How to choose a hair color test

The classic color of the wedding dress is white, it suits almost any type of bride’s appearance. But there are exceptions, and in this case, you should pay attention to other shades. But how to choose the color of the wedding dress so that it matches your skin tone, eye color or hair color perfectly?

White wedding dress

Classic white color will look best on brides with a light and olive color. Hair color will not play a decisive role when choosing a white dress, as well as brunettes and blondes will be looking in it

Ivory Color Wedding Dress

Ivory (Ivory) is one of the most popular shades of wedding dresses. And this is not surprising, because it goes well with almost any type of appearance. Ivory dress will look amazing on the blonde with light or very fair skin. It, unlike a pure white dress, will not make them paler, but, on the contrary, will emphasize natural beauty. Also, it will look beautiful on brides with olive skin color, giving it a more healthy look and freshness. Ivory wedding dress is also an ideal option for black and very dark girls.

Champagne Wedding Dress

This color of the wedding dress will fit almost any type of appearance. It emphasizes the natural tone of the skin and gives it a warmer shade. The darker the skin of the bride, the more beautiful it will look in such a dress. Therefore, you can not be afraid to sunbathe before the wedding.

Blue Wedding Dress

A blue wedding dress will look best on brides with a light, olive and slightly tanned skin color. Blondes with too light skin may look too pale in such a dress or their skin may look unhealthy. Of course, in this case, everything will depend on the saturation of the color of the dress.

Pink wedding dress

How to choose a hair color test

Pink-colored wedding dresses are the perfect choice for blondes and girls with very fair skin. He will also look good on dark and tanned brides. But remember that the skin color should not be yellowish or pink, so you should not use tanning before the wedding, and avoid the sun rays, if your skin has a tendency to reddening.

Black wedding dress

Blonde women with light skin and blue eyes will not be happy with a black wedding dress, as it will be too contrasted with their type of appearance. Too dark and black brides are also better to choose a different color for their wedding attire. An ideal type of appearance for a black wedding dress is dark hair, light or slightly tanned skin.

Red wedding dress

This color of the dress would be best to look on dark or tanned brides with dark hair. Red wedding dress is better not to wear girls with pink or reddish skin tone. Brides with other types of appearance will look great in a dress of this color, as long as you feel comfortable in it.

As you can see, to choose the color of the wedding dress that suits your type of appearance is not so difficult. But, first of all, you should rely on your own tastes. Remember that a perfectly matched outfit for your beauty type may look quite ugly, if you don’t feel it wearing this wedding dress that you have always dreamed of!

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