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Women’s knitted sweater is one of the most versatile wardrobe items. With it, you can create any images. There is no such person to whom such clothes would not fit, the main thing is to choose the right clothes and accessories. Knitwear was already at the peak of popularity in the early 90s. Since then styles have changed, details have been added, other colors have become relevant.

Fashion models of knitted sweaters 2018

One of the features of a knitted sweater is that there is no classic version of it. The shape of the neckline or collar is subject to constant changes. And the undoubted plus of such clothes is that you can easily knit a sweater yourself and look fashionable in it.

This season, sweaters will delight you with a variety: designers prefer models of knitted products with a boat neckline, or – mousoobrazny. The sweater should ideally come down from one shoulder, making the image flirty and sexy. Remarkably, with the same patterns, it can fit the shape as well as be very free cut. The hood, scarf or yoke is considered special chic.

The density of knitting does not matter: it can be a large knitting with a knitting needle or a crochet of thin threads (the effect of azhura is obtained), or a large knitting with thick threads of a very large crochet. Such a model will help to hide imperfect forms – a volume waist or a small breast.

Stylish hair coloring

Choosing a sweater, pay attention to its length: the fashion trends of this season are elongated models of free cut.

The same applies to the sleeves – models vary from raglan to flashlight. And sometimes instead of them you can see long or short brushes. But what unites all these varieties is the way of knitting the product. It should remind "handmade"associated with thick knitting needles, even if this sweater model is industrial production.

The effect of home knitting is achieved primarily with a pattern. This is a special large stocking knit with vertical braids and careless “loose” English elastic created in the process of mating. But this is not enough.

In knitted sweaters used bulk yarn, which gives them such a rough “home” look. This is the fashion trend of 2018.

For winter sweaters, this may be wool or mohair, slightly diluted with artificial material. In a fashion both short, and extended models.

Summer products are made from linen yarn or cotton. Given the characteristics of such yarn, knit summer sweaters using a double or triple thread.

To make an image gentle and womanly a thick sweater from large threads can be.

Products are trimmed with braids, ribbons, fur or suede. The models of knitted sweaters with embroidery, appliqué or fringe look rich. Sometimes these sweaters are real works of art. Inserts made of leather, silk, suede make a festive outfit from a seemingly ordinary sweater.

How to choose a sweater so that it harmonizes with the image

Fat women should remember that a large knit on a sweater will give extra volume. When choosing clothes it is very important to choose the right color and model. The vertical pattern will make the shape in the sweater slimmer, and the black color will visually adjust the shape. Color, able to unconditionally add those extra pounds – pink.

Stylish hair coloring

Sweater as the main central element of the image, dictates the rules of the rest of the wardrobe. If the sweater is with a pattern or an extensive appliqué, embroidery and other details, then the rest of the clothes should be of an inconspicuous, uniform color. And on the contrary, a monophonic sweater is in harmony with bright things or accessories.


Bulky sweaters are the hit of the season. Fashion bloggers from around the world upload photos to their "instagram"by showing the sweater models that they made themselves. Knitting a sweater on their own – easy. For this, a thick thread of any color is suitable (everything is bright in fashion), as well as a very large hook. Knitting will turn out really large, and now in your hands is a real fashion trend.

A thick sweater with a belt decorated with spikes or appliqué will look very nice. He will emphasize a waist and will give to a flat figure seductive forms.

If the figure is in the shape of a “pear”, that is, wide hips and narrow shoulders, then it is better to choose a model with a low notch. And on the neck it is good to hang a massive pendant.

For a cool summer evening, stylists recommend wearing a cotton yarn product with a silk or chiffon dress. The contrast of the fabrics will look spectacular if you wear a mohair model instead of a cotton sweater.

The combination of a rough men’s top with a light pleated skirt to the floor is one of the favorite stylists, it is not for nothing that they often recommend this way to combine thick sweaters with other things.

It is rather unusual that a knitted sweater is strongly advised to dress in skirts or trousers. Naturally, this can afford a slim athletic girl with a flat stomach. For the best effect, the skirt should be taken with a high waist.

Tip! An elongated version will look great with narrow pants or a skirt to the floor. If you add a bag with a long chain and shoes with heels, you get a chic stylish look.

Stylish hair coloring

It is very popular lately to wear a loose knitted sweater with a shirt released over the pants. A prerequisite – the shirt should be long. To this version of the wardrobe shoes oxfords or conversions.

A fitted version of a knitted model will help to make an image fashionable: it looks good with pencil skirts or “sun” skirts. The length of the skirt should be midi or maxi. Mini skirts, slinky cut with such a sweater look vulgar and old-fashioned.

To the pants pick up either free or semi-oblong elongated models. This outfit requires additions: a necklace, a large pendant, or you can wear a shirt for a sweater, then no accessories will be needed.

Summer sweater can be very short, missing up to the waist.

A very long product can be worn as a tunic with leggings or leggings. Shoes are better to take on a flat sole, otherwise a high heel with such a dress will add vulgarity.

How to wear a knitted cardigan

Not to mention knitted cardigan.

It is a mistake to think that a knitted coarse-knit cardigan and the same sweater are worn the same way. The cardigan has a wider choice. Leggings and leggings, short skirts and pencil skirts of a long midi will suit him. Especially well suited cardigan for a short dress or shorts. In choosing clothes, more attention should be paid to the colors of the dress. The top with shorts and a cardigan with a wide belt will look impressive.

Shoes under the cardigan choose the most diverse from boats to sneakers. Looks good with a cardigan shoes with tractor soles. You can experiment as much as you like with a wardrobe item like a cardigan. Add, for example, in the image of a brooch or gloves.

Proper selection of accessories

As for accessories, connected with large knitting needles, this is the right and very stylish solution for fashionistas. Hats, scarves and snoods, connected by a large thread, will help to warm up its owner. In addition, they are indispensable if you want to slightly adjust the appearance.

These hats visually make the cheeks smaller and attract attention to the eyes. It remains only when choosing a hat to take into account its frost resistance, for which it is worth looking at the density of the weaving of the cap. Too airy, laced caps made of thick knit are not suitable for a harsh winter.

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