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Vermouth: properties

Calorie content: 144 kcal.

The energy value of the product Vermouth: Proteins:

Vermouth – an alcoholic beverage derived from a wine infused with various spices. In German, the name of the drink means "sagebrush".

How to make hair white

Vermouth is often made on the basis of wormwood, therefore, it is often called “wormwood”.

The history of this drink originates from the era of Antiquity. In those days, alcohol was flavored with resins, which did not always allow us to give the drink a pleasant taste. The situation changed only after the merchants began to bring such spices as ginger, cloves, cardamom. According to some reports, Hippocrates himself was involved in the production of such drinks. He compiled a vermouth recipe in the V-IV century before

How to make hair white

Italy is considered to be the birthplace of vermouth. For the first time at the industrial level, it began to be produced in 1786 in Turin. The fact is that Turin was very rich in vineyards, which gave a good harvest. In the same place, these grapes were processed, producing high quality nutmeg. Turin was also known for fragrant herbs, which soon began to be added to nutmegs in order to give them a unique flavor. Then spices and fruits were added to the drink.

Today, Italy and France are engaged in the production of vermouths with international renown. Vermouths are conventionally divided into French (mainly drinks made from dry white wines) and Italian, produced near Turin. Vermouth production is represented by companies such as Bacardi-Martini, Campari, Cinzano. Bacardi-Martini releases vermouth, known under the brand name “Martini”. Campari was founded in 1860 by Gaspare Campari. In addition to the production of vermouth, this company is known for its Campari bitter, which belongs to the class of bitter liqueurs.

The composition of vermouth

Vermouth is a multi-component drink. At first it was produced exclusively on the basis of white wine. Aromatize this drink with various herbs. Wine and wormwood are used as the main constituent. Wormwood in vermouth accounts for about 50% of all herbs. Further, depending on the recipe, the remaining herbs and spices are added in smaller proportions. Components are selected depending on the type of drink. So, adding lemon balm and lemon wormwood will add a citrus note to vermouth. Also add chamomile extract. It is believed that such additives can effectively combine the flavors of vermouth in one composition. In order to consolidate the bouquet, use vanilla. The exact proportions of plants and wine producers keep secret.

Before you add various herbs or spices to your drink, you must prepare them properly. To begin, they are dried, then insist on alcohol. Thanks to this process, essential oils are dissolved. Next, the extract is filtered again, add sugar and alcohol. Sugar reduces bitterness, but alcohol can dissolve aromatic substances, and it also plays the role of a preservative. Next, the vermouth is cooled to -5 degrees Celsius and again sent for filtering. The duration of the whole process is from two months.

Beneficial features

Useful properties of vermouth due to the substances included in its composition. Essential oils, organic acids were found in it. The chemical composition of vermouth is represented by such important trace elements as copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium. It also contains vitamins B, C, R.

Caloric value of the product is 144 kilocalories.

Vermouth is indicated to be used for nervous overstrain, but not more than 100 g.

How to make hair white

Vermouth Types

There are several types of this drink. According to the international classification, vermouths are divided into 5 groups.

  1. Vermouth Secco is a dry vermouth, also sometimes called “French vermouth”. It is a tart drink of white color, with a pleasant texture. The aroma is achieved by a skillful combination of white wines and herbs.
  2. Vermouth Bianco is a white vermouth, distinguished by a bitter taste and a barely noticeable aroma of spices.
  3. Vermouth Rosso (sweet) – red vermouth, is a sweet drink with a heavy consistency and seasoned aroma. Very often it is called “Italian vermouth”.
  4. Vermouth Bitter – bitter Vermouth class bitters, used as a medicine for problems with digestion.
  5. Vermouth Rose – pink vermouth, an excellent aperitif, it causes appetite. A large number of cocktails are made from it. It is recommended to use it with ice.

Sweet vermouth can be represented by white and red species. White vermouth is a drink with a mild bitterness. Red vermouths have a distinct aroma and taste. Dry vermouths are exclusively white, they differ from the others in a lighter shade and a specific bitterness.

How to drink?

The culture of the use of vermouth implies the observance of some subtleties. So, vermouth is drunk as an independent beverage or as a part of cocktails. It often happens that the softer the drink, the easier it is to use it: ice and lemon, as a rule, is enough. So he reveals his aroma and fullness of taste. In its pure form they drink it from small glasses. Drinking vermouth in one gulp is considered a move. Before serving, it is cooled to a temperature of 8-12 degrees. Vermouth is often served as an aperitif. The drink goes well with meat, poultry, various fruits. You can eat it with olives, roasted nuts.

Very often, vermouth is included in the composition of multi-component cocktails. It goes well with other alcohol, as well as fresh juices, fruits.

The richer the vermouth, the better it opens in cocktails.

Such drinks like both women and men.

Use in cooking

In cooking, vermouth is used very widely for the preparation of certain dishes, as well as alcoholic cocktails.

You can cook a very delicious steak marinated with vermouth. For the preparation of this dish we need salmon steaks, white vermouth, brown sugar, spices, olive oil. Salmon steaks are put in a dish, salted and pepper. Spread onion finely chopped fish, sprinkle with vegetable oil, lemon juice, white vermouth. Also, brown sugar, dried tarragon, dry mustard are added to the fish. Next, salmon leave to marinate for several hours. The best fish to cook on aerogrill. To do this, the rods are oiled and spread steak. If there is no convection, fish can be baked in an oven heated to 200 degrees.

Also on the basis of vermouth prepare cocktails, for example, you can make “Cinzano”. We will need 35 ml of gin, 35 ml of vermouth, 2 tsp. liquor and 1 ml of spicy tincture. For this cocktail is recommended to use the Italian vermouth “Cinzano”. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, decorated with a cocktail glass with an orange slice.

How to make at home?

In order to make vermouth at home, you need to prepare white or red dry wine, as well as herbal tincture. Mandatory ingredient for the preparation of the drink is wormwood. 3-5 grams of wormwood are used per bottle of vermouth. You will also need 200 grams of powdered sugar. Spices are poured into the container, it can be cinnamon, mint, cardamom, rosemary. The main thing is that the spices are fragrant, but not interrupted by the general taste of the drink. Spices poured vodka and insist. Next, powdered sugar is mixed with water (about 4 tbsp. L.) And the mixture is heated over a fire. When the caramel turns beautiful brown, it is poured onto aluminum foil. After the caramel has hardened, it is broken into small pieces, added to 200 ml of wine and heated over low heat until completely dissolved. Next, mix the wine with caramel and herbal tincture. Store drink in bottles.

You can also make red vermouth from cranberry and blueberry wine, honey, herbal tea. It turns out very fragrant. From herbs take 4 g of yarrow, 3 g of cinnamon, mint, wormwood, 1 g of nutmeg and saffron, 2 g of cardamom. All this insist on 250 g of vodka. Next, mix 3 liters of cranberry wine with 7 liters of blueberry wine, 1 liter of honey and 1 tsp. herbal infusion. Store homemade vermouth in glass bottles.

As already mentioned, vermouth is a famous alcoholic drink infused with various herbs. Spices, fruits, as well as herbs that make it up, make the drink very aromatic and tasty.

Vermouth is perfect for self-consumption, as well as use in cocktails.

Vermouth benefits and medicinal properties

The benefits of this drink has long been known medicine. Vermouth improves blood circulation, tones. Like any other alcoholic beverage, it has a warming property.

Vermouth has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, increases appetite. It is also useful for anemia.

Wormwood, which is part of the drink, has a beneficial effect on the production of enzymes, cleans the bile ducts.

Vermouth damage and contraindications

Harmful to the body, this drink can inflict with individual intolerance, as well as excessive consumption. It is contraindicated to use vermouth for pregnant women, children, people with chronic diseases.

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