Spit on medium hair

A variety of hairstyles on the hair to the shoulders will make your image brighter and allow every day to look at 100%!

Low beam for work

Beautiful styling for business meetings and work can also be done at home.

  1. Combing and winding strands on curling.
  2. We make a tail below, leaving on both sides one free strand.
  3. The tail is twisted into a snail, securing the studs.
  4. Lateral strands weave in reverse French braids.
  5. We put them on top of the cochlea and fix them with pins.

Romantic styling for those who know how to weave

Trendy shoulder-length hairstyles look very beautiful and are easy to perform. For those who know how to weave braids, we recommend to look at this option.

  1. Parting is done.
  2. We braid two braids as shown in the photo.
  3. We put the left braid on the back of the head first, gently hiding the tip.
  4. From above we lay the right braid. Fix hair hairstyles.

Low bunch of inverted tail

Medium-length hair is ideal for performing beams. This stylish option is considered universal – such a bundle can be worn both with a dress and with a suit.

  1. Combing the side parting.
  2. We tie the tail almost at the neck.
  3. We twist the tail.
  4. Putting it together ends, lift them up and put them in the resulting recess.

Festive styling for medium length

This wonderful hairstyle is perfect for special occasions. A great way to save on a beauty salon! In just 20 minutes you will become a goddess.

Spit on medium hair

  1. We comb on the side parting and twirl the hair on a curling iron or iron.
  2. We fix them on the back of the head with the help of stealth and lift a little.
  3. We twist the curl on the finger and raise it to the stealth, fastening the loop with the pin.
  4. Strands on the sides twisted in two flagellum. Attach them to the hairstyle.
  5. Decorate with a string of pearls or beads.

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Bouffant on medium hair

This simple hairstyle is recommended to do with bangs. She gives the woman a French charm and makes her mysterious.

  1. On the back of the head we separate a small part of the hair and we make bouffant on it.
  2. With the help of a rare comb we put it back.
  3. We fasten our hair with stealth or beautiful hair clip.
  4. Strands around the face and the ends of the hair curl iron.

Braid hairstyle for medium hair

For romantic dates or meetings in a cafe with friends, this arrangement is suitable. Having done this hairstyle with your own hands, you will surely turn into a real beauty.

Spit on medium hair

High beam every day

Daily hairstyle can also be beautiful. For study and work it is better to lift the strands upwards so that they do not fall on your face and distract you from important and serious matters.

  1. Combing and tying a high tail.
  2. Lightly weave the strands.
  3. We lay the tail with a snail, securing the pins. Fan it with your hands.
  4. At the very face of producing thin strands.

Like hairstyles with a bunch? Learn how to make a stylish bun in 5 minutes.

Evening styling for publication

Evening hairstyle up to the shoulders, made with your own hands, in no way inferior to the salon version. Try it – you will enjoy the result!

  1. We make a roller out of improvised means (soft fabric or sock).
  2. We comb all the hair back and tie it in the tail.
  3. Pull the gum down.
  4. We put a cushion of fabric or sock.
  5. Hiding it in the hair, securing the result with studs. On the sides, be sure to leave two thin strands.
  6. Loose hair is twisted into flagella and laid over the beam.

4 shoulder-length shoulder-length hair styling

Make this hairstyle on the hair to the shoulders will be able to any of you. It can be timed for a festive event or worn daily.

  1. We comb back the hair and divide it into four sections.
  2. Each strand is twisted into a bundle.
  3. We form a bun with a pin and fasten it with pins.
  4. Repeat for the remaining three strands.

Also look, very beautiful and simple hairstyle:

Retro styling

This retro hairstyle is suitable for secular celebrations, graduation and themed parties.

  1. Putting strands in the tail at the top.
  2. We throw it forward and fix it with invisible stems 2 centimeters from the gum.
  3. Sprinkle the tips with lacquer and lightly brush them.
  4. We throw everything back and we put Babette, twisting the tips inward.
  5. We decorate with a beautiful hair clip.
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