Spit long hair photo lessons

How to cut? How to lay? What to think of tomorrow? These and other questions are well known to parents of girls.

As an answer, we offer a lot of material about haircuts, tricks and accessories. Also consider in detail the hairstyles for girls every day and for the holiday. In general, with such a guide, you can completely go into battle … that is, to school or kindergarten. And, probably, something from this mothers will adapt for themselves.

Baby haircuts for girls

Against the backdrop of a wave of adoration that has swept over girls with long hair, shorter haircuts seem forgotten. However, this does not mean that you need to write off an elegant bean or a fluffy boar. It is recommended to leave shoulder-length for hair that keeps its shape well.

If the hair always looks disheveled, it is worth thinking about garcon with accented tips.

Simple, but at the same time stylish and flexible haircuts, keeping the volume at the top of the head and reducing it at the back of the head, like girls of all ages.

Spit long hair photo lessons

Hairstyles for girls in the garden

And now it’s time to talk about styling. Let’s start with the most difficult category – preschool kids. There are a lot of problems with hairstyle for girls in kindergarten:

  • hair is still too thin to achieve volume;
  • it is difficult for a child to sit in one place for a long time and not twist his head;
  • styling and strives to crumble during active games.

There are no universal solutions, but a few colored rubber bands are on hand and 15 minutes to braid several braids will save quite a few families.

We used to think that transitions in hairstyles to medium hair for girls are something beyond, but look at these photos! Simply cross the free strands!

And little women of fashion love to follow the example of moms. Therefore, calmly repeat the bundles on their heads and do not forget about the fashionable bows.

Actually, the bow is one of the most loyal friends as long as the baby does not grow up to a “serious” second class. The Bantu alternative is cute wire-like ears.

Hairstyles for girls at graduation in the garden do not have to be complicated. Wrap the strands around the hoop or just hide it among the curls.

If time allows, you can choose more curvaceous knots and harnesses.

Hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten should be decorated with flowers, abandoning more complex metal jewelry or ribbons. The exception may be imitation lace or a thin tiara.

Hairstyles for schoolgirls

Of particular interest are hairstyles for girls on the final 4 classes. Not adults yet, but not even crumbs, ladies usually order “something cool”. So cool can be a crown of braids with a decoration of butterflies, a large bundle with decor, or a bundle with a natural bow.

In general, hairstyles for girls 10 years old must assume that their owners still can not sit on the spot all day. So the hoop is not just useful.

The older the girl becomes, the simpler the styling becomes. Hairstyles for girls in school usually do not dazzle with hairpins and are not surprised by the intricacies. The best option is an asymmetrical accent in the form of three braids.

School style boho incarnate hairstyles with pigtails oriented diagonally (48, 53, 12).

And by February 14, the styling can be made romantic by decorating hearts from thin strands stretched to the side.

Braids for girls

Today weaving is completely transferred from the category of characters into artistic elements. Very relevant hairstyles with a tail or a beam, which continues the volume braid.

And on the edge of fashion – hairstyles with several pigtails that connect the tape. The result is a stitch effect, which will be an elegant highlight for the festive event.

If we talk about simple “drawings”, here the undisputed leaders are the “fishtail” and “Danish braid”.

The third place is gradually won back by the twisted braid, which is made of several harnesses.

The combination of several types of drawing is also very important: it allows you to create a strict but effective image.

Spit long hair photo lessons

Finally, I would like to recall the good old grid of braids, which is also suitable as a hairstyle for 4th grade girls and for a dance performance at 9. Of this design, the strands do not stand out and do not interfere.

If time is limited, it is enough to braid 2-3 “tracks”.

Easy hairstyles for girls

Usually they are built on a slanting parting, which complement the braids, beam or eye-catching decorations. The styling will be filled with a special charm thanks to curls.

Tails – the perfect hairstyle for girls in 5 minutes. We intercept locks with rubber bands in several places and get a cute ready image. From these segments, you can create a braid.

Do not underestimate the possibility of harnesses, the benefit that they can decorate and short hairstyles for girls.

Festive hairstyles for girls do it yourself

Not quite catching, how to weave or pin up strands? Let’s break down the compound hairstyles for girls step by step.

Spit “Herringbone”

For the base, we will need to braid a braid, for which we need 3-6 transparent elastic bands (if there are green ones, they will do). Like many beautiful hairstyles for girls, this one does not require special skills and knowledge.

Hair smoothly we comb, we lift the top third and on a nape fasten with an elastic band. The resulting tail is divided into the upper and lower bundles. They, in turn, also divided in half. Further, the scheme is as follows: we enclose the upper halves with the lower halves, fasten them with an elastic band, stretch them to the sides (you need to stretch them immediately, and not when the braid is braided – otherwise the strands will be asymmetrically tightened). And so – to the nape.

Remaining ? hair collected in a low horse tail. We pass it through the weave so as to close the lower gum.

Now we need a decor for our “Christmas tree”. Better if the studs will be more than 3 – so they will not look random. Pin them to the base of the “trunk”, that is, in the place that is fixed with an elastic band.

Everything, now the basis for a festive hairstyle for girls for long hair is ready.

Corrugated braids

An option for all those cases when you want something unusual, and there is little time left for preparation. Such children’s hairstyles for girls (the photo gives us an approximate estimate of the scope of work) will take within half an hour.

We divide the hair into a “scalloped” parting.

We braid the braids on the sides: for this we add hair at the temple to the strands of the “teeth”; fix the rubber band.

The central part is temporarily set aside. Now we process the weaving and the ends below the gum with a curling iron (if it is more convenient for you, you can first make the strands crimped and then braid).

We reduce the braids on the back of the head, remove one of the rubber bands, and fix the second with a weave. Free-strand we wind the construction so that nothing hurt the eyes.

Double “chain”

There are hairstyles for girls, photos and just the appearance of which always causes increased attention. “Chain” is one of them. Remarkably, it does not require much time.

We divide the hair into a straight parting, form two symmetrical tails on the sides. From the top of the tail, pick up two thin strands and tie them into a simple ordinary knot. We lay hair in the direction of the second tail. After 4-6 cm again we tie the strands into a knot. Repeat until the tips can not be hidden under the gum or pin up stealth.

The same “chain” weave from the second tail. After that, we collect loose hair into spiral bundles and slightly stretch the “snails” to the sides. Tails are fixed inside with the help of pins.

Note that children’s hairstyles for girls with long hair can be repeated for medium lengths – just the chain will consist of two halves.

Waves like a princess

Often the most favorite children’s hairstyles for girls – with curls spread over their shoulders. To make such a set, you will need to take a small fidget mini for half an hour, because you have to sit motionless while you are in control of the curling.

Dry hair we remove upward. We begin the work from the lowest strands, winding them onto the curling iron in a spiral. As we have already written, girls have thin hairs, so there is a temptation to wind the entire layer as a whole, but this is not worth doing. Separate the layers into 3-4 parts.

Spread your curls with your fingers. To resort to the brush, even soft, is not worth it, because curls can finish.

My head is buzzing a bit, right? But so and pulls to try weaving for girls, a photo which you had time to notice a little earlier. Actually, for this we collected so much material.

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