How do lamination hair

Beauty salons offer their visitors a wide variety of procedures, including eyebrow lamination. There are several types of this procedure, which can be carried out both at the beautician and at home. The result exceeds all expectations: the hairs neatly lie in the right direction, not knocked out of the total number. Eyebrows, bordering the eyes, are an important part of the appearance of a woman. Therefore, it will be better if they look perfect.

What is eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that has appeared recently but has already become popular and in demand among women of all ages who want to look well-groomed. And not in vain, because after its passage the eyebrows become more accurate and attractive, and their hairs are filled with nutrients and strength.

The essence of this lamination is to apply a special composition that corrects the shape and heals the eyebrows at the same time. But it is necessary to take into account that creating them from scratch in this way will not work; the procedure is carried out in order to emphasize the merits of the already existing data and to eliminate small defects in the form of unruly hairs, constantly knocking out of the general range.

This technology will help in the following situations:

  • asymmetric eyebrow shape;
  • desire to change or adjust the form;
  • hairs grow in different directions and do not lie in the right direction;
  • hairs become thin or fall out;
  • light hair color.

Having made lamination of eyebrows, it is possible to forget about the shortcomings listed above for a long time. It has many advantages with a very small list of shortcomings and contraindications. Eyebrows, as an important part of the appearance, will become one of the components of the image of a modern well-groomed woman.

Why laminate eyebrows

The most common reason for contacting a beauty salon with the desire to do such lamination is asymmetric and unruly eyebrows. Often, hairs grow in different directions, which does not make the face attractive. They, weakened and thinned, and strive to break the shape. At the same time, standard daily brushing and even styling of eyebrows with a special mascara or gel does not give a lasting result.

After lamination, their state changes drastically: the hairs become thicker and more resilient, lying in a given direction. When visiting a beautician, you can also create from them any given shape that will hold well.

Also, lamination is suitable if the hairs have lost their health, look thin and do not grow. The complex of nutrients and vitamins contained in the composition for application, enhances them from the inside and activates the growth of hair follicles, which will help to make eyebrows thicker. Extra bonus – protection from adverse environmental effects.

Another problem that this procedure can eliminate is the light hair color. Regular staining takes a lot of time, and it does not last long and with intensive care for the face is washed off very quickly. The lamination procedure allows you to securely fix the desired shade.

What to expect from brow lamination? If it is performed correctly using professional tools, then:

  • hair loss will decrease;
  • they will become stronger and thicker;
  • eyebrows will look neat without additional care;
  • they get rich color.

Perfectly chosen shape, suitable shade and competent technology transforms eyebrows. But at the same time they look as natural as possible. This technique even helps to correct facial features, giving it a harmonious look.

How do lamination hair

Brow Lamination Types

In the cabin, spend different types of eyebrow correction using lamination. Their choice is based mainly on what shortcomings need to be corrected during the procedure, and on the personal wishes of the client. Here are the main ones:

  1. Modeling is a standard cosmetology technique, during which a certain shape that fits the type of face is given to the eyebrows, and then it is reliably fixed with a special solution. It moisturizes the hair, making it more docile. After such a procedure, they are easy to comb and style, they look even, neat and well-groomed;
  2. Coloring is the most popular type of procedure. According to the technology of implementation, it is similar to the first basic version – modeling, only with shaping the eyebrows are painted in the desired natural shade;
  3. Medical lamination will come to the aid of those whose hairs are depleted and weakened, which adversely affects the appearance. They put a special solution with a complex of nutrients, oils and vitamins. They activate growth, make hairs more elastic. This method is ideal for those who have undergone the procedure of brow browning, which often has a detrimental effect on the state of natural data.

In beauty salons for these purposes use high-quality special tools that will not harm the eyebrows, but, on the contrary, improve their condition. An experienced master will always be able to advise the client about the types of lamination, and with the naked eye will see which of them is required in a given situation.

What is the result: photo before and after

How is the professional procedure

Whether the desired result will be achieved in the end depends largely on how the procedure was carried out and what means were used to carry it out. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a cosmetology salon by an experienced master. He will certainly be able to flawlessly transform his eyebrows step by step and take into account all the nuances.

Lamination takes no more than an hour. First of all, it is necessary to treat the working area: wash off all cosmetics, degrease and thoroughly disinfect the eyebrows and the area around them. Then a special composition is applied, which softens and smoothes the skin, so that the procedure will continue to be comfortable.

The next step is to create a brow shape. It should be chosen in accordance with the type of face and its features, fashion trends. After that, a professional composition is applied to the hairs, which makes them softer and firmly fixes the shape. If there is a need for coloring, then eyebrows are covered with special color pigments. And the final step is the covering with keratin composition, which is useful for hairs: it thickens and strengthens them.

In contrast to the tattoo and microblading, lamination does not bring discomfort and does not require after the rehabilitation period. The effect is already noticeable immediately.

Eyebrow lamination at home

Those who wish to save on the services of a beautician, can try to make lamination yourself. It is quite affordable at home. The technology is monotonous, but the means for its implementation are different: it can be an ordinary food gelatin, or it can be a professional composition, bought in specialized stores or via the Internet.

With gelatin

About the effectiveness of this type of go different reviews: someone did not see any result, while other girls noted that the eyebrows have become tidier. For this method will need:

  • food gelatin – 15 g;
  • pure boiled or mineral water – 50 g;
  • favorite hair balm – 15 g.

Water with gelatin should be heated (but not boiled), and then add balm to it. This simple way you can cook eyebrow lamination. The result after such a procedure will not be noticeable immediately: you need to wait about three days.

With the help of professional tools

If there is no desire to experiment and waste time, then you need to purchase a special composition. Their range on sale is quite large, but most often used:

  1. YumiLashes is a Swiss professional cosmetics company, including eyebrow lamination. Her products are well proven and are most often used in beauty salons. Suitable for use at home;
  2. LVL is a famous brand from the UK. Shows wonderful results. And when used alone, too;
  3. PaulMitchell is a product from the USA, a feature of which is a completely natural composition: each of its components is of plant origin.

Lamination process (instruction)

Whichever means are chosen, the application technology is one. The main thing is not to neglect each of its stages. So, step by step instructions:

  1. Give the eyebrows the desired shape;
  2. Prepare the purchased drug or gelatin in advance;
  3. The basis of the work is the preparation of the working area of ​​the face. Eyebrows and the skin around them should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. To do this, use special cosmetics;
  4. Apply the composition to the eyebrows, evenly distributing along the length. We must not forget about each of the hairs;
  5. Comb hair with a special brush;
  6. Leave the lamination agent for the time specified in the instructions for it. If gelatin was used, then 40 minutes would be enough;
  7. Carefully wash off the composition. Movement should be done soft, in the direction of growth of the eyebrows. But do not overdo it, so as not to damage the protective layer appearing on them!

How do lamination hair


The eyebrow lamination procedure is generally safe and does not pose a health hazard. But cosmetologists still recommend some categories of clients to refrain from its implementation:

  • eyebrow lamination cannot be done if operations were performed in the work area;
  • if eyebrow skin is damaged or dermatologically ill;
  • the same applies to eye disease;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in the presence of allergic reactions to one of the components of the drug.

In these cases, the use of compounds for lamination can lead to the development of complications. Therefore you should not risk your health once again.

How long does the effect last

The effect after the procedure lasts, on average, 1 month, after which it begins to decline with time. Therefore, after 2 months it will be possible to repeat the procedure, again returning the eyebrows excellent appearance and neat shape. No corrective manipulation is required between lamination sessions: as soon as the protective layer is washed off, it is simply applied again.

When lamination does not help

No matter how miraculous the lamination is, not in all cases it brings a positive result. Unfortunately, cosmetologists do not always warn their clients about this in advance. But since the procedure is “not a penny,” it will be useful for women to know when to abandon it:

  • if the brows have bald patches or scar – lamination will not be able to disguise them;
  • if it is carried out to change the bend, width or length of the arc – the desired result will not be achieved;
  • before traveling to the sea: it is better if the eyebrows will contact with sea water, because it has a positive effect on their health.

Care after the procedure

Lamination of eyebrows does not require a recovery period, as well as no special care is needed after it. The only restriction concerns the first days after the procedure: it is forbidden to wash the face and do any cosmetic manipulations. Then there are no restrictions, including you can do peels or various masks. And to maintain the shape, it is enough to remove grown unwanted hairs with tweezers, without touching the arc itself.

Eyebrow lamination is a real find for those who are tired of fighting naughty hairs. This safe and painless procedure makes them stronger, and the appearance – neat and attractive. A woman can choose which type of procedure she would like to undergo. The main thing is to achieve the desired result.

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