Ombre on dark hair

Kare – a classic among women’s haircuts for more than a century. Thanks to the efforts of stylists, this haircut remains relevant and diverse. Appearing in ancient Egypt, a simple square haircut with a bang was popular among men and women. Throughout the twentieth century, the square was the most fashionable haircut of the decade, then gave way to another, but still remains in the top of the popular women’s bows.

In our review, we will look at how modern she is a curly hair for short hair. Photos with examples, front and back view, styling options will help you navigate the variety of stylistic decisions. The article will tell you more about:

  • bob car;
  • caret cascade;
  • option with bangs;
  • a short haircut with a microcup;
  • graduated car;
  • for thin hair;
  • asymmetrical haircut.


Names and photos of the most popular haircuts quads

There are so many types of square today that women with any type of person and any age can easily choose an option that makes them stylish and attractive.

As is correct, the classic haircut is predominantly short with strict lines, performed on hair of the same length. The hair is divided into straight, side parting and haircut along one line in front and behind. Allocate a square of a short and elongated. The short version assumes the length from the chin to the middle of the neck. The elongated length is up to the shoulders. In the classic distinguish version with bangs and without.

Popular since the 2000s and to date, the option – bob. It is a hybrid haircut: at the back of the head, hair is cut shorter and cascaded, from the sides to the parting and longer, the line of transition from zone to zone is smooth.

Having pushed off from the traditional square, the stylists offered the owners of not very thick, naughty hair of the caret-cascade. When creating it, the master uses step technology, changing the angle of the strands spinning in each layer. This technology allows you to create volume in the inner layer and a texture slice. The hairstyle is suitable for the owner of wavy hair and curls.

Option on the leg – a spectacular haircut with an open neck and a raised volume top. This view requires careful styling.

Graduated – a haircut with a rough edge of the haircut, the volume in it is distributed evenly, the gradation is strongly pronounced, the length of the strands can be very different. Graduation is easy in daily care. Thanks to her creates an informal, youth image.

Kare + Bob: the most popular haircut for short hair 2018 – 2019

One of the most popular options is cutting bob for short hair. Photos of celebrities in this form are often found in fashion gloss. What is the reason for such popularity? Here several factors coincided:

  • versatile: by making small changes to suit your face type, you can easily customize it for yourself, while maintaining the recognizable silhouette of a bean;
  • The bob can be worn with any quality of hair: curly, straight, wavy, thick and medium-thick hair will look impressive;
  • popularity among media people.

Ombre on dark hair

“Bob” has a long history, which began in the 1920s. The then famous dancer Irene Castle Bob cut her long hair precisely according to the technology that later became the classic for the bean. The ideas of women’s emancipation were in the air, she was noticed first by the fans of Irene, and then by Coco Chanel. Today, there are several dozen variations of the bean, and even funny derivatives of the English name haircut “bob”: “lob” – from English “long bob”, bob for long hair, “wob” – from “wavy bob”, for wavy hair.

The bob itself is originally a short (to the chin) haircut with a bang and clearly marked occipital and two front-temporal zones. The hairs behind the haircut are calibrated, their length is shorter than that of the hair of the front zones, there is a “leg” on the neck, which results in an additional volume at the back of the head.

Bob haircut is an intermediate version, having an elegant form of a bob and parting. It is made for both short hair and medium length hair. Bright option – bob-kare with lengthening, when the front strands differ greatly in length from the back of the hair. For several seasons, the variants with shaved areas (temple, nape) are popular, this haircut is worn both with bangs and without, giving preference to skewed versions with thinning. Also, bob-caret haircut perfectly combines different types of coloring: ombre, balayazh, kolorage, sombre, California, Venetian and other types of highlighting, as well as creative options with the use of unusual colors.

Caret cascade

The cascade square is made using the step-cut technique. Most often the upper layer is longer and each inner layer is shorter, creating a volume in the upper part. The photo of the haircut of the caret-cascade for short hair will present different options.

The asymmetric cascade looks especially impressive: the hair is combed on the side parting, one side is shorter, the second is longer. A bold, attractive image is created to help correct some of the flaws of the face (angular lower part, wide cheekbones).

The cascade square with its elongated front strands and the raised occipital part looks very impressive. By twisting the ends of this haircut inside, you can create a neat image.

Kare with bangs

Owners of a beautiful forehead are recommended to emphasize this dignity without closing it. Those who have a problem, too high forehead, forehead with noticeable age-related changes should think about bangs – the classic straight, thick, thinned, oblique.

Kare with bangs – a bright and memorable look. In its classic version, with a flat bottom cut and straight thick bangs to the eyebrows, it has long been part of the corporate style of singers, actresses and entire eras. Popular squares with bangs were among the actresses of silent films, for example, Louise Brooks.

Oblique bangs – a universal version, its shape, length, degree of filing is chosen for the type of person. View from the oblique fringe is suitable for many. Long bangs help to hide too wide cheekbones, soften square face.

Short square and microcap

A microchip is a rather bold option, not suitable for all face types. It is worth looking at the owners of the oval, square and rectangular face type. The bright image with this haircut created Audrey Tottu in the movie “Amelie”.

Ultrashort bangs, although it became the main decoration of fashion podiums-2018 – 2019, is still a risky experiment. In order for such a bang to lay well, it is made quite thick, so owners of not very thick hair should think about whether it is worth following trends in this case. To the face of a bang 2-3 cm long is also not for everyone, it equally emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of the appearance.

Growing up to the eyebrows is not very long – 2-3 months, but during this time requires care: frequent washing, styling, use of styling. But if you are young, or elderly, but self-confident, have an oval face, or just want to do something shocking, then take it into service. Short fringe will emphasize the eyes, make the image a little naive. Looks best with mid-cheek length.

Creative types of coloring suit the short car: ombre on bangs, side-by-side with bright accents in separate zones, iridescent, stencilled.

Graduated car

In addition to the classic rectangular shapes, stylists offer graded four – sided onions with a volume concentrated in the upper part and more and more filtered strands down the hair. Unlike the cascade, here the stepped structure is revealed more clearly, the transitions from level to level are sharp, which distinguishes the owner of this hairstyle from the general row.

Such a car is also called “ragged.” Laying with accented strands complement the deliberately careless image. Most often young girls wear it. Its big plus is also in the fact that it does not require long stacking and special care.

Kare on a leg

The bulky bob on the leg implies a classic front view, a large volume on top and a highly raised lower part of the back, opening the neck. The hair on the neck is cut very short or shaved, creating a bold seductive look. There is one small nuance – you will have to take care of it carefully, regularly trimming the hair on the neck.

On thin hair

For girls with thin hair who have stopped on a topical car, it is worth remembering that it looks best on thin hair at medium length, from covering the ear to the shoulders.

Choosing a hairstyle for a thin hair today you should not be afraid of a weak volume. Existing techniques in the hairdressing industry will help you smooth out the cons of fine hair. Use cascade technique to give a shear volume. Different types of curling, hair dryer styling to give volume at the roots and accent styling of the lower part of the strands, texturing (long-term styling) are suitable from the styling options. In addition to volumetric hairstyle options, some types of coloring will help to visually increase the hair mass: highlighting and blonding.

Owners of fine hair fit options on the leg and bob-caret. Their haircut technique lifts the hair in the back of the head and gives it a volume.

For women with thin hair fit spurious oblique fringe with graduated ends. She is carried to the side, which will add another dimension and help to correct some features (angular lower part, cheekbones and forehead).

Asymmetrical car

The look of the caret with asymmetric torn edges and contrasting staining looks very impressive. Suitable for girls with any type of face: strands of different lengths will help to correct the shape of the face, emphasize the cheekbones and focus on the most winning facial features. An asymmetrical version is performed on hair of different lengths. Haircut options:

  • different length of the side zones with a sharp and smooth transition in the occiput;
  • asymmetry of the lateral and occipital parts;
  • caret with hidden shaved areas.

A brief overview of the varieties of quads for short hair you will see in the video:

Front view

In the presented photos you can see in detail what the back of the car looks like. The most spectacular front view of a bob-square and four-legged car.

In a graded, asymmetrical, classic car with a bang and a caret-cascade, the rear view is much more interesting.

15 more great ideas!

Below are another 15 photos with examples for different types of hair and face. Cutting short hair is not only the trend of 2018 – 2019, but also universal, capable of making a fresh and attractive image of a woman with any type of appearance.

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