How to get rid of facial hair

Pimples are all ages. This catch phrase has absolutely real grounds. Many people are morally and physically suffering from acne, from early childhood to old age.

This problem is well studied by scientists. It is no longer a secret that acne is not just a cosmetic defect of the skin, but a disease with a lot of causes. Doctors tend to believe that acne reflects the internal state of the body.

It follows an important recommendation for all people suffering from acne: before starting even the most effective treatment, you should find out the cause of this phenomenon and examine it as much as possible in a medical institution.

How to quickly get rid of acne by changing the diet

It is with a review of your diet should begin to all who entered into the fight against acne and acne. It would seem, what is the connection, where is the stomach, and where is the skin. But the connection is the most direct. All harmful that comes to us with food, the body carefully displays beyond its own limits, and help him in this liver, kidneys, intestines and skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. At the same time, the skin itself immediately reacts to harmful substances, inflaming and festering in the form of habitual acne.

So, what should be forgotten forever and how to enrich your diet? Of course, it is sacrilege to deprive yourself of food that is dear to the heart forever, but you can always find a useful alternative to harmful food:

Refuse or significantly limit
Can and should

Of course, to abandon your favorite products is very difficult. And expect the result on a 2-3 day diet should not be too. Proper nutrition should be a lifelong lifestyle, not a temporary restriction. And it will be a huge contribution not only to the beauty of the skin, which will get rid of acne and get a fresh look and healthy color, but also to the general condition of the body, especially the internal organs and vessels.

Alcohol should also be limited. If you suffer from the lack of goodies, but abuse beer – the effect will not be. If you even have to drink, then a good white wine or quality brandy (in moderation).

In addition, skin diseases often occur on the background of intestinal dysbiosis, so you should contact not only a dermatologist, but also a gastroenterologist (see treatment of intestinal dysbiosis, as well as a list of all probiotics).

The simplest home remedy for acne is the right skin care.

Care for the skin should be both women and men. The skin on the face is different from the skin on the body, and therefore requires a different, careful and careful care. In this case, the person is constantly in contact with the environment, which is full of allergens, dust, dirt, viruses and bacteria.

Basic rules for the care of inflamed skin:

  • Do not squeeze acne! Beaten recommendation, known to absolutely everyone, but not all adhere to it. Squeezing out just one pimple, a person prolongs the period of his resolution with his own hands, introduces an additional infection to the skin, and contributes to spreading acne on the face. After a long-term recovery of the skin after squeezing, ugly scars remain on it. But what about squeezing acne in beauty parlor, many will think. Experts use a completely different technique and tool, to repeat their work at home is not necessary and not necessary.
  • You need to wash twice a day with special light foams or gels for problem skin. It is not recommended to use sponges for washing, because it additionally macerates the inflamed skin. The optimal water temperature is 18-20 C. You should wash your hands, effortlessly, and after washing you should slightly wet the skin with a soft towel, or let your face dry naturally.
  • It is necessary to switch to cosmetics and skin care products that do not clog pores (as a rule, they contain the inscription “not gummy”).
  • During the day, if the skin becomes very oily, you can use neutral cleansing wipes, or those that are impregnated with beneficial additives, such as tea tree oil, chamomile, train, etc. Learn more about the oily skin on the face.
  • You can not be for a long time under the influence of the scorching sunlight with unprotected skin with special means. Also not recommended for sunbathing in the solarium.
  • Avoid invasive skin cleansing during the acute period, when there are a lot of acne and comedones on the face. For problem skin, it is recommended to use mild scrubs and cleansing gels, for example, based on rolled oats.
  • If you use an external drug to treat acne, skin cleansing and familiar hygiene procedures should be carried out before applying a remedy.

Basic drugs for treatment

Remedies for acne affect the following processes in the body:

  • Reduce inflammation of the hair follicle and around it
  • Reduce sebum production
  • Reduce the number of bacteria in the follicle
  • Reduction of blockage of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands
  • Retinoids for outdoor use
  • Antibacterial ointments, creams, gels
  • Azelaic acid preparations
  • Other disinfectants, drying, healing agents for external use
  • Retinoids for topical use
  • Antibiotics for oral administration
  • Retinoids for internal use
  • Antibiotics for oral administration

The chemical composition of these drugs is close to vitamin A – retinol, their action is to block the ducts of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. This is a new direction in the treatment of acne, acne. With the use of retinoids, a temporary suspension of the function of the sebaceous glands occurs, as well as a reduction in their size. There is high efficacy after a course of treatment and a persistent therapeutic effect. After treatment with such drugs (when taken orally), one cannot become pregnant for one year, since retinoids have a teratogenic effect. These are expensive medicines, they have a lot of side effects, so their use must be justified (heavy acne, long-term, the ineffectiveness of other treatment) and under the supervision of a physician.

Adapalen, a derivative of naphthoic acid, is a new generation of synthetic retinoids. Adapalen has anti-inflammatory, seborostatic, comedolytic action. Does not have a photosensitizing effect (see allergy to the sun). Use: Cream or gel is applied, without rubbing, 1 time / day overnight on dry, clean skin. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin with acne of mild and moderate degree as monotherapy, with moderate and severe in combination with benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics. The effect occurs after 1-2 months of use, lasting effect – after 3 months.

  • Adaklin 350-380 rubles
  • Klenzit 350-460 rubles.
  • Differin cream 600-780r.
  • Differin gel 600-780r.

The mechanism of action: anti-seboric, anti-inflammatory effect. The exact mechanism of action of the drug has not yet been identified, but the improvement of the skin in severe cases is due to the suppression of the activity of the sebaceous glands. Use: applied externally in the form of an ointment or solution, as well as inside (the dose is calculated individually for 16-24 weeks of the course of treatment). Contraindications: allergies, kidney and liver disease, pregnancy and pregnancy planning period.

  • Retasol solution 50ml. 400 rub.
  • Retinoic ointment 230 rub.
  • Erase capsules 20 mg. 30 pieces 1300 rub.
  • Aknekutan capsules 30 pcs 8mg 1300 rub, 16 mg 30 pcs 2000 rub.
  • Roaccutane Capsules 20mg. 30 pieces 2800 rub.
Azelaic acid

Analogs: Skinoren, Azelik, Azogel, Azix derm

Skinoren cream 20% 30mg 800-900 rub.

A popular treatment for acne from the category of expensive. The mechanism of action: antimicrobial, keratolytic, pore-narrowing action. Application: cream (gel) is rubbed into cleansed skin twice a day for about 3 months in a row. Contraindications: allergy There is a good efficacy of Azelaic acid in the treatment of acne caused by Propionibacterium acnes. Contributes to the alignment of skin color, slows down keratinization of cells. Not addictive. At the same time, in one third of patients the remedy does not have a therapeutic effect.

  • Azelik gel 5 g. 170 rub. 30g. 350-450 rub.
  • Azix derm 30 gr. 470 rub.
  • Skinoren gel 15%

    Other drugs for acne in the pharmacy

    One of the cheapest remedies for acne. Available in powder form for self-preparation of the dosage form, and also included in the composition of various gels and creams for acne. Active ingredient: powder from the outer skeleton of freshwater sponges-Badag. Mechanism of action: mechanical and local irritation effect on the inflammatory element. Application: the powder is diluted with water and applied to the inflamed area of ​​skin, washed off after a certain time. It is applied until the resolution of the acne. Contraindications: skin damage, allergy. Conclusion: Badyaga is successfully used for acne acupressure treatment. Habituation does not cause, but it often occurs an allergic reaction.

    price: gel 80 rub., powder 50 rub.

    Popular anti-inflammatory drug for local use. Active ingredient: dimethyl sulfoxide. The mechanism of action: local anesthetic, antimicrobial and analgesic action. Application: a solution of 10-20-30% concentration is applied to the skin in the form of applications for half an hour for 10-15 days. The gel is applied in a thin layer. Contraindications: allergies, severe pathologies of the kidneys, liver, heart and blood vessels. Conclusion: Dimexide has limited use in cases where there is an inefficiency of other means of acne. Most often used in combination with an antibiotic, helping it penetrate deep into the skin.

    price: solution 30-50 rub. gel 130-150 rub.

    Green clay

    A safe adjunct in the treatment of acne. Available in powder form. Active ingredient: natural clay. The mechanism of action: disinfectant, cleansing, healing and drying effect. Application: the powder is diluted with water and applied to the skin in the form of a mask until it dries completely, then it is washed off. It is applied 2-3 times a week. Contraindications: the period of acute rash, clay allergy. Conclusion: green clay is effective at the stage of healing acne and as a prevention of rashes, because it cleans the skin well. If there are many acne and blackheads with purulent contents, the use of clay masks can aggravate the situation by pushing the infection deeper into the skin’s layers.

    Salicylic acid

    The classic drug for the treatment of acne. Cheap and affordable, you can use both solution and salicylic ointment. Active ingredient: salicylic acid. The mechanism of action: antiseptic and keratolytic action. Application: the solution is applied to a cotton swab or cotton wool, then a spot treatment of inflammatory elements is performed several times a day until they dry. Ointment is applied 3 p / day on clean skin with a course of up to 3 weeks, in the presence of pustules, you must first clean them, disinfect them, then apply the ointment. Contraindications: allergy Conclusion: Salicylic acid does not affect the cause of acne and acne, but only contributes to their early resolution, preventing the spread of infection. The use of salicylic acid in a duet with a therapeutic agent is justified.

    price: Salicylic acid 10-20 rubles.

    Zinc, salicylic zinc paste, Zindol

    Active ingredient: zinc oxide. The mechanism of action: drying, astringent, adsorbing and disinfecting action. Application: it is applied on inflammatory elements 2-4 times a day before they dry. Contraindications: allergy Conclusion: Zinc paste is often used together with salicylic acid. Recently, actively replacing the previously popular drug Zindol, which is produced in suspension and contains the same zinc oxide. Suspension Zindol is rubbed into the skin and is not washed off, leaving a visible mark. Zinc paste is convenient to apply dotted, it does not spread and dries quickly on pimples.

    price: Zinc paste, Salicylic-zinc ointment 30-40 rubles. Tsindol 60-80 rubles.

    Calamine lotion

    Composition: calamine, zinc oxide is essentially the same Talker or Zindol, only much more expensive. Action: soothes inflamed skin, dries, reduces swelling, relieves itching, irritation, creates a protective barrier for the skin.

    price: 650-800 rubles.

    Curiosin, Regecin

    The advertised drug is popular with adolescents. Active ingredient: zinc hyaluronate. The mechanism of action: regenerating, drying and antiseptic action. Application: it is applied on inflammatory elements 2-4 times a day before they dry. Contraindications: allergy Conclusion: The ointment has proven itself. It is not addictive and has no side effects, therefore, applicable in the treatment and prevention of acne. The antiseptic effect of zinc and the reducing effect of hyaluronic acid lead to the fact that inflammatory elements heal without ugly scars.

    Price: Regecin (150 rubles), Kuriozin (400 rubles)

    Sledocide mask and cream gel

    Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, arnica oil extract, green tea extract, witch hazel oil extract, polysaccharide product isolated from baking yeast. Reduces the severity of pigmentation after acne, contributes to the disappearance of acne. Application: 2-3 p / day is applied to the skin remaining after acne, after applying wait until absorbed.

    price: Sledocide zinc mask and cream gel – 100 rubles


    Ingredients: a mixture of chlorophylls from Eucalyptus leaves.

    Oily solution: it is better to use for dry skin, if the pores are not clogged and there is no demodex disease. It is better to apply before going to bed on a clean face for 2 weeks. For prevention, you can add a few drops in any mask – oat, clay, herbal. Alcohol solution: should be used carefully and only for oily skin, diluting with a decoction of chamomile 1: 3 in order to avoid drying out the skin. Just wash your face (without cleansing) and apply 2 p / day on the inflamed areas with a cotton disc soaked in solution for several days.

    price: oily 110 rubles. 180-200 rub alcohol

    Antibacterial and antimicrobial drugs

    Baziron AS

    Ingredients: benzoyl peroxide

    Effect: Benzoyl peroxide is the strongest oxidizing agent, that is, it has a powerful bactericidal effect on bacteria, and microbial resistance does not occur. Baziron AS has anti-inflammatory and comedoliticheskoe effect, reduces sebum production, improves tissue oxygenation and moisturizes the skin. Contraindications: children up to 12 years old. Application: Apply the gel on clean skin in the morning and in the evening for 3 months, a month after the start of its use a therapeutic effect occurs.

    Price: Baziron gel 550-650 rubles.

    A complex preparation containing an antibiotic and zinc in the active composition. Ingredients: erythromycin, zinc acetate. Mechanism of action: bacteriostatic, astringent, healing action. Use: The solution is prepared by mixing two vials in a package. The finished lotion is applied to cleansed skin twice a day for 10 days, no need to rinse. Contraindications: allergy Conclusion: The tool is quite popular because it is convenient to use, you can apply makeup over. One bottle is enough to treat two people. Since this is an antibacterial drug, the likelihood of addiction to it and inefficiency with subsequent use is high.

    Price: Zener lotion 500-600 rubles.

    Dalatsin, Clindovit, Zerkalin

    Antibacterial gels and solutions based on a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Active ingredient: clindamycin. Mechanism of action: bacteriostatic action. Application: it is rubbed in the cleared skin in places of an inflammation twice a day about 1,5-3 months in a row. The maximum term of use is 6 months. Contraindications: allergies Conclusion: Antibiotic medications are really effective remedies for acne. The result from them is noticeable already for 2-3 days of application. But there are also disadvantages: in addition to getting used to the remedy, and therefore much less effective in the course of subsequent treatment, the antibiotic destroys the natural flora of the skin, making it vulnerable to bacteria.

    price: Dalatsin gel 750 rubles., Zerkalin solution 250 rubles.

    Erythromycin Ointment

    Ingredients: antibiotic macrolide erythromycin When used externally, it is an anti-acne agent, having an antibacterial effect. Dosage: 2-3 r / day is applied to the affected skin, the duration of treatment

    Streptocid liniment

    Structure: antimicrobic means sulfanilamide.

    Streptocidal ointment is an antibacterial agent; therefore, it is used only in a thin layer for large lesions (purulent pimples). Contraindications: anemia, hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, renal / hepatic failure, azotemia, porphyria. Side effects: with prolonged use in large doses – systemic side effects – nausea, vomiting, headache, leukopenia, allergic reactions. Application: it is possible to use in the form of powder, pouring on the affected areas directly, in the form of an ointment, several times a day, lubricate a cotton pad and apply to the skin.

    Ingredients: Ichtammol Accelerates the maturation of boils, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on streptococci and staphylococcus, keratoplastic effect. Application: a thin layer of 1-2 p / day, before use, disinfect the skin.

    Folk remedies for acne

    The best remedies for acne on the face are invented by nature, or by people through a long experiment on their own skin. The undoubted advantages of traditional methods are the absence of addiction to treatment, but there is no need to guarantee the effectiveness of such therapy. Each individual responds to popular treatment in different ways.

    Activated carbon

    This inexpensive sorbent is used both externally and internally. In the period of external treatment is the so-called cleaning of the intestine with activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. Tablets are taken just before bedtime with plenty of water, 2 hours after dinner. In total, 10 treatments are needed with a one-day interval between each. External activated carbon is used in the form of a cleansing mask, it is enough to mix a few tablets of coal with warm water and a few drops of aloe juice to the thickness. A mask is applied either on the whole face or spotted on pimples for 10-15 minutes in 3 days. Among other sorbents, we can distinguish Filtrum Stem, Polysorb, Enterosgel, Polifan.

    Herbal infusions

    Herbal infusions should be considered as an adjunct in the treatment of acne. It is recommended to use infusions of useful plants as a lotion, tonic, freeze them in ice and wipe the skin in the morning. Such procedures naturally disinfect the skin, cleanse and promote healing of inflammatory elements. Restrictions on the use of no. Medicinal plants for acne and acne: chamomile, bark and leaves of oak, burdock, calendula, celandine, train, birch leaves, nettle, St. John’s wort, raspberry, elderberry, plantain. The method of preparation of the solution: take 1 liter of boiling water 2

    Bay leaf

    The plant contributes to the narrowing of pores and disinfects the skin. It has a good tonic effect and improves metabolism inside the cells. Regular use of bay leaf lotion gives visible results within 2 weeks. Method of preparation: Laurel leaves are poured into a glass beaker without compaction. Top the glass pour hot water (about 80 C) and insist for several hours, then filtered and cooled in the refrigerator. Rub skin with lotion three times a day. With an abundance of purulent inflammatory elements, tincture of laurel on vodka will help: a quarter of the cans are covered with leaf, the rest of the volume is filled with vodka and clogged. Insist in the dark for 2 weeks, then point the treated inflammatory areas.

    Tar soap

    Healing soap based on natural birch tar has long been used in the fight against acne. Soap perfectly dries, disinfects and reduces inflammation. Soaps are used for washing in the morning and evening, gently treating the skin of the face with foam. You can leave the foam on the face for a few minutes. It is recommended to rinse with cold water. The result can be seen already in the second week. Do not use tar soap for too long

    Despite its apparent simplicity, this plant very well treats acne. It is applied very simply: the juice is squeezed out from the chopped parsley and is used in its pure form, as a lotion for wiping the skin. It should be used for at least a month: acne and black dots will disappear, the skin will improve its health and become matte.


    If there are acne on the forehead, they can be dotted with toothpaste. If there is also a bang, then such treatment can be carried out during the day, while at work. Pasta well dries inflammation, and if it contains plant extracts, it promotes healing of the skin.


    A mixture of equal amounts of crushed oatmeal and milk powder is used for washing, as a mild scrub. With daily use promises quick results. You can add a couple of droplets of tea tree oil to the mixture to enhance the effect.

    Aloe leaf is cut in half and applied to the sites of inflammation with a cut. You can lubricate the inflamed skin with aloe juice. When first applied, discomfort and a slight burning sensation usually occur, but it is worth enduring – an excellent bactericidal and healing effect is guaranteed.

    Nutritional Yeast

    Used as a basis for the mask: 25 grams of yeast is mixed with hydrogen peroxide to a semi-liquid consistency and gently process the skin, leaving the mixture for 10 minutes. The mask is applied 2 times a week.

    Green tea

    The plant is an antioxidant and well disinfects and heals the skin. After brewing and cooling, tea leaves are placed on the face, gauze dipped in green tea (savory) is put on top. Stand 15 minutes, repeating 2 times a week.

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