How to get rid of dry hair

Recently, Shea butter is a very popular ingredient in skincare products. What is Shea Butter (another name for shea butter) extracted from? Shea butter itself is not butter, it is fat, which is obtained from the pulp of the seeds of the fruit of the Shea tree of the sapotova family, which grows in Africa. This tree there is considered holy because it feeds, heals, and cares for the skin and hair of local residents.

How to get rid of dry hair

Shea butter – properties and application.

Until it has been processed, the fat obtained from the tree is called oil, as it is a fairly solid mass of light color, without pronounced smell and taste. Due to its properties, this substance has been used in the kitchen (African), as well as in cosmetics, used to soften, soothe and moisturize the skin.

How to get rid of dry hair

Is Shea Butter Refined or Not Refined?

Choosing a cosmetic product, you need to pay attention to whether it is refined or not refined. This applies to oils and fats of plant origin. The refining process is often used by huge pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food concerns, the purpose of which is to obtain a large quantity of goods using the maximum amount of raw materials. Refined Shea butter can be found in most cosmetic stores. It takes a completely different production cycle than its natural counterpart. It is extracted with hexane, which remains in small quantities in the cosmetic product. You need to know that using products containing hexane can lead to headaches and stomach pains. Hexane is also recognized as a carcinogen. Not only does this indicate a higher quality of unrefined oil over refined oil, but after cleansing the oil from unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and proteins, a product remains that is much less useful and definitely not worth its price. Shea Butter (shea) in its unpurified form, despite its short shelf life, contains vitamins and nutrients that are valuable to the skin. If buying a cosmetic product with Shea butter on the package does not contain information whether it was refined or not, there are several signs of how to recognize it. Refined oil will have a uniform, white color and will not have a pronounced smell. Shea butter is not refined with a slightly yellowish color and a delicate nutty smell. This cosmetics will be the most useful for our skin. Unrefined oil should be stored in the refrigerator or simply in a cold, dark place.

Shea butter for hair.

The positive effect of Shea butter on the hair was discovered long ago by African women, who usually find it difficult to cope with their very spinning hair, which is usually too dry. In addition, the African climate is very sunny and the air is dry, so the scalp is also dry. In such a situation, this particular oil, which Africans put on the scalp and on the hair itself, has proven itself well. Due to this, the hair becomes softer and more pliable for styling. The oil increases the elasticity and durability of the hair, which we often torture with chemical styling, hot air of a hair dryer or a heated iron. Shea butter, which is regularly used in hair care, gives them a shine that only completely healthy and strong hair can distinguish.

Face Cream with Shea Butter.

Gentle skin of the face, regardless of age, needs care. Best of all copes with cosmetics of natural origin. Therefore, the use of Shea butter cream gives such excellent results. Shea butter cream helps prevent aging because it contains vitamins that are good for the skin, such as A, E, F. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids. Shea butter stimulates blood circulation, so who suffers from morning edema, the oil will help to fight with them perfectly. Cosmetics with shea butter fits any skin type. Despite its fat content, it is also suitable for oily skin. It protects the skin from moisture loss, which, with oily skin, could lead to an even greater release of sebum, and for dry skin, even more dryness. The same oil is recommended for rosacea.

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