Sleep hair long

Chapter one

Sleep hair long

Shorty from Flower City

In a fabulous city lived shorty. Shorty people called them because they were very small. Every little man was as tall as a small cucumber. In the city they were very beautiful. Flowers grew around each house: daisies, daisies, dandelions. There even the streets were called the names of flowers: Kolokolchikov Street, Romashek Avenue, Vasilkov Boulevard. And the city itself was called the Flower City. He stood on the bank of the stream. This little stream was called the Short Cucumber River, because a lot of cucumbers grew along the banks of the stream.

Sleep hair long

Beyond the river was a forest. The little ones made boats from birch bark, swam across the river and went to the forest for berries, mushrooms, and nuts. It was difficult to pick berries, because the little ones were tiny, and behind the nuts they had to climb a tall bush and even carry a saw. Not one shorty could pick a nut with his hands – they had to be cut with a saw. Mushrooms also sawed with a saw. Saw the mushroom at the very root, then cut it into pieces and drag home to pieces.

The short ones were not identical: some of them were called babies, and others – babies. Kids always walked either in long pants or in short pants on the shoulders, and the little ones liked to wear a dress made of colorful, bright fabric. Kids did not like to mess with their hairstyles, and so their hair was short, while the little ones had long hair, almost to the waist. The babes loved to do different beautiful hairstyles, their hair was braided into long braids and ribbon was woven into the braids, and they were wearing bows on their heads. Many babies were very proud that they were babies, and they were hardly at all friends with babies. And the little ones were proud that they were little, and they also did not want to be friends with the little ones. If any baby met a baby on the street, then, seeing him from a distance, now she went to the other side of the street. And she did well, because among the little ones there were often those who could not easily walk past the baby, and they would surely tell her something offensive, even pushed or, even worse, pulled the braid. Of course, not all the kids were like that, but this is not written on their foreheads, so the babies thought that it was better to cross to the other side of the street in advance and not to meet them. For this, many kids called babies imaginations – they’ll think of such a word! – And many babies called babies bully and other offensive nicknames.

Sleep hair long

Some readers will immediately say that all this is probably fiction, that there is no such thing in the lives of such kids. But no one after all says that they exist in life. In life it is one thing, but in a fairytale city it is quite another. In a fabulous city, everything happens.

In one house on Kolokolchikov street there were sixteen short kids. The most important of them was a shorty baby named Znayka. He was called Knowledgeable because he knew a lot. And he knew a lot because he read various books. These books were on his table, under the table, on the bed, and under the bed. In his room there was no such place where books would not lie. From reading books Znayka became very clever. Therefore, everyone obeyed him and loved him very much. He always dressed in a black suit, and when he sat down at the table, put glasses on his nose and began to read some book, he completely looked like a professor.

In the same house lived the famous doctor Pillukin, who treated short people for all diseases. He always walked in a white coat, and he wore a white cap with a brush on his head. There also lived the famous mechanic Cog with his assistant Shpuntik; Sakharin lived Sakharinich Syropchik, who became famous for being very fond of sparkling water with syrup. He was very polite. He liked it when he was called by name and patronymic, and he didn’t like it when someone called him simply Syrup. Lived still in this house hunter Pulka. He had a small dog, Bulka, and there was also a gun that fired traffic jams. There lived an artist Tube, a musician Guslya and other kids: Toropyzhka, Vorchun, Silent, Donut, Rasterayka, two brothers – Avoska and Neboska. But the most famous among them was a baby, named Dunno. He was called Dunno for not knowing anything.

This Dunno wore a bright blue hat, yellow, canary, trousers and an orange shirt with a green tie. He generally loved the bright colors. Having dressed up in such a parrot, Dunno spent whole days wandering around the city, composing different fictions and telling everyone. In addition, he constantly offended babes. Therefore, the little ones, having seen his orange shirt from afar, now turned in the opposite direction and hid in their homes. Dunno had a friend, named Gunka, who lived on Daisy Street. Gunka Dunno could chat for whole hours. They quarreled twenty times a day among themselves and put up twenty times a day.

In particular, Dunno became famous after one story.

Once he walked around the city and wandered into the field. There was not a soul around. At this time the Maybug flew. He blindly ran into Dunno and hit him on the back of the head. Dunno head over heels rolled to the ground. The beetle at that very moment flew away and disappeared away. Dunno jumped up, began to look around and see who hit him. But there was nobody around.

“Who hit me?” – thought Dunno. “Maybe something fell on top?”

He lifted his head and looked up, but there was nothing above either. Only the sun shone brightly over Dunno’s head.

“So it was something that fell on me from the sun,” decided Dunno. “Probably, a piece came off the sun and hit me on the head.”

He went home and met a friend whose name was Steklyashkin.

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