How to remove a stain from hair dye

Some pollution is very difficult to eliminate, although they happen at every step, and no one can insure against them. Now we will tell how to wash ink from clothes. Perhaps this information will be useful to you and will help make the snow-white favorite blouse or shirt of her husband, getting rid of unexpected blue spots.

What to do if a stain has appeared recently

If you find a spot of ink in time, you need to attach a thin paper to it in order to absorb ink as much as possible. This can be a paper towel or napkin, toilet paper – everything that is on hand at work or at home. It is even better if you use talcum powder or starch with paper.

Next, you need to act on the stain with alcohol:

  • pour some alcohol in a bowl;
  • take a sponge and lightly soak it in alcohol;
  • blot the stain;
  • rub the ink slightly;
  • Using a fresh napkin, wipe the contaminated area with water and wait until it dries.

How to remove a stain from hair dye

If the stain has not disappeared after the first procedure, then it will need to be repeated. The fact is that alcohol acts well on a dry material, so the process of removing ink from clothes can be lengthy. In the end, you will be able to wash out the ink, and the working blouse will be clean again.

If the fabric is natural, then try to wipe it off by mixing medical alcohol with ammonia. Wipe the stain with this compound, and to neutralize the smell, use vinegar. After that, you can wash clothes in a typewriter or with your hands.

A kind of paint shredder is hair spray. You can sprinkle it on the ink stain abundantly and wait a few seconds for it to dissolve. Then rub with a sponge or cloth to clean the dirt. Pre-place a rag under the stain so that it absorbs excess lacquer.

You can repeat the treatment with varnish, but it is impossible to dry the fabric at the same time, as this may contribute to the consolidation of ink. Washing and drying is carried out in the event that your thing has become clean or you see that nothing has any effect on the stain and cannot be removed from it in this way.

How to remove a stain from hair dye

There are three more ways to wipe off ink if they are not very eaten up.

  • Soak for an hour the place on the clothes that you have slipped, in milk. You can liberally moisten the stain with milk and leave for 30-40 minutes.
  • Use for soaking serum. It contains acids that are well whitened, so it can remove ink from clothes. It is even better to use fresh serum. If you have freshly sour milk, then heat it up a little so that the whey separates and moisten the ink marks with it.
  • Take glycerin and heat it up slightly. Apply to the stain so that it soaks the fabric, makes the fibers soft and promotes the flow of ink. After the action of glycerin, try to wash the clothes, and to better get rid of traces of glycerin, add a few drops of ammonia.

How to wash out old ink stains

Were considered methods that work, if the ink appeared on clothing recently. They had not had time to dye the fibers strongly and soak into the fabric. More difficult is the question of how to wipe the ink off your clothes if contamination has eaten.

White clothes can be washed with a powerful stain remover or bleach. You just need to put it on the fabric in a small amount and give time to act, and then wash it off. Bleach with bleach should be diluted with water and slightly blot in this solution stains.

In some cases, ink helps eliminate hydrogen peroxide. It has a mild whitening effect. Try using a fleece to apply peroxide, and if you see a positive effect, then rub a little stain.

How to remove a stain from hair dye

Acetone is sometimes used, but it can have a very bad effect on color because it is a solvent. For those who decided to use it, we advise you to act with a small sponge so as not to spoil the thing completely.

Note that there are very delicate tissues, which can not act strong chemicals. In this case, you will have to give the thing to dry cleaning, so that people with more efficient tools can take up the job.

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