Short hair coloring photo

Everyone wants to be slim, graceful, thin. And it turns out, girls with a thin face is problematic in choosing a haircut. About fashionable and stylish haircuts for a thin face, we’ll talk about their choice today.

Short hair coloring photo


Someone needs to emphasize the merits, someone to hide the flaws. A thin face is not included in the list of merits, so haircuts will be chosen so that it is slightly rounded.

Strongly contraindicated:

  • The presence of a horse’s tail – it visually contributes to the narrowing of the face;
  • Parting on the hair;
  • Long and straight hair, combed back – visually reduce the chin;
  • Ultra short haircuts;
  • Wrong choice of oblique bangs – can already make a face.

A thin face fit haircuts with lush strands. The roundness of the face will give strands laid near the face and on the forehead.

Tips for choosing haircuts

  • An average length of multi-layered haircuts will suit a thin face. A ladder on the shoulders or a little lower with the curls falling on the face and chin, hiding the narrow face.
  • No matter how thick your hair is, the pomp of the cascade will round your face. On long hair, the shortening of hair by layers must be started from the top of the head. Hair below shoulder length is best not to do.
  • Haircuts should be fluffy, it is not recommended to focus on the narrow face. Smooth or gelled hair, as well as torn strands – not for a narrow face.
  • You need to correctly use the bangs, it should be a straight slightly covering eyebrows. Visually, the face becomes shorter, elongation disappears. It is better to refuse oblique bangs, because of improper styling, it can make the face more narrow.
  • Use the right hair accessories, they should be large and bright, distract from the face. Raised at the roots of the hair will add volume to the face hair. You can draw attention to the eyes and lips with the help of sharp torn strands falling on the face.

Total: volumetric haircuts with curly curls, voluminous and wide bangs are suitable for a thin face. They are able to round the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the ideal. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, use the advice of a professional stylist.

Short haircuts for a thin face

Fashionable option – multilayer with different lengths of strands, pixie hairstyle. We are not talking about ultrashort hair, shoulder-length strands with torn tips would be ideal. With this haircut, thin face will become elegant aristocratic.

A long face will be given roundness, emphasizing natural beauty, classic bean and graduated bean.

Options for medium haircuts

An ideal option for a thin face would be medium length haircuts.

  • Bob with asymmetry with the shortest locks to the ears, will look great on a thin face.
  • An elongated bob will give an unusual look to any skinny woman. Strands in front should remain long, the back of the head can be made shorter.
  • Voluminous square, taking into account that the length of the curls reaches the chin, and with the help of filleting the hair, the hairstyle will be quite voluminous.
  • Almighty cascade – he is able to help the owners of narrow faces. The front hair should cover the cheekbones, and the back strands can reach the shoulder blades and below. Thanks to the multi-level haircut technique, the hair will have a spectacular volume, and the face will not look narrow.
  • The presence of straight bangs below the eyebrows in the hair will be a great option for narrow-faced girls. Forms will acquire roundness, and a high forehead will not be visible.

Fragile girls with a delicate narrow face, choose the haircut option that suits you, and it will decorate your look.

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