Jennifer Lopez Hair Color

Evaluating their appearance in the mirror, many girls often try to understand which of the stars of world cinema they can be like. Catherine Zeta-Jones or Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart or Nicole Kidman – who among celebrities is exactly like you? Offering not to read the coffee grounds, but to turn to the help of network services that, based on neural networks and various digital algorithms, will give a suitable answer. In this article, I will list the services that can determine your similarity to celebrity by photo online. I also suggest using the Yandex People service to search among all people.

Search for twins among the stars

How is the procedure for finding a double among the stars

The network (especially in the English segment) has a number of resources to determine the similarity with the celebrity online. Working with them is quite simple – you launch such a resource, upload your photo to it (or point to a link to it on the network), and click on the check activation button. The verification procedure is performed, and then you get the result in the form of a photo of a celebrity like you and the percentage of similarities found.

Jennifer Lopez Hair Color

However, some of these resources may give out other information on the photo being processed (the sex of the person in the photo, his age, etc.), which, of course, should not be taken seriously.

Similar services usually show the percentage similarity of matches found.

Let’s move on to the list of services that allow us to understand what kind of celebrity I look like online.


  1. To start the search procedure, you must go to

Another Russian-language service that allows you to identify which celebrities you are like is

  1. To work with the service, log on to

Search for matches on the facial features in the photo in

English language resource

  1. To use the resource go to

Compare your similarity with a popular person in

There are several entertainment services that are based on the analysis of a user profile on Facebook (for example, popular in RuNet

  1. Go to

Search for photos from Facebook profiles «Vonvon»

Placed on the service

  1. Go to resource

Answer a series of leading questions to

Auxiliary mobile applications

In addition to the above network services, you should use various mobile applications to determine the similarity with the star. Among such applications, I would highlight the following:

  • “Celebtwin” (iOS) is a fast app for apple makers that, with the help of your photo, will allow you to find a celebrity like you;
  • “Celeb Like Me” (Android) – will pick up a star like you from the base in more than 40 thousand famous stars around the world;
  • “Photo2Celeb” (iOS) – an application designed to identify an unknown star by photo. But you can easily use the functionality of this software to search for a celebrity like you;
  • “Celeb You Look alike” (Android, iOS) is another handy tool, similar to the above programs functionality.

Jennifer Lopez Hair Color

The app “Celeb Like Me”

Jennifer Lopez Hair Color


The network resources and mobile apps listed above will let you know which celebrity your photo looks like. The results obtained with their help should not be taken too seriously – this is just fun entertainment, and no more. Enjoy your matches!

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