Increase hair volume

Center for Beauty and Health “NATALI” – became the winner of the Interregional Competition "Best goods and services of Siberia – GEMMA". The highest rating of the Competition was received by the services of the Center for Apparatus and Aesthetic Cosmetology: Photoepilation, Photorejuvenation, Infrared thermolifting

Wellness center “Natalie” offers aesthetic relaxation with maximum benefit for body and soul. We hospitably open the doors for all who need to effectively and quickly restore their beauty and youth. People who could experience the healing power of the rest offered by us for body and soul, having given themselves up to the caring hands of cosmetologists at any time of the year, have an excellent appearance, are always balanced and cheerful.

Wellness center “Natalie” – a place where beauty does not require any feats and sacrifices. Professional manicure, anti-cellulite massage, body and face skin care based on natural products and products individually selected for each client, will provide an opportunity not only to relax and enjoy high-quality rest, but also to experience the magic effect of exclusive procedures presented only in our center.

Aesthetic cosmetology

Aesthetic cosmetology offers you a range of beauty treatments that combine an incomparable combination of aesthetic pleasure and sensual joy, while at the same time offering to experience the unsurpassed quality of the work of the masters. Our center offers the best facial cleansing in Omsk, a manual manicure performed according to a special gentle technology developed by our specialists. Feel the harmony of unity with nature and immerse yourself in the mystery of creating beauty. Beauty salons in Omsk offer relaxation and recovery, but none of them can offer such a level of service, which is positioned by the Natalie health center.

Increase hair volume

Pure smooth skin!

Health and Beauty Center “Natalie” offers its customers a photoepilation procedure that eliminates unwanted hair on the skin in just a few procedures. In our photoepilation in Omsk, certain pulses of light (intense pulsed light IPL) affect the roots and hair shafts. The melanin contained in the hair absorbs the energy of the light waves and in this process the hair itself is painlessly destroyed. The procedure has already proven its reliability and efficiency, and our salon is considered a leader in the field of photoepilation. Whatever beauty salons in Omsk you visit, our salon will be able to provide a full range of services at affordable prices.

Your velvet soft skin

Take advantage of the great opportunity to get a chance to use the most interesting massage techniques in our massage room, try the best massage cosmetics, and have a good time enjoying the comfort and aromas of branded oils. We offer anti-cellulite massage in Omsk, which is performed by the sensitive and caring hands of professional massage therapists. Your skin will really become velvety and tender, and at the same time you will be able to get rid of unwanted “orange peel” on your buttocks.

Increase hair volume

Start your fascinating journey into the world of beauty and health today with the Natalie health and beauty center!

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