How to make a spray for easy combing hair

Curls – a universal hairstyle for any image. They can look casual and neat, bold and romantic, cute and rock-n-roll. Make curls on short hair in various ways, which we now will tell.

Types of curls

Such hairstyles are different depending on the shape, size and method of creating curls. Most often, women stop their choice on large or small curls – they are easy to make, even without special tools, they look spectacular and resemble for solemn moments. With this hairstyle does not require a long selection of clothes and accessories.

Fashion trends offer to try and unusual views:

  • afrokudri (many small elastic spirals);
  • curl-corkscrew (with elastic curlicues);
  • sloppy curls (flowing light waves);
  • zigzag (broken curls);
  • the effect of chemistry (imitation of the popular in the 90s method of curling with basal volume and a large number of curls);
  • puppet hairstyle (created from thick curled strands);
  • wet hair effect (achieved through abundant use of the gel).

Ways to create curls

Hair dryer and brushing

The most common and simple way to transform straight hair is the use of a hair dryer with special nozzles and brushing. They are used to create curls for medium and long hair.

To evenly curl the hair, it is recommended to divide them into even sections – the easiest way to do this is with invisible haircuts or hairpins. The wave is made in stages – the strands are combed, twirled onto a brush (away from the face), the hairdryer doesn’t fully fit the comb and is at an angle of 45-50 degrees. The strand must be kept taut so that the hair in the process is not tangled.

To get light curls, two haircuts are enough from the roots to the tips, to get spiral-like and large curls, it will take up to 5 times. After using the hair dryer, let the hair cool, then fix the result with varnish.

Curlers are a tool that was trusted by our mothers and grandmothers. They were put on overnight, placed under a kerchief, and their hair was combed and fixed in the morning by various means (beer or water with sugar).

Curlers must be wound on clean and slightly damp hair, divided into strands. To obtain beautiful curls, the hair should be completely dry, if necessary, can be dried with a hairdryer (after 2-3 hours of use of curlers).

How to make a spray for easy combing hair

There are thermal rollers, which must be heated before use. They help to make curls faster and more reliably fix hair, but they do more harm with regular use.

The larger you take the curlers, the more natural the curls will be, but the smaller ones will help to create volume even on thin hair of short length.

With the help of curling, you can create any curls for both short and long hair. Hair should be absolutely dry, it is recommended to make a parting beforehand and divide them into two equal parts. If the hair interferes, you can fix it with a crab or a rubber band.

Usually, perm is produced from the roots (some types of curls imply perm from the middle of the strands) at a right angle. Twisted strands are removed upstairs with the help of barber clips or pins. After the curling is completed, the strands can be disassembled to make the hair look more splendid.

Modern curling irons are cones, old variations of the device imply a locking mechanism for fixing. If you need perfect curls, then when using the old curling, do not twist the ends, usually they are broken and unnatural. You can form a beautiful bend at the bottom with your hands using a mousse for fixing.

Not all girls know about the capabilities of this device – it is not only able to straighten unruly hair, but also transform straight into effective curls. With the help of an ironing it is easy to create curls for short hair.

It is necessary to use the iron on clean and dry hair. The strand is not clamped at the very roots, but with a small indentation of 2-3 centimeters, after the ironer rotates 180 degrees. Need to hold all the hair from root to tip. Clamping need not much, otherwise ugly kinks and bends may appear.

You can repeat the manipulation when the hair is cool. Upon completion of the styling, the hair must be gently combed and fastened with varnish.

other methods

You can make fervent or elegant curls in other ways.

  1. If you are afraid of messing up your hair or are not ready to stand with a hair dryer at the mirror for about an hour, then ordinary braids will come to the rescue – it is enough just to braid wet hair at night. The next morning is obtained a voluminous and unusual hairstyle.
  2. Also as a means for perming use ribbons, gum, pieces of cloth. The hair is curled into small bundles and gathered into pigs, and those are fixed with elastic bands. This method allows you to wind both short hair and give volume without heat treatment.
  3. You can also use ropes to create zigzag curls. It is necessary to take long ropes and divide the hair into strands, the ropes are fixed at the roots (with a regular knot) and intertwined with the hair. If you have straight hair by nature, you can twist it in any direction. In the presence of small curls should choose a natural direction for twisting.

Styling products

Hairdressers and stylists recommend the use of protective agents when creating curls. For example, thermal sprays and mousses that protect hair from the effects of a hair dryer, ironing or curling.

How to make a spray for easy combing hair

For fixation, varnishes, gels, foams and mousses are used. The lacquer can fix the finished hairstyle and prevent the curl from disintegrating after a few hours, and the gels help to form curls.

For the safest styling, skins and mousses for hair are used – their light and airy texture does not make the hair heavier, suitable for creating any curls, does not cause significant damage to the hair structure.

Chemistry, carving, biowave

Perm is another way to transform straight hair, but the procedure is not performed at home. Previously, chemistry was extremely popular, now it is practically not used in beauty salons and hairdressing salons.

This perm is held on the hair for several weeks due to the keratin reaction. Hair after such a procedure becomes soft and keeps its shape well, but loses shine and becomes thinner.

Carving is a curling procedure using chemicals of delicate exposure. The expiration date varies depending on the structure, thickness and length of the hair. On average – from 2 to 6 months, then the hair grow trite, the procedure can be repeated. Carving is recommended for owners of thin and sparse hair to add volume.

Biowave is a procedure involving the use of mild chemical reagents (most often with natural ingredients). From this method of waving hair suffer less, easy to comb and keep their shape for a long time. The disadvantage of biowaves is the appearance of split ends, weakening the bulb and hair loss.

How to lay short curls?

If you are looking for a way to make curls for short hair, then we will also show you the proper styling techniques.

Light waves are ideal for girls with an oval face, triangular – fine curls, with a round spiral-shaped curls are recommended, and curvaceous afro-curls are more suitable for a rectangular type.

The curling, the iron, weaving of braids and plaits will help to make beautiful laying on short hair. Use curlers and hair dryer with brushing is not worth it, with their help it is difficult to get beautiful and natural curls with such length of hair.

Useful recommendations

  1. To give the hairstyle volume, use differently sized curls. To do this, vary the thickness of the strands while twisting or twisting the strands.
  2. It is better not to comb curls, but to lift at the roots with varnish or carefully disassemble with your fingers.
  3. Do not overdo it with styling products, then the hairstyle will look natural and effective.
  4. If you do not have special tools, you can use beer to fix curls.
  5. For combing curly hair is better to use wooden combs or massage brushes with rare teeth.
  6. Curls are often confused, so it will come in handy means for easy combing (spray balms).
  7. If you have curly hair and you want to make curls, use tapered curls and plaits for the night.
  8. Do not use products with strong fixation, even in wet weather.


Curls are the easiest and most affordable way to transform hair. Various methods allow you to create curls for short hair – light waves or elastic spirals, and additional care products help to keep your hair styling for a long time.

Use the appropriate method of creating curls and do not forget about protective equipment, so as not to harm the structure of the hair. Good luck!

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