How to remove hair in the bikini zone

Epilator has its advantages in hair removal. To have this device is quite practical, because using it is easy, convenient and unadjusted. No consumables – once you buy, and then you only charge the battery or change the batteries. You can remove hair with an epilator on any part of the body, even on the delicate bikini area.

Epilator or depilator – how is it right after all

The device, which we all know as an epilator, it would be better to call it another way – a depilator. After all, he removes only the hair itself, pulling it from the root. And the procedure of epilation also involves the destruction of the follicle. Previously, only doctors in beauty salons were engaged in this, now everything can be done at home, because devices such as photo and laser epilators have appeared. They are arranged as generators of light energy, which in the right concentration is fed to the hair and destroys them to the ground.

How to remove hair in the bikini zone

In general, if you follow the exact wording, then the epilators are called devices with exactly this principle of the device. But it so happened that the manufacturers, without complicating and without going into details, release all devices designed for hair removal with the epilator marking. Including those that are intended for shaving and plucking hair.

Pros and cons of hair removal epilator

The epilator removes hair completely by removing it from the follicular sac. You can use it for depilation of any part of the body, and bikini is no exception. Hair is removed for a long time (compared to shaving) – from 2 to 4 weeks, and then new ones grow thinner and weaker. This is if we talk about the pros. There are also disadvantages:

  • Pain. Anesthesia can not do without, but it does not always help – the discomfort becomes less only by virtue of habit. We need to endure 3-5 procedures, then to take on this matter confidently and without fear.
  • Itching, dryness, tightness of the skin, red spots, small pimples, in general, all signs of irritation. To avoid this, you need to spare no money on the epilator – choose the one that has a special nozzle for the delicate zone and a mode that works on wet skin.
  • Ingrown hairs If the skin is not properly cared for (steam baths, peeling, moisturizing, nutrition), then some hair cannot then grow back, bend and start to grow down. This is both unpleasant, and painful, and unaesthetic – the skin in the places of ingrowth swells, ulcers can form. They need to open, remove all ingrown hairs one by one, wait until the skin heals, and only then do a new depilation.

Types of epilators

There is no separate model for hair removal in the bikini area, you just need to choose a suitable attachment. Epilators for the body are of two types:

    Tweezers. Stacked surface – tweezers, staggered. Their number can be different, from 20 to 48. The more tweezers, the faster and more painless the depilation and the more expensive the device. To remove hair with such an epilator, you will have to grow it in a bikini area up to 5 mm.

For depilation of a bikini zone, it is better to take a tweezers epilator: the procedure will be less painful. If it is a device for 32 or 40 pincers, then it is also a thorough depilation – you will not have to process the same place 2 times.

Depilation bikini area

Successful depilation begins with proper preparation.

Preparation for the procedure

First you need to prepare the skin in the problem area: steam it, take a hot bath, and make a peeling. It is best to use a scrub with a natural composition – sugar or coffee. After a hot bath or shower, the pores will open and the hair will be easier to remove. Peeling is needed in order to get rid of the horny top layer of the skin and prevent the appearance of ingrown hair.

If the skin in the bikini area is sensitive, apply 10–15 minutes before depilation to the entire problem area (except for the mucous membrane) Lidocaine Spray or Menovazine. When you feel that the anesthetic has begun to act, apply talc on the skin. It absorbs excess moisture – this is important, because the depilation on dry skin will be done much faster.

How to remove hair with an epilator

Classic bikini can be processed with a standard epilator tip. For depilation deep bikini more suitable narrow applicator.

Remove hair in the bikini area with the epilator as follows:

  1. When the desired nozzle is fixed, take the epilator and stick it with the working surface to the skin. The handle will be perpendicular to the body.
  2. In the bikini zone, the skin is particularly thin and sensitive. In order not to damage it, install the lowest speed on the epilator.
  3. Drive the device against hair growth, and with your free hand pull off the skin in the direction of their growth. All that it was not so painful.
  4. After all the hair is removed, treat the skin with an antiseptic. Any of those in the home medicine chest, for example, chlorhexidine, will work.
  5. Then moisturize the skin with milk or body cream, and after 20-30 minutes, when the agent is absorbed, it is a means to slow down hair growth.

To prevent hair ingrowth, it is useful to regularly treat the skin with salicylic acid.

Which epilator is better to choose for the bikini zone

What should I look for when choosing a device:

  • Before buying an epilator, it is important to understand the condition of your skin. Based on this, you need to choose a device for dry hair removal (they can work without creams and gels) or for wet hair, which is suitable for skin prone to irritation. There are also epilators of mixed type, where it is possible to switch from one mode to another. For a bikini, it is preferable to take an epilator that can work in the shower.
  • The number of speeds. The maximum of them can be three, but more often there are models with two modes. The more, the better, because switching modes, you will feel at what speed to remove hair less painful.
  • Equipment. The brush set for cleaning of the device from hairs enters a standard set. There is an expanded package, which includes: a shaving head, a nozzle for peeling, delicate zones, massage, facial cleansing, etc. The restrictor head allows you to work only with a portion of tweezers or discs – at first it is much easier to transfer the procedure if the hair is not pulled out of all 40 at the same time, but only one fifth of them. The number of nozzles affects the cost of the epilator.
  • Type of food. The epilator can work from the network or battery. The device with the battery is more convenient, because it will be possible to take it on the road and use it in a variety of situations. Without recharging, the epilator can work for about 30–40 minutes.
  • Backlight. In most models, it is now there. The absence is not critical, but will make hair removal a little less convenient.
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