Short hair coloring

If you are going to do a perm hair, try to immediately get everything you need. Moreover, it is better to be safe and buy just a little more, since there is an alternative substitute, except for, for example, the bobbins themselves or the chemical perm composition (it may simply not be enough) and you can hardly find it instantly. You can, of course, not buy paper for the ends of the hair and the harness, but if you are a beginner, then it is better to prepare these accessories. If they are not needed today, then surely they will come in handy next time.

For perming hair you will need:

– bobbins of different diameters;

– structure for a wave and a clamp;

– pan and sponge for fixer;

Perm for hair perm

Total bobbins of different diameters need 50-80 pieces.

Curlers, bobbins with rubber bands.

Curlers, or bobbins, are used for chemical or simple curling hair. For example, small hair curlers are used for thin and short hair up to 10 cm long. Hair curlers come in different colors and have different diameters.

Strengthening bobbins with rubber bands, depending on their length, take the elastic bands along the length of the bobbin.

The sticks have no metal parts.

The sticks are produced in various lengths and different colors and diameters, which allows you to make almost any hairstyle on hair of different lengths.

Hair curlers, fastened with pins (chopsticks), pikes.

Curlers fasten with pins.

Studs (sticks) pierce through the holes of the curlers. Provides a gentle gentle curling, does not spoil the hair.

Short hair coloring

Curlers are produced by different companies and can have a variety of parameters.

Hair curlers – “hedgehogs”, or “stickies”, are so named because of the barbed surface that keeps on the hair without gum, clips and sticks.

Large-diameter curlers are used to create voluminous hairstyles, as they lift hair at the roots well and create soft waves. Apply large curlers and for short hair.

On long hair curlers, you must additionally secure the clips.

When removing such curlers, long hair can easily get tangled, clinging to the “spikes”.

Soft flexible curlers – “boomerangs”.

Very convenient for curling strands of any length and volume. Curlers – “boomerangs” are made of dense foam rubber of different lengths and diameters. Fasten with bend ends curlers.

Wooden bobbins with a diameter of 4, 8, 10, 12 mm with elastic bands.

These are domestic bobbins for a simple and perm. Such bobbins are attached with a rubber band. It should be borne in mind that due to the attachment of a tight elastic band, hair creases may occur.

Rubber and plastic curlers with iron fasteners.

There are also plastic hair curlers with metal fasteners at the ends to hold the elastic band. Such curlers are not used for perming hair at home.

Plastic curlers of various diameters can be used for simple or perm. Plastic curlers are attached with a rubber band, clips, clips.

Puffers long hair curling rods.

Puffing rods for curling long hair can – be different in design and type of attachment. On the rod, the hair is wound in a spiral and placed in the grooves. The cock has a volumetric tip attached with rubber thread.

A strand of hair is twisted in a spiral on the rod and twisted around with rubber thread, then the tip is put on.

Plastic clips, clips, hairpins (non-metallic) for flat curls and papilotok.

Clips, clips, stealth are used to obtain flat curls, rings and attachment of hair and papilotok.

Their designs are diverse. Sizes and shapes – too.

Iron clips are used for various hair styling, with the exception of perm.

There are plastic clips used in chemical perm.

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