How to strengthen the hair of a child

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The red woolen thread is a strong ancient charm. Its action is aimed at enhancing protection from negative energy, maintaining health, healing from ailments, as well as attracting well-being and good luck.

For a long time, they put on the red thread in order to protect themselves from the negative energy of ill-wishers, and also to save themselves from internal negative experiences, thoughts, to strengthen their health, to get rid of old ailments. The thread contributes to the restoration of emotional balance, the normalization of relations with others. This is not a simple talisman known to mankind since ancient times. It is used by different nations, so it is not surprising that there are various tips on how many knots to tie a red thread, who should tie it and other things.

How to strengthen the hair of a child

How many knots to tie the red thread?

Anyone who is close or close to you should be tied up by your guardian, who will only emit positive energy and positive things to you, someone you trust. This man does 7 knots on the red thread. Thus, the charm acquires a powerful positive defensive power, becoming a real barrier between you and negative energy. First, a large first knot is tied, then a prayer is read. After that, six more knots are tied. The excess ends of the thread are carefully cut off and burned.

Strengthen the action of the thread a special prayer or conspiracy helps, depending on the religion of the person wearing the thread.

It is very important that the person tying the red thread sincerely wish you good, happiness, health, to believe in the power of the thread. Belief in what we do and in those for whom we are doing this in itself is a strong energy message that enhances the action of the thread.

Prayers for tying the red thread

The special prayer or conspiracy, depending on the religion of the person wearing the thread, helps to strengthen the effect of the thread. In Orthodoxy, our Father is often read when preparing and tying threads. Also, such prayers are read when tying 7 knots with a red thread, like the Jerusalem “Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Aley Ayin”, or special “sentences”. One of these prayer sentences:

“Preserve, protect from harm the innocent, sickness, from the enemy of the intake, from the disobedient demon. Become from them a strong wall, a high mountain. Lock the seven locks, but seven keys. Nobody will interrupt my strong word. ”

Such a prayer must be repeated seven times, tying each of the seven knots.

Another strong prayer repeated when tying a thread:

“Lord Almighty, blessed be your kingdom on earth and in heaven. I bow to you and appeal to your mercy, for you are merciful to all those who worship you. You heal, you help the needy, your love is deep and true, you give universal forgiveness. Please protect your servant (the name of the one who is tied to the thread), protect him from harm and protect him from evil thoughts and enemies. ”

The main condition for the action of the amulet is the purity of intentions and the sincerity of the person who binds it. This reinforces the power of prayer and the action of the thread itself.

Why is the red thread so strong?

This amulet is not a simple accessory, wearing which you can be sure that from now on you will be accompanied by well-being and good luck everywhere. Yes, everything is not accidental in it and the color of the thread and the thread itself, 7 knots and the ritual of tying it. Each of these “characteristics” separately has a special energy.

Red – the color of fire, heat. Wool is a natural material with healing powers, 7 is the number of luck and well-being. A prayer or a special conspiracy is a powerful positive message.

All of them together constitute a powerful “energy block”, which is able not only to protect the wearer from negative and evil, but also affects his internal state, improving his mood and emotional background.

How to strengthen the hair of a child

On which hand is the red thread worn?

The red thread (7 knots) is worn on the left hand, because it is considered the receiving hand. Wearing a charm on his left hand, the person accepts the protection of higher powers.

What rules need to be followed while wearing the red thread?

  • For the thread to really work it is important not to be the sources of the negative, not to offend others, not to slander.
  • It is forbidden to criticize anyone, to evaluate his actions.
  • Do not gossip.
  • Do not be jealous of anyone.

Observing such rules, which for some turn out to be truly impossible, you can really feel the protection of the red thread, look at the world and others with a fresh look, overestimate yourself and your life in a new way.

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