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The most pleasant pastime for many girls is a game of dolls. So many different funny adventures waiting for our daughters in the mysterious world of children’s fantasy. Beautiful princesses and brave knights, ball gowns and unforgettable tea parties, masquerades and carriage rides — all this and much more help little girls dream of adulthood.

The task of loving parents is to help the child carry these valuable memories through all his life and then pass them on to his children. But it is also important to note how pleasant it is for moms to plunge into the beautiful world of children’s play, and how much useful can a child learn by playing with her mum? You can start small, compose with your daughter the best and most amazing outfit for her doll. We hope that our master class will help you realize your child’s dream and sew together a dress for a Barbie doll.

To make a dress for a Barbie doll, you will need:

2 cuts of fabric of different texture and color (I stopped at the classic combination of white crepe-satin with dark blue velor),

white lace 8-10 cm wide,

velcro 5 cm long,

5 mm wide satin ribbons, white and dark blue,

needle or sewing machine.

How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll – job description

Cut a rectangle of white crepe-sateen size 50x25cm. We process the edge with double hem.

Fold the rectangle in half and sew. We got a great underskirt of the future dress for the doll.

Cut off 3 pieces of lace with a length of 50 cm, 35 cm and 25 cm.

With a needle and thread do the assembly in 2 times.

We sew lace to the lower skirt of the future dress for the doll in three tiers. The lower tier is the longest, then slightly shorter and the smallest. As a result, we get a fluffy skirt. Since we are planning an upper skirt, we can save lace and sew the assembly only on the front side of the dress.

Cut off a rectangle measuring 50 cm x 25 cm dark blue velor. Fold in half and round the bottom edge. The top of the skirt must be gathered with a “forward needle” stitch. Waist Barbie is a new model – 9 cm, but we advise you to make the skirt a little freer so that it is easy to put on and take off your outfit.

Sew two skirts of the future dress for the doll together:

We cut out the bodice of the dress, it is better to take the sizes directly from the doll. If you are sewing a dress for a Barbie doll, the parameters of the doll are the following: the length of the front (from the shoulder) is 7 cm, the back is 6 cm, the waist is 9 cm, the hips are 13 (the photo shows another doll, but the order identical).

Now we have to plant the bodice of the dress on the figure of the doll, for this we need to do 2 front and 2 side darts. On the back of the bodice we do not dart, we leave a small margin in order for the dress to fit another doll. On the center of the back, or along the edges of the cutting, sew Velcro. All bodice dresses for Barbie dolls are ready. Gently sew it to the skirt, observing the centering of the front.

The board : To make darts, first sew a velcro, and then put the bodice on the doll, just inside out. On the reverse side, make tucks and sweep them right on the doll!

We decorate the bodice of the dress for the doll with roses from white satin ribbons and a bow from dark blue ribbons.

How to weave hair

The skirt can be decorated by sewing beads on both sides of the hem and a bow of white satin ribbon in the center.

Our dress for the doll is ready:

How to weave hair

It is so easy and simple, together with your daughter, you can sew a dress for a Barbie doll and make fashionable accessories for it. Enjoy your games and impressions.

Nataly Druzenko specifically for the site Favorite doll

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