Male hair care

Not so long ago, the barber profession became famous and popular in Russia. The history of its appearance is rooted in Western culture and traditions of the past decades and even centuries. Initially, barbershops in the United States and Great Britain were special salons for men with a full list of hairdressing services for the stronger sex.

Previously, men of noble status did not allow themselves to appear in public with an untidy haircut and sloppy beard and mustache. The latter was appreciated even more significantly than any manipulations with the hair, which, if desired, hid behind a fashionable hat or bowler hat. The lush beards and mustaches of gentlemen of past epochs are nothing short of admiration: the gloss and elegance were achieved obviously not in one visit to the salon.

The profession of a barber was gradually formed – a specialist who knows a lot about giving a unique and at the same time fashionable style of vegetation on a man’s head and face. Barbershop also turned into a truly masculine club. It is not surprising that only men work in them, who not only know everything about hairstyles and beards, but are always happy to talk to their customers.

Male hair care

Modern barber – who is he?

Over the past decade, quite a few barbershop have opened in various cities of Russia, following Western traditions. Today, to become a barber, it is not enough to memorize stylish men’s haircuts and beards. As a rule, barber itself is a kind of style icon. These are brutal men who do not hesitate to wear long hairstyles, often have long and lush beards and mustaches. Often their hands and body cover tattoos, and the style of clothing is very loose. Looking at such a specialist, the client immediately realizes that he has fallen into a truly male club, in which they will make “their own” out of him.

Sometimes there are also loyal forms of barbershop, which, for example, open at common hairdressers and salons. The barbers are not always of a brutal appearance, but they are well skilled in scissors and razors and are ready to provide proper customer service.

What services do barbery provide?

The main specialization of most modern barbershop is not so much the creation of men’s haircuts, as the care of facial hair. If you wish, you can shave your hair in an ordinary barber shop, but nature has not awarded every man with a beautiful beard. As a result, barbers’ clients are those who need to periodically cut or shave their beards and mustaches, make their edging and give them a unique style.

Such a privilege is comparable to a truly male occupation: driving a high-speed car, having sex with a sultry beauty, hard training of muscles and others. Thus, after visiting the barbershop client goes out with a unique sense of self-worth. In addition, his face is no longer strange “thickets”, but a very neat and very attractive attention of the opposite sex beard.

And men’s haircuts in no way left the list of services of modern barbershop. Agree that no beard looks neat without a meticulously created hairstyle on the head. For example, in the Barbershop Office you can order a haircut and head edging, washing, hair coloring and other services. As a result, the appearance of the client is transformed for the better.

Some barbershops go even further and offer, for example, perfuming with expensive cologne or eau de toilette and additional procedures that are typical of classical hairdressing salons: manicure and pedicure, massage of the shoulder area and head, cosmetology skin care and sale of hair care products.

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The value of visiting a barbershop

Let’s return to the barber and the features of visiting this specialist. Regular customers of the Barbershop claim that they come there again and again, not only because of the need to look neat and stylish. The reason is adrenaline, which gives each such visit. Barbers just master the blades and scissors, turning any procedure into a kind of attraction for men. Thus, the process itself causes even more interest and delight than the result obtained from the work done.

Sharp and long-lasting feelings arise when the master picks up a classic sharp razor, as if coming from a past era and previous generations of barbers. All stages of work, including wrapping sheets, applying foam with a brush, applying compresses and others, are impregnated with a special atmosphere in which every self-respecting man must be at least once in a lifetime.

The sad fact is that today even wealthy men with lush hair and beard often avoid visiting the barbershop. The reason for this lies in the rumors prevailing around and the opinion of such establishments that only metrosexuals and representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation attend them. This is fundamentally wrong. In fact, the situation here is reversed: the barbershop is an institution for real men who want to look courageous and at the same time appreciate tidiness and style. It is not necessary to contact a barber every week. Many men visit such salons even once in several months precisely because they want to at least briefly escape from the women’s company and find themselves in a true male environment. And it is worth a lot.

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