How to quickly grow long hair

Haircut is an important part of the image of any modern girl. Neglected hair and a shapeless hairstyle can negate any efforts to create a current bow – even if it is made up of exclusive things of the luxury segment, taking into account the most advanced trends. Fashion for haircuts, styling and hairstyles changes annually – even if the general approaches to hair styling remain unchanged, then the nuances are subject to modernity.

How to quickly grow long hair

That is why stylists regularly develop numerous options for haircuts that are suitable for any length of hair and fit into the current trends of beauty. In addition, a new haircut is a great way to add the missing zest to your image, drastically change the style, emphasize the beauty of your face and hide small flaws. In general, you can give thousands of arguments in favor of going to a salon and cutting hair.

However, you can decide on a haircut very quickly, but the choice of its form is often delayed. If bad clothes can be changed in a couple of minutes, then the hairstyle will be with you for several months, so there is nothing worse than to make a mistake with the choice of the master or type of haircut. Even harder is to be in trend. An inexperienced representative of the fair sex may seem that from year to year the masters use the same techniques in the design of curls.

It is important that the haircut was not only fashionable, but also harmoniously framed face

However, a real fashionista will see at a glance whether your hairstyle is responding to the latest trends, or showing off your bad taste. Let’s discuss what the hairdresser industry has brought with it to the women’s haircuts segment in 2019 so that you can drastically update your image or make trend changes with a pair of scissors.

The main trends in women’s haircuts in 2019

To begin, let us analyze the sign changes and trends in the development of haircuts, so that you understand what details you need to pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle. It should be noted at once several hairdressing trends:

  • Two strictly opposite trends dominate on the catwalks – strict straight lines and absolute negligence. The first trend is more noticeable in such haircuts as a bob, elongated and short bob. If you have heavy and even hair, it is enough to arrange them with a geometric cut (for ultrashort haircuts – asymmetrical) and paint in a rich color. The second trend is more widespread, as it gives the image naturalness, ease and ease. Hair of any length should have underlined disheveled. The effect of burnt strands is highly desirable in order to create the impression that your hairstyle is not the result of the master’s many hours of hard work, but the work of the hands, waves, wind and sun;
  • The undoubted hit of 2019 is bangs that are back in fashion thanks to retro trends. If you can afford a haircut with a bang, then choose this option. Stylists say that bangs can be decorated absolutely any hairstyle – from bean and square to cascading haircuts. The main requirement – the chelochk should have a pronounced negligence. Options to the eyebrow line are welcome, as well as the effect of torn and disheveled strands. Oblique bangs, arches, horseshoes and the options divided into two parts are also in fashion, but short flat bangs in combination with long hair are recognized as the peak trend. To understand what this hairstyle should look like, look through a retro photo of a hippie from the 50s and 60s;
  • At the peak of popularity, ultrashort haircuts with a pronounced volume that elegantly frame a girl’s face, giving it a fervent expression. Here still lead haircuts-pixie with sloppy strands, as well as disheveled or adjusted bob. The emphasis in this case should be done on the coloring;
  • very long hair is no longer an even cut – now they use multi-layered cascades and patchwork haircuts, which make the hairstyle airy, light and lush. Glare, careless curls and the feeling of “wind in hair” are welcome;
  • average hair length is a large-scale field for activity. At your service any variant of elongated bob, long bean and retro effects with adjusted curls a la Dita von Teese. In the latter case, it is worth remembering that stylized styling requires a fairly strict image, so you should use them only for very solemn occasions. With a daily casual bow or sporty look, they will look foreign.

Do not forget that the haircut is not an element of the image that focuses attention on yourself, like catchy shoes or a printed handbag. Hairstyle should harmoniously frame your face, so choose not just a stylish haircut, but also suitable to your personal characteristics. Do not forget that any options for haircuts are suitable only for oval faces (and even then with some reservations), so plump cheeks or a wide face should be adjusted with oblique bangs with an extended bob or cascading haircut on long hair.

An elongated face can be made rounder by using the volumetric asymmetrical bob. With a heavy chin, the curls should be disheveled and end just below its level, drawing all attention to themselves. Too big and bulging forehead cover chelochkoy, which is now so popular. In general – carefully consider the face and “try on” him options for the selected haircuts before running to the salon. And now let’s talk about the most popular haircuts in 2019 a little more!

Haircut for short hair “Bob”

Haircut, invented by the famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, remains relevant since the 60s of the last century! This is not surprising, because it is the bean that allows you to create original, feminine, hooligan and sophisticated images, putting minimal effort to them. Of course, there are so many variations of the bean that you cannot immediately figure out which of them is fashionable in 2019. However, the most trendy options for this haircut look like this:

  • A-bob – a variant of a haircut, in which the bang in length is equal to the front strands of the bean, or even looks a little longer than they. Perfect for girls with round face or wide cheekbones, which I would like to disguise. The main rule of 2019 is side parting, slight asymmetry of the sides, careless styling, and tips cropped in a straight line;
  • Short asymmetrical bob – haircut with a spectacular design of the front area, in which the back of the head of the hair is removed to the maximum to create a volume at the crown, and most of the strands are combed to the side or in advance to emphasize the effect of thick elongated bangs. However, in 2019 this option of a bean can have a shortened brow. But from shaved temples are advised to give up – the asymmetry on the one hand is welcome, but should not be too harsh;
  • Long bob – long beans up to shoulder level are suitable for those girls who want to look stylish, but at the same time do not want to part with their hair. Best of all this version of the haircut is visualized by the master, who Jennifer Aniston goes to, – Chris McMillan, like no one else, knows how to create stylish elongated beans. Clear haircuts in 2019 gave way to a lush, graduated long bob with a slight asymmetry. Careless curls – a great option for laying this haircut.

Haircut for short hair “Garson”

For girls who are not afraid to make drastic changes to their appearance, or simply love ultrashort haircuts, stylists have prepared a surprise in the form of a “garcon” hairstyle that translates from French as “boy”. The word itself fully reveals the secrets of this trendy haircut, which, despite its boyish length, gives the image not only playful and hooligan notes, but also undoubted elegance and flirtatiousness.

Surprisingly, with such a short length, the garcon can boast exceptional variability of styling – you can smoothly lay your hair, ruffle it, combed it in front or with a side parting, changing your bow in an instant. Fashion 2019 dictates that this haircut was complemented by a slightly elongated oblique bang. However, the garcon is so fond of stylists that they allowed fashionistas to choose from several trendy haircut options:

  • Classic Garcon with profiled hairs on the sides of the head and on the back of the head. The contours of the haircut in this embodiment are characterized by clarity and an even cut;
  • Ultra short garcon – a haircut, which has not only the most accurate contours with a minimum length, but also a shortened bang, performed in an arc. An excellent solution is to dye your hair in a non-standard or at least very deep color from a natural range, as this will better emphasize the texture of the haircut;
  • Extended garcon – an option that is not as radical as the above approaches to this haircut. Strands are clipped so as to slightly cover the upper tip of the ear. A chaotic cut, the effect of torn strands, asymmetry and, of course, a very thick bang, which is best to comb over the forehead, is welcomed.

Haircut for medium hair “Kare”

Another hairstyle that can boast of almost a centenary anniversary. Perhaps, in the history of modern haircuts there is practically no such time when the car would be out of fashion. That is why he has a huge number of options that are suitable for any type of hair, age and face shape. In 2019, this haircut is recommended in several basic versions:

  • Graduated bob with bangs – unconditional hit of 2019. The length of the hair in this case should be slightly higher than the shoulders, and the hairstyle itself is complemented by a thick and voluminous bang. The chelochka can be shortened and even with careless tips, or oblique, laid from the beginning of the side parting – both options are considered relevant;
  • Graduated extended caret without bangs – a variant in which the occipital part is slightly shorter than prilitese strands. Hair should be cut straight, but laid with light curls and fluff. The most courageous women of fashion can combine this option with a spectacular coloring in a lavender tone or even make the transition from a purple color scheme to silver lavender;
  • Classic smooth square without bangs – the option when the hair length reaches the level of the chin or goes down just below (to the middle of the neck) is also in demand by fashionistas. In this case, an even cut is recommended, but styling should be quite careless, so that the ends of the hair do not lie in one layer. However, it is possible to stretch the hair, but then it is still better to get a mischievous chelochkoy – imbalances in the trend today;
  • Geometric quads – version of the haircut, in which the strands reach the tip of the ear, and the hairstyle is characterized by just a mirror smoothness. This option looks great on well-groomed, heavy, even hair. The hit of 2019 is the asymmetry in the bang line or the length on the right and left side. In addition, this unusual square must be emphasized with spectacular dyeing and deep color – it does not look at all on the hair of an unexpressed hue. The most creative women of fashion can add a zest to the image with the help of an accent bang, lightening it with a tone or two, or painting it in a completely unnatural shade.

Patchwork haircut for long hair

Of course, the owners of long hair have their own trends in the design of the strands, because to create a spectacular image it is not enough just to grow hair – you need to take care of your mane, dye it and give it a gloss with a haircut. The undoubted choice of stylists in 2019 was a patchwork haircut – an option for styling long hair, in which additional volume is attached to the hair due to the soft transition between strands and layers.

The main rule of the new fashion year is the randomness of cutting strands. In addition, it is fashionable to make bangs, which may be slightly lower than the eyes, reach the cheekbones or be very short, which corresponds to the trend for vintage look. This version of the haircut is considered ideal for girls with curls, natural curls, and even those of the fair sex who have even hair. The main thing – to keep in laying at least a slight negligence.

The hit of the season – bangs with a coloristic accent, for example, silver for light brown hair or dark honey for chestnut. Well, if you want to not only shape your hair, but also change your image, then look at the trend dyeing in ginger or golden red – the combination of very long hair and these shades is recognized as the most hit in 2019.

Classic cascade for long hair

Volume, volume and volume again! – stylists do not get tired of repeating to us. In 2019, they offer another version of a spectacular hairstyle for owners of long hair – a haircut cascade, which also meets the trend for a retro sample of the 70s. A distinctive feature of the cascade on long hair is its versatility. Especially since long-haired girls often have a long hair that doesn’t have mobility and looks “watery” because of the same hair length.

Cascading haircut instantly changes this perception, as the hair acquires volume and very naturally behave at the slightest movement of the head. In fashion styling, as if made by wind and sun. This means that the current cascade must have chaotically lightened locks (a sombre, balalez or tiger eye will do – in general, no uniform color along the entire length).

It is necessary to lay strands with your fingers, after applying a little foam for fixation. The main thing is to remember that the very fashionable cascade will be performed only on very long hair, and the first cut comes from the chin line. Here bangs are also welcome, but divided into two sides – this spectacular technique will make it possible to demonstrate to others the beautiful shape of the forehead. Do not forget to tell the master that the actual fringe on two sides should be filmed, but thick, so the cut must be done quite deeply.

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