How to cut the ends of long hair

New successful haircut can emphasize the beautiful shape of the face, hide minor flaws. It is equally important to choose the appropriate color, volume of hair, to look irresistible with a variety of styles. However, for many trips to the hairdresser or beauty salon end in complete disappointment. Now the problem of how to choose a haircut, taking into account the type and shape of the face, has been solved – the online hairstyle selection program will come to the rescue.

You no longer need to browse fashion magazines, explain to the masters the desired result and color. It is enough to take a photo, download it to your computer and use the instructions. The selection of hairstyles online in the program is free of charge, does not require registration and data entry.

Program number 1

Here is a link to it: Seovis selection

To learn how to choose the right haircut, just read the simple and understandable rules. Simply upload your photo (the “your photo” icon at the top left) and select a hairstyle.

There are several services like this, be sure to try them:

In addition, there is a handy program that can be installed on a computer, its size is 27 MB, jkiwi, you can download it here: jkiwi selection of hairstyles.

Instructions on how to choose a haircut program number 2:

  • First you need to take a photo of good quality with hair combed or smoothed to the head. The program for the selection of a variety of hairstyles will choose haircuts according to the type of person, taking into account its shape according to the loaded photo.
  • Upload photos to your computer, press the button “Browse”. Choose a size, aligning the photo on a black oval. You can increase or decrease the size of the buttons located at the bottom of the photo.
  • Push button “Done” and begin the selection of hairstyles online. You can choose any male or female styling for free, taking into account your own preferences.

A man can choose a high, short or stylish haircut, women can change the length and color of the curls. The finished photo can be saved or printed.

The program for home selection of fashionable hairstyles will allow you to easily choose a haircut for a round, oval, square, triangular or elongated rectangular face. It is enough to define your type at the mirror and make a high-quality photo with clear contours. The selection of hairstyles takes only a few seconds. To create a stylish image and choose the desired length of hair, you should consider the type of face and its shape.

Oval face: the rules for choosing styling

There are several rules for choosing a hairstyle according to the shape of a person close to an oval. This type of fit most styling with different lengths of hair, but there are some nuances:

  • It is not recommended to braid a high ponytail, to make a tight bunch;
  • it is advisable not to leave straight hair fluffed;
  • imperfections of the skin can be masked with bangs, curls, asymmetrical haircut;
  • oblique or straight bangs will help shorten the oval; lengthening the oval is asymmetry with torn strands;
  • thin or sparse hair is better to cut short, leaving the length to the middle of the chin;
  • wide oval mask masked tips to cheekbones.

A woman or a man with an oval type of face will suit almost any hairstyle. The choice depends on the structure, hair length, own preferences.

Round face: visual lengthening tips

There are several tips on how to choose the right haircut for chubby men and women. In this case, it is necessary to narrow the width using the volume strand. It is necessary to consider the important rules for choosing the style:

  • you can lengthen the oval with oblique bangs, long, flowing curls;
  • strands on the crown should be left shorter, adding pomp to them with the help of multi-layered haircuts;
  • it is desirable to do a parting in the middle of the head;
  • It is recommended to do a perm with the effect of wet strand or curl wavy curls;
  • graded transitions, straight bangs, ponytail should be avoided.

The ideal option is considered to be a lush bob, a square of elongation with twisted inside tips or long wavy curls. A man needs to pick up a short volume haircut with bangs, slightly elongated strands on the sides.

Triangular face: mask narrow chin

Experts give several recommendations on how to choose a haircut for a triangular face. It is necessary to visually narrow wide cheekbones, adjust the width of the forehead. Suitable haircuts with a cascade, ladder, milled ends. It will look great bob, square of medium length, styling with wavy curls.

Consider the following tips:

  • the hairstyle should be shorter or longer than the shoulder line;
  • cascade or ladder should start just below the chin line;
  • bangs should be left long, going down to the eyebrow line;
  • add volume to the strands will help bouffant;
  • the tips of the bangs and strands must be curled inward to give a rounded pomp.

Long bangs are recommended to leave beveled or asymmetrical. It looks very stylish and fashionable. Hair can not be combed smoothly on top, leaving his forehead open. It is advisable to make men’s styling fluffy, highlighting the fringe combed to the side to the side parting.

Square face: soften lines

Owners of a square face is difficult to decide how to choose a haircut, taking into account the sharp lines. The ideal solution would be the choice of lush styling with voluminous curls or waves:

How to cut the ends of long hair

  • multi-layered haircut with fluffy curls smooth corners;
  • a cascade, a ladder with a thin line will close the wide cheekbones;
  • quads with graduation and torn bangs will add features to femininity;
  • inside tips will hide the protruding cheekbones.

It is advisable not to leave short hair, curls should cover the forehead and cheekbones. Bangs need to grow up to the line of the eyebrows, making it torn or oblique. The top of the head should be raised with a hair dryer, achieving high pomp.

Rectangular face: shape correction

In the presence of a rectangular elongated face should be worn oblique asymmetric fringe, curl the tips of the hair at the chin inside. Haircut should be free and voluminous:

  • short hair will open the forehead and cheekbones, making the oval even more sharp;
  • it is not necessary to do an equal part in the middle of the head, to braid a smooth tail;
  • the tips of the hair should be left ragged, making a strong thinning;
  • in cheekbones should be added styling ploy curling iron or hair dryer.

Narrow the chin and expand the forehead will help lush square with lengthening, elongated bean cascade. The tips should be curled inward to give styling roundness, volume.

How to cut the ends of long hair

All these tips will help you find the right hairstyle for a photo with the help of an online program. The selection should take into account the type of person, the direction of hair growth and skin tone. The online service is completely free, suitable for women and men of any age.

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