulp of 30-40 nuts. Coconut oil is represented on the market in large quantities, from different brands, from different countries of production, but it is still classic, coconut oil from India and Thailand is considered.

The most effective means of hair growth

Starting to sell coconut oil, we could not even imagine how popular a product coconut oil would be in the near future. Now we have a large database of feedback from our customers, as well as personal experience in the use of oil.

So, in most cases, the buyer, who chooses coconut oil for himself, initially puts the question not quite right: "I need not just coconut oil, but I need oil for hair / body / tan and

Coconut oil is an organic product, obtained from one type of raw material (like ordinary vegetable oil from sunflower seeds), and by definition it can not differ in its scope.

But we will return to pure coconut oil, and here the buyers have the following question: "Why does coconut oil from one manufacturer cost 100 rubles, while another will have to pay 1000 for the same amount?" This is due primarily to the method by which the oil was produced. Coconut oil can be obtained both by cold pressing, including cold-FIRST (a variety of this oil is called Extra Virgin), and hot oil. Also, do not forget the volume from which the coconuts produced oil – young or mature. Only when cold pressed, coconut oil retains 100% of all its beneficial properties. The only drawback of the cold (first) spin is that with this method, only 10% of coconut oil is obtained from the pulp from the possible, which in turn increases the amount of raw materials needed, and as a result, the cost of production. For further processing of raw materials, the method of hot pressing is used, which significantly reduces the cost of oil, but alas, and its quality. And finally, the last stage: spin using chemicals. This method allows you to extract the oil from the coconut at 100%, but in this case it turns out the cheapest coconut oil of inferior quality, which can only be used for massage. Also, some manufacturers to reduce the price of oil, can dilute it with paraffin.

As for the aroma of coconut oil, it is gaining its intensity as the quality of the oil decreases. Extra Virgin coconut oil, first cold pressed, has a very delicate, subtle coconut aroma. The oil is of low quality, will have a very active smell of coconut, with pronounced notes of heat treatment.

Ultimately, you decide for what purposes you need coconut oil, and whether you want to get cheap oil, which during the hot (chemical) extraction lost most of its useful properties or get a 100% useful product of premium class.

The most effective means of hair growth

The following frequently asked question: "I need coconut oil solid / liquid". The fact is that coconut oil has an interesting natural feature. If the ambient temperature is +24 C and higher, it becomes liquid and transparent like water; if the temperature drops below +24 C, it becomes like petroleum jelly.

Perhaps this is all about the varieties of oil. I hope I managed to answer the question: "What is the difference between different types of coconut oil from each other?"

Now, let’s see what is so useful coconut oil. Most people who already use coconut oil, first of all use it to maintain the health and beauty of hair. Coconut oil will relieve you of dryness and section of hair. It is also effective in treating dandruff and hair loss. It is important to note that hair loss is reduced after the first application. Coconut oil is also effective when applied to the eyelashes, as a result of their growth, density and volume.

The second way to use coconut oil is naturally skin. First of all, it is effective on coarse skin (elbows and heels). It is successfully used on lips when weaving and peeling.

Oil is simply indispensable for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy or with a sharp weight loss.

Coconut oil effectively fights cellulite.

It is an effective tool after tanning.

And finally, the third, perhaps the most exotic for Russia, method of using coconut oil for food!

For a long time coconut oil was not eaten, but in vain! After all, coconut oil does not contain cholesterol and contains only healthy fats. Taking 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 20 minutes before a meal, you will relieve your body of stress during a diet and speed up metabolism.

Try to cook pancakes for your home, while replacing ordinary vegetable oil with coconut, and this seemingly familiar product from childhood will open for you in a completely new way;)

The most effective means of hair growth

In our store, you can always buy coconut oil of the volume and quality you need.

Coconut oil will give you beauty and health!


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