How to get rid of belly hair

Hello, dear readers! In this article, you will learn how using conventional spices and medicinal herbs you can effectively cleanse the body of many types of parasites and viruses. Our bodies are attacked by various viruses, bacteria and parasites throughout their lives. Parasites can peacefully exist in our body and not remind about themselves while our immune system is normal.

Dangerous and harmful bacteria and viruses are waiting for us everywhere, even seemingly harmless at first glance, mold in the house can live in our body and cause us quite a lot of trouble in the future. There is no doubt that the development of civilization has given us a lot of benefits and amenities, but at the same time we had to sacrifice the environment, and as a result our own health.

In addition, a huge choice of food made us illegible in food, and even the abuse of fast food, all this leads to disruption of the natural intestinal flora, the dominance of harmful bacteria that provoke the appearance of putrefactive flora in the intestine, and as a result to a decrease in immunity and development of various dangerous chronic diseases.

In the body of an adult there are many viruses that are in a dormant state for the time being. Stress, weakened immunity, lack of sleep, malnutrition, hypothermia can awaken these viruses, which will trigger the development of any disease.

Of course, it is impossible to make the environment habitat perfectly sterile and to constantly maintain a healthy diet in the modern rhythm of life. But you can prevent the beginning of the development of the disease by raising the immunity and regular cleansing of the body.

The need for regular cleansing of the body of viruses and parasites should not surprise anyone, because we regularly clean the house, wash our car, wash clothes, clean shoes, why should we abandon the general cleaning of our own body. Of course, the body is able to independently carry out such purification, but in modern conditions of life, we must help our body get rid of the accumulated “trash”.

Different body signals may indicate the need for body cleansing, for example, if you feel fatigue, overweight, loss of lightness in the body, problems with the stool, the complexion has become dull, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen after eating, acne or others inflammation on the skin, feeling cramps during urination, increased frequency and duration of colds, decreased immunity, and much more. Purify the body with spices can be constantly, adding a healthy seasoning in the dish, and herbs and fruits can be used as infusions and decoctions.

What spices and herbs rid the body of parasites in the body?


Infusion rhizomes of Ayr perfectly cleanses the body of parasites in the reproductive system, in the liver and pancreas. Relieves epilepsy, sinusitis, improves hearing, memory, has sedative properties, eliminating anxiety and stress. With the help of calamus rhizomes, you can clean and disinfect water.


Althea root is used to fight unicellular parasites that live in blood, plasma, muscles, brain, nervous tissue and genitals. It has antiviral and antiparasitic effects in the organs of the respiratory system, kidneys, digestive and nervous systems. Althea root is a unique remedy, with the help of it you can banish even the simplest viruses, parasites, and multimeter tapeworms. And the thing is that the Altea contains a large amount of silicon, which has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and is detrimental to parasites and viruses.


Basil is a very popular aromatic spice that has antiparasitic properties like Althea. Basil is useful to use fresh and dried, supplementing them with various dishes.


How to get rid of belly hair

All parts of the plant – fruits, leaves, roots have the strongest antiparasitic properties that can be added to dishes. In the pharmacy, you can purchase dried and milled roots of barberry, the infusion of which is destructive for parasites living in the liver. If you regularly use the barberry, you can improve the liver, clean the blood, the barberry is also involved in the breakdown of fat and promotes weight loss.


To cleanse the body, use dried leaves of lingonberries, which you can simply brew with boiling water and drink as tea. Lingonberry leaves – mainly used to eliminate problems in the female body. The infusion of cranberry leaves has an antimicrobial and antiviral effect in the kidneys, in the organs of the reproductive system, in the urinary system, relieves pain during urination, feeling cramps, and soothes inflammation. It is useful to drink before bedtime, as the infusion heals insomnia, makes sleep more profound and beneficial.


Mustard is one of the most popular spices, the use of which reduces the risk of developing cancer. Mustard helps the body to overcome viruses, clear parasites, and clear the airways, blood, and liver. The use of mustard improves immunity, helps with colds.


Clove spice has long been successfully used in the fight against worms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Clove is used in the treatment of pharyngitis, antritis, laryngitis, toothache, impotence, barley on the eyes and much more. The spice of cloves has disinfecting properties, it can be added to food drinks, for example, such a warming drink as mulled wine can not do without cloves. You can make an infusion from cloves, just pour a handful of spices with boiling water, which you can then use inside or make lotions.


Regular pomegranate juice is a powerful antiparasitic, cleans the body from parasites, fungi, bacteria. Even after heat treatment, pomegranate juice is able to cope with oral trichomonas, with fungi such as candida and penicillium. Pomegranate is active in all human organs.

Pomegranate is equally useful in the form of tincture, powder, pomegranate seed oil, syrup, juice, sauce, fresh. The famous pomegranate sauce “Narsharab” has long been used to solve problems with digestion and immunity, it is even prescribed by doctors as a remedy. Pomegranate sauce can be easily bought at the grocery store and used with your favorite dishes.


Elecampane exhibits antiparasitic properties in the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems. Infusion of elecampane will clear the blood, lungs from parasites. Elecampane regenerates lung tissue, detoxifies the body as a whole.


Oregano as an antiparasitic agent is used to combat the simplest parasites and bacteria. Dushitsu can be used as infusions or added to tea collections, it uses the aboveground part of the plant, torn during the flowering period.


Hypericum grass successfully copes with parasites that live in the respiratory organs, in addition, hypericum increases the body’s resistance to viruses, parasites, colds. It is very useful to regularly use mixed infusion of oregano and hypericum.

Wild strawberry

To cleanse the body, the leaves of the plant are used, the infusion of which destroys the parasites in the urogenital system.


The bark of the willow tree is a powerful antiviral agent. Infusion of the bark of Willow is used as an analgesic and antipyretic agent. The bark of Willow contains salicin, which is part of aspirin. With the help of Willow, you can get rid of warts, get a cream with an extract of willow bark at the pharmacy and regularly lubricate them to the wart until it is completely free.


Ginger rhizomes are used to cleanse the intestines, respiratory organs, lymph from parasites, viruses and fungi. From the rhizomes of ginger make tinctures, ointments, juices, take ginger and fresh. Ginger has strong antiparasitic and antiviral properties. No less useful is ginger powder, which is sold as a seasoning, add it to your favorite dishes and you will notice that you will be less likely to get sick.


Hyssopus officinalis is used mainly for worms and fungi.

Calendula or Marigold

Calendula has a bactericidal effect, it is used both internally and externally. Infusion of calendula has strong antiparasitic properties, healing the body as a whole. And if you daily chew a couple of fresh calendula flowers or drink a glass of water with a few drops of calendula spirit tincture, you can increase vitality and prolong skin youth.


To cleanse the body of parasites and viruses use berries, leaves and branches of the plant. Kalina has a detrimental effect on protozoa viruses and bacteria.


Cardamom seeds is an aromatic spice that improves the taste of various dishes and drinks. Cardamom is also used in the fight against parasites in the digestive, respiratory, nervous systems and circulatory system. Cardamom equally successfully fights against fungi, viruses, and with larger parasites, for example, with tapeworms. Cardamom cleans the stomach, colon, lungs.

Cilantro or Coriander

Fresh greens, as well as dried, have an antiparasitic effect on the body as a whole. Add more cilantro to salads, soups and other dishes to protect and improve your body.


Everyone knows that cinnamon is used for baking, for preparing various dishes and drinks, but not everyone knows that cinnamon has strong antiparasitic properties and does not lose them even with a strong heat treatment. And cinnamon improves mood and normalizes sleep.


Nettle has antiparasitic and antifungal properties only in early spring until the end of May. They make infusions from fresh nettle, prepare salads and soups, and nettle perfectly removes fungus, dandruff, clears parasites and bacteria from the lungs and intestines.

Watercress or List of

Watercress leaves should be consumed exclusively fresh, as the plant loses its properties after heat treatment. Therefore, add them to the finished dish and then the plant will show its beneficial properties. Watercress cleanses the body of parasites, increases the body’s resistance to colds. Watercress contains a lot of ascorbic acid.


Nondescript small sesame seeds exhibit strong antiparasitic properties on parasites living on the skin and in the subcutaneous tissue, in the respiratory system, digestive and urogenital systems. Sesame oil has the same properties, which will decorate the taste of your favorite dish. And the darker the sesame seed, the stronger antiparasitic effect it has.


Almost no Indian dish can do without turmeric. Turmeric is an integral part of such seasonings as Curry. Turmeric will make any dish fragrant and healthy, and turmeric kills most of the known parasites that can live in the head, skin, intestines, liver, and human blood.

Bay leaf

When adding bay leaves to dishes, we don’t even think that bay leaves make the dish not only tasty, but even very useful. Bay leaf contains essential oils that, once inside the body, begin to show their antiparasitic properties, purifying the digestive system, respiratory system, and the circulatory system from viruses and parasites.


Incense is not only afraid of the devil, but also many parasites and viruses that have settled in the respiratory organs and in the brain. Frankincense oil can be purchased at the pharmacy and used in oil burners, rub whiskey with it or add a few drops to the bath.

Burdock or Burdock

Burdock root is used to cleanse the body. Burdock root kills parasites that live in the blood, respiratory organs, urogenital system and lymph. Burdock root can be consumed fresh and dried, as well as making infusions from it. If after each hair wash you drench your head with a burdock extract, then you can get rid of the scalp fungus, dandruff, and the hair will become shiny and healthy, thick.


Alfalfa herb has antiviral, antipyretic and diuretic properties. To cleanse the body, you can use both fresh and dried grass. From the dried herbs can make infusions, which are used inside or outwardly to wipe and get rid of parasites in open wounds.


No wonder the grandmothers give to eat with a cold raspberry jam. They know that raspberry has an antiparasitic and antiviral effect on the digestive organs, the reproductive system, and in the blood. Not only raspberry berries, but also raspberry leaves have medicinal qualities that can also be eaten or just hung in the house to purify the air from bacteria. And if you pick a few raspberry branches with fresh young leaves and hang them in the bath, the bath will be filled with a pleasant raspberry flavor.


Fresh leaves of coltsfoot clear the parasites of the circulatory system, they can be added to various salads, and tinctures can be made from dried leaves.


Juniper contains medicinal essential oils that kill parasites and viruses in the organs of the respiratory system. To disinfect the air, you can pour a few drops of juniper essential oil into the aroma lamp. From the dry fruits of juniper can be prepared infusion, which has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


If melissa grows in your home, then you are already healthier than those who do not yet have it. Melissa well disinfects the air, improves immunity. When consumed inside, Melissa kills parasites in the respiratory organs, urogenital system, blood, and Melissa perfectly cleans the body filters – the liver and kidneys. And if you grow lemon balm on the windowsill, it will also clear the air from viruses and bacteria in the room.


With the help of leaves and comfrey roots you can cleanse the body of parasites and microbes that live in the blood, muscles, nervous system, respiratory organs. Comfrey has strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hemostatic and astringent properties. In addition, comfrey is able to regenerate tissues and cells of organs. A decoction of comfrey moisturizes dry skin, heals cracks, and also stops hair loss.

Hot red pepper

The fruit of red pepper has a strong burning taste, which we add to various dishes and drinks. The whole army of parasites, which occupied our organism, is afraid of red pepper, and even tapeworms are ready to capitulate under the onslaught of such deadly weapons as red hot peppers. Red hot pepper leaves no chance for the survival of parasites entrenched in the organs of the digestive and respiratory systems, as well as in the blood.

Black pepper or allspice

One of the most popular seasonings, which is used for cooking. Black pepper contains a large amount of essential oils that have antiparasitic properties. By consuming black pepper along with food, we don’t even think that pepper has a powerful inhibitory effect on the parasites living in our intestines, respiratory system and blood. A mixture of black or allspice with honey will rid the body of worms and fungi. For the recovery of the nasal mucosa and the elimination of worms in the brain, an oil extract of black pepper is instilled into the nose. Eating black pepper destroys parasites that can cause erysipelas, boils, herpes.


In parsley, everything is useful – the root, stems, seeds, leaves, it can be used both in fresh and dried form, and dried parsley has a more tart flavor than fresh. Parsley kills parasites and microbes in the urogenital and digestive systems, providing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Fresh parsley juice is a unique antiparasitic agent that helps in the fight against trichomoniasis and chlamydia (2 tsp in the morning on an empty stomach).


Infusion tansy driven from the body of worms. Also tansy successfully fights with scabies, fleas, lice. Before using tansy, carefully read the instructions, as tansy is a poisonous plant, there are some limitations on the dose of safe consumption and other contraindications.


Ever since childhood, we knew that if you apply a fresh leaf of plantain to the wound, this will help avoid inflammation and suppuration of the wound. Another infusion of plantain leaves relieves the intestines from putrid flora, cleanses the body from parasites living in the blood.


Wormwood can be used in the fight against parasites living in the blood, intestines, respiratory, urogenital (in women) and nervous systems. Wormwood kills roundworms and tapeworms, protozoa bacteria, fungi and viruses. To combat parasites used dried aerial parts of the plant in the form of infusion. Wormwood works gently and safely, it is sometimes prescribed to pregnant women to increase the resistance of the placenta to various viruses, fungi and bacteria, such as leptospir, toxoplasm and chlamydia.


Successfully fights parasites in the excretory system and intestines. Many different tasty dishes and drinks are prepared from rhubarb (jams, tinctures, jelly, etc.). By consuming rhubarb dishes we help the body fight hepatitis viruses, dysenteric bacilli, various types of fungus and other pyogenic cultures.

the Rose

Humanity has long known antiparasitic properties of roses. The rose flower contains a lot of essential oil that can cope with fungi, with helminths of various kinds. From fresh and dried rose flowers you can make various tinctures and lotions, which are very useful to wipe the skin and wounds.

pharmaceutical camomile

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, with the help of chamomile infusions you can get rid of acne and other inflammations on the skin. Chamomile ruthless to parasites entrenched in the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, destroys various types of worms and viruses, including the herpes virus.


In the past, sandalwood oil was the most valuable product and this is not accidental, because sandalwood oil has a powerful antiparasitic effect on the human body. Sandalwood acts in the circulatory system, respiratory system, and also in the nervous system, destroying the simplest parasitizing bacteria, larvae migrating in the blood, parasites in the lung tissues, in the reproductive system – chlamydia, trichomonas, and also coping with the parasites living in the skin (shingles ), kills gonococci, herpes and other dangerous viruses.

How to get rid of belly hair


To cleanse the body of parasites uses licorice root. Infusions or licorice syrup cleanses the nervous system, digestive, respiratory, and urogenital system from parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Helps get rid of worms in the intestines, from bacteria and viruses in the respiratory system that cause coughing, bronchitis, laryngitis and other respiratory diseases. Licorice cleanses the lymphatic and circulatory system, kills parasites that cause cystitis and other diseases of the urogenital system (urinary problems).


Yarrow excellently copes with the herpes virus, with the simplest bacteria, with the bacteria of pyogenous species and even with flat and roundworms. Yarrow taken in the form of infusion or decoction, if desired, can be supplemented with infusion collection of other herbs, chamomile, lemon balm, mint.


Fresh or dried dill effectively fights parasites and bacteria found in the digestive system, in the liver, in the pancreas, in the kidneys, in the skin, in the blood. And dill essential oil can destroy various types of fungi and pyogenic bacteria.


Fennel seeds are used to cleanse the digestive, urinary and nervous systems from viruses, parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Fennel kills bacteria that cause bloating, flatulence and colitis, cleans the respiratory system from bacteria and viruses that cause bronchitis and whooping cough. Fennel is effective against fungi that infect the skin and cause mycoses.

Fennel contains essential oils that perfectly remove slags and toxins from the body. In addition, fennel is a diuretic, helping the body get rid of excess moisture, and also acts as a mild laxative. If you rinse the throat with infusion of fennel, it is possible to stop the proliferation of bacteria and parasites, causing pain in the throat. The leaves and seeds of fennel are used as spicy seasonings.


Horsetail attacks parasites living in the respiratory organs and kidneys, resists sexually transmitted diseases, cleans the circulatory system. Horsetail is a diuretic, helps the body get rid of excess fluid, soothes the inflammatory processes in the body, is effective in urolithiasis. Horsetail kills viruses of influenza, hepatitis.


Garlic is a unique antiparasitic agent that is able to defeat almost all known types of bacteria and parasites, and what is remarkable, for this it is not necessary to use garlic inside, but it is enough just to spread out its teeth around the house, and the evaporation of natural essential oils will clear the air in the house of viruses and germs . The use of garlic eliminates various types of worms and other worms that parasitize the human body. But be careful, the consumption of garlic in large quantities can cause heart palpitations and insomnia.


The name of the herb celandine speaks about its purpose. Celandine cleanses the body of many types of fungi, parasites, microbes, effectively acting in the digestive and respiratory systems. Celandine makes the skin clean and healthy with an antimicrobial effect. Celandine is able to rid the skin of warts and papillomas. Just break the stem of the plant, and smear the wart with the squeezed out juice.

For general cleansing of the body from parasites, a weak infusion of celandine can be consumed, and for disinfecting fresh wounds, fresh celandine juice is used, cracking the stem of the plant. Celandine juice looks and looks like iodine. The amazing properties of celandine affected even the doctors, when the treatment of patients hopelessly sick with tuberculosis, with the help of celandine, gave a positive result with the impotence of traditional medicine.


Sage contains a large amount of essential oils that have a detrimental effect on many types of microbes, viruses of influenza, hepatitis, the simplest types of bacteria, round and tapeworms, and numerous types of fungi that cause excessive sweating on bacteria. Salvia acts purposefully on parasites living in the respiratory organs, in the blood, in the intestines and in the nervous system. Sage is a recognized source of vitality and youth. From sweating take a bath with infusion of sage. To strengthen the body, add dried sage to tea.


Echinacea is a powerful immune stimulant. Echinacea exhibits its antiparasitic properties in the lymphatic system, in the circulatory system, in the respiratory system. Echinacea destroys many viruses, bacteria, fungi, various types of worms and worms, stimulates the protective functions of the body, is an anesthetic.

Now you know with the help of which medicinal herbs and spices you can rid the body of parasites and viruses. Add healthy spices to your favorite dishes, even a small amount of healing spices will have a beneficial effect on the body.

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