Soda for hair reviews

Now a lot of different thickeners are used for slimes, which help to make a plastic anti-stress toy independently. Chewing gum for hands is very popular, and people who are carried away by the process prefer not to buy it in stores, but to knead on their own. The article will tell how to make a “working” thickener for lizun, and what to add to it, so that it stretches well and does not stick to hands.

Why use thickeners

These tools are needed to slime acquired the right consistency and resembled gum. Thickeners are presented in various forms: solution, powder or spray. It depends on them what the toy will be like and whether it will be able to make a slide.

There are many different thickeners:

  • sodium tetraborate (borax, borax);
  • contact lens cleaning solution;
  • salicylic acid or any alcohol preparation;
  • eye drops “Visin”
  • means for washing things (gel);
  • dishwashing liquids;
  • varnish for fixing hair;
  • air freshener (spray);
  • soda;
  • salt;
  • powdered sugar;
  • starch;
  • gelatin.

Soda for hair reviews

Toys are made with various thickeners. Let’s take a look at their characteristics, and find out what is best to knead “chewing gum for hands.”

Many people, finding out how to make a lizun, first of all hear that for thickening it is better to use sodium tetraborate, which is derived from salts of boric acid. Depending on the form of release, it may be called brown or borax. Other salt-containing substances can be used to give a toy a thick consistency: boric acid, lens cleaning solution, Vizin eye drops and table salt.

This category tops the list of tools that hold the future slime together, as they work effectively (through chemical reactions) and are suitable for many recipes. You first knead the mass of the selected components, and then drop by drop one of the salt agents into the slime.

Substance in the form of a solution is used, as it is. If you have borax powder or other salt, it is mixed with water in the proportion of 10 g per 125 ml of liquid.

Soda for hair reviews

In the article “How to make a lizun without sodium tetraborate” you will find useful recipes with different thickeners.

To make a lizun at home without sodium tetraborate, take washing gel or dishwashing liquid as a thickener (it is better to choose “Fae”). Here are some ways.

Remember how to make a slime thick with the help of a tool for washing machines. Pour PVA glue (125 ml) and gel from two capsules for washing into the blender. Beat the mixture for several minutes, then transfer the mass to another bowl. Let it stand for 20 minutes, take it out. All toy can be used. A minus of this thickener – from such a chewing gum for hands, irritation can appear on the palms.

In another example, “Fairy” (a teaspoon) will work as a thickener, but for a company, Office Space glue is needed, they are mixed together. The finished slime will delight with a pleasant texture and a wonderful view.

To give the toy the desired density, some use an air freshener or hair spray. Need a spray with the highest level of fixation. These funds are considered “capricious” (the mass does not always acquire the desired thickness). Below we will explain how to make a hand-gum with such thickeners.

Pour PVA glue into the container in the required quantity (brand and name are not critical) and gradually add hairspray, spraying it for 5-7 seconds. Means for fixing hairstyles can be replaced with an air freshener (use only a spray). After each addition of one of these remedies, knead the toy for 5 minutes until readiness. Varnish and freshener are not used in the recipe together. In lizuna add only one thing.

Experienced manufacturers of slices, it is advised to use for their thickening salt means or soda, which most often work fine.

Thickeners from scrap materials

There is in any house

For the manufacture of slices used simple ingredients. All types of dry starch, soda, powdered sugar and gelatin, as well as salt, which we described above. Agree, these products are in every home.

It can be used in almost any recipe, as well as sodium salt and sodium tetraborate. It can be used both as a powder and as a solution. Make it easy: mix 3 parts of powder and one part of water. Judging by the reviews, soda perfectly “works” and helps the mass to find the density necessary for the lizun, while maintaining its “viscosity”.

This product is not universal and works only in certain recipes. To make a gelatin lizun, you will need: 15 g of this product, a bar of clay (100 g) and a glass of water.

To use gelatin, you must first soak it. The volume of water is about 200 ml. As a container, use a small saucepan or saucepan. Exposure time – 40 minutes.

While gelatin swells, it is possible to do the processing of other ingredients and kneading the bulk. After 40 minutes, put the pan with the gelatin on the stove and heat it with constant stirring until it dissolves. Used after cooling. A detailed example is in the article “How to make a lizuna from plasticine.”

It is better to use for our purposes not “sand”, but icing sugar. With such a sweet thickener, the “chewing gum” is made from shampoo and liquid soap. In the mixture you want to add about a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Mix everything thoroughly and put in the freezer for 0.5 hours. Details of the recipe in the article “How can I make lizuna of shampoo.”

This thickener is added to edible lizuna. Ways we tell in the article “How you can make edible lizuna.”


Using starch to thicken the mixtures for slimes is the easiest option. The main plus thickener – it can be used for the manufacture of edible licens. To prepare them, add condensed milk to the slime instead of shampoo.

You can also use liquid starch to thicken the slimes or dilute it in water (3 parts of powder per 1 part of liquid).

How to make yourself

In the absence of these types of thickeners, you can use flour, replacing it with dry starch. This lizun thickens, but it will be bad to reach. Therefore, use flour only as a last resort. Recipes for flour slimes can be found in the article “How to make a lizun out of flour.”

Soda for hair reviews

Let’s give a recipe for making a thickener with your own hands. Pour half a bottle of sodium tetraborate (100 ml) into a liter bottle. Shake solution well. All is ready. The resulting mixture is suitable for any recipe slime, excluding edible. The volume will be enough for a long time, because you only have to add a few spoons.

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