How to dye dark hair in red color

The moon affects all living things around, including our curls. It is necessary to carefully select the right time for haircuts and other manipulations with hair. If you update your hairstyle on an inappropriate day, there is a chance to incur trouble, to remain without the help of a Guardian Angel. Haircut performed at the right time, on the contrary, will bring positive changes in fate, good luck and health.

How to dye dark hair in red color

The lunar calendar helps to correctly identify favorable days for changing the image and a visit to the hairdresser. Let’s find out when it is possible to get a haircut in November, and when it is better to refuse to update the appearance.

Phases of the moon and their effect on haircut

When visiting the salon, many noticed that a haircut, made by the same master, can be perfect, fit well, and sometimes causes a lot of trouble. At one time, curls grow quickly, at another time – much worse. It’s all about the moon. Its position in the sky changes not only by the day, but also by the hour. The phase of the heavenly body, as well as the constellation in which it currently resides, are of great importance.

If you like to change, often update the haircut, to go to the stylist, choose the days when the growing Moon is located in the first or second quarter. In this case, the curls will grow after the haircut very quickly, and you will have the opportunity to once again please yourself with an unusual hairstyle. If you are accustomed to go to the beauty studio infrequently or do not like to do it, choose the moment when the Moon is in a descending stage. In this case, the strands will not grow back soon, but cutting will strengthen the roots and prevent curls from falling out.

November Favors

The most favorable period for updating the image is the 26th day of the moon. In November, they fall on the 14th. In addition, in November, you can schedule a visit to the stylist for the following days: 3; five; 7; ten; 13 and 14; sixteen; from 19 to 21; November 23

Updating a haircut these days, you will get rid of negative energy, save and increase your strength, attract financial well-being, success in your personal life and business.

Neutral dates

Those days that can not affect the hair and various aspects of fate, called neutral. At these moments, the moon does not conflict with the zodiacal constellations. There will be quite a few such moments at the end of autumn: 1; eleven; 15; 25; November 30th.

Unsuitable days

In those moments when the night luminary is in conflict with the signs of the zodiacal circle, astrologers recommend not to make drastic changes in their haircut and other manipulations with the head of hair. In the last autumn month, such moments fall on the following days:

  • November 2;
  • November 4;
  • November 6;
  • November 8 and 9;
  • November 12;
  • November 17 and 18;
  • November 22;
  • November 24;
  • from 26 to 29 November.

Lunar haircut calendar for November

November is divided into three decades, they all last for 10 days. Every day of this period is considered positive or negative for the manipulation of the hair.

First decade

The first decade lasts from 1 to 10 November. In the first days of November, the moon grows, the full moon falls on the 4th, then the descending stage begins.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of each day of the first decade of the month.

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