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Our creative efforts are devoted to the beautiful half-light ladies and the queens of the twilight, but whores, whores and prostitutes of Kiev here are also not deprived of attention!

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Pussy budapest

Hello, dear comrades! One rainy autumn day, having noticed on Facebook a post that today the vizair offers quite good discounts on its flights, I decided – and why not, and took tickets for March 2018 at a ridiculous price to Budapest . In this city I was once, I really liked the architecture, the Danube, the view from Buda to Pest and vice versa, as well as delicious food, but I spent only a day in it and planned to return without fail. So this little story appeared, which even, like in school essays, has a plan:

1. Introduction2. Lead blyadosayt as a market analysis tool3. Personal experience4. findings

1. IntroductionNaturally, the question of intimate leisure, it was decided not to sidestep. In the former European pornostolitsu (the current is in Prague) just a priori could not be all bad with paid love. According to an article on wikipedia "Prostitution in Europe" Hungary was one of the first to legalize this activity. Moreover, the individual provision of services is legal and regulated, and brothels are prohibited. In the whole of Europe, such a scheme still works only in Latvia. View the last few pages on the Budapest forum on internationalsexguide from useful brought the address of the leading fucking site. The rest – questions about prices, since they are not published on the site (this is the first feature compared to our minuets). The price range is present, but reportedly I concluded that you can count on a pleasant company for 20,000 HUF (forint) per hour. We divide by 10 and get the approximate cost in hryvnia.

2. Lead blyadosayt as a market analysis toolThe site is called Rosszlanyok, which in Hungarian means "Bad girl" Despite the slightly archaic design, the site’s functionality is simply amazing. First, some statistics, and then features:

1. 700-800 individual questionnaires in Budapest of different ages and performance characteristics. Girls are mostly Hungarians, I do not exclude that there can also be exotic from neighboring countries, such as Asians and Blacks – extremely few. 800-1000 profiles in the rest of Hungary.3. Several hundred masseuses. Many masseuses, in addition to massage, do blowjob, but do not have sex.4. Separate sections with dominoes, guys, couples and trance – I was not interested, I can’t tell anything interesting. Site languages: Hungarian, English, German.

The site is worth register in order to add the girls of interest to your favorites. On the site you can leave feedback about the girls. This is an important part of it, see below. Due to the fact that the profiles of girls are very detailed, when searching, you can set up a detailed filter and find exactly who you need.

Well, now about the fact that they contain questionnaires: 1. Phone number.2. A locality, and in the case of Budapest, the number of the area of ​​the city from I to XXIII, may be an approximate address, usually a street marked with a google map.3. The age (if they do it, it is quite a bit), height, weight, chest volume, body structure (athletic, thin, rounded and

Hello Gentlemen! If you like, round butts, tight thighs, you’re at the best place! ;-) I’m a real Woman! I’ll show you! ;-)) Call with your number showing! Details are not given on VIBER!

This, of course, is in the English version, and the Hungarian version will be different. Services! There are many, painted in detail. More than 90% of the fairies make an ICBM, most without surcharges. Every third gives in SHG. If there is an ICBM – in English BBBJ (bare back Blow job), then most likely they will be on the list and "cum in mouth", "cum on face". If next to the name of the service is (if you ask) – it means it is at extra charge. For example, it may be that the ICBM – by default, and finish on the face – for a fee. From what I was interested in, the services appear Kissing (depends on attraction), FIV (finger in vagina). Remember how often on our resource comrades ask questions: "And let your fingers?", "Kissing?". Here all the answers are already there. Some girls in the list of services have a photo and video, which is not strange, because they come across former porn actresses. You can remove your porno 15. Time format of the meeting (suction 15 minutes, half hour, hour, longer time) .16. Any nonsense such as the sign of the zodiac, favorite colors or drink. Reviews comrades! Registered users rate asterisks from 1 to 5 and write comments about the place, external data, attitude, technology, and the general impression of the meeting. Most of the reviews are in Hungarian, but with Google translate, the meaning can be captured. Fairies may respond to reviews, and some may reject, but they do not disappear completely, but fall into the Refused tab, where they can still be read. A useful function in my opinion when writing reports is labeling, for example, "beautiful face", "girlfriend feeling" and others. The advantage is that they can be used as filters when searching. There are also bad tags, for example, indicating unfriendly attitude, strangers in the apartment or old irrelevant photos. But all this does not matter if the fairy turned off the ability to write reports on her and affix ratings. The site administration advises to take this into account.

At the bottom of the questionnaire there will be links to other girls with similar TTX and those who are recommended by comrades.

We turn to the most interesting.

3. Personal experienceA few days before the trip I was ready to create my favorites list. Not geared to geography – in Budapest, excellent public transport, you can drive quickly anywhere. Filtered the maximum acceptable age and weight values ​​for me, chose mbr from the services, put checkmarks in front of the English language, a photo with a face (so as not to run into a gypsy) and a girlfriend feeling (as with a friend). Received as a result of about 70 profiles. Liknul liked. Then he removed the English, added a few more questionnaires just in case. Removed mark "with face", chose instead "Beautiful face", added a few more copies to favorites in which there were already more than 20 girls. Those who may have been – wrote messages through the site. One wrote on the telegram, it was written in her questionnaire that this is possible. Got some prices:

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Bea, 36 years old, 20,000 HUF / hour

Kyara, 30 years old, 13000 HUF / half an hour, 18000 HUF / hour, 3000 – surcharge for cum on face or mouth

Virag, 30 years old, 20000 HUF / hour

Ciklon, 23 years, 100 Euro / hour

Nadia, 25 years, 150 euros / half an hour, 250 euros / hour

For myself, made a preliminary decision an amount greater than the equivalent of 2000 UAH. in one go do not spend.

Day 1. Dedicated to walks and cultural program, a couple of museums, a cafe, a restaurant, an evening hike through the world famous ruin bars.

Day 2. After breakfast at the hotel (scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants, plum jam, tea, juice, yogurt and banana) moved to the Szécheni Baths, where it was soaked for more than 5 hours. After lunch at a national restaurant nearby, I returned to the hotel, rested for a while and picked up the phone to open the mobile version of the site with a carefully prepared list of favorites and finally find something to do for the evening. My favorites did not appear. Called the second and third. Nobody answered – the answering machine was turned on. I noticed that on some title photos on my list the green handset icon was blinking – it meant that the girl was free and was waiting for a call. The first attempt was crowned with success. Barbie (20 with something years, now a questionnaire in another city), who offered an hour with her for 25,000 forints. Here is her photo. For half an hour and a 15-minute suction prices were less, I did not remember, but I did not want to hurry. He thanked for the answer, said that I would think about it. And dialed another number.

Nono, 31 years old. +36205169546 I liked her voice and playful tone. I voiced 20,000 forints in an hour, I said that I was ok. She sent the address by SMS, and wrote that she waited until 20:00. I hammered the address into a googlokart, the route turned out to be the following – 100 meters from the hotel to the bus stop, waiting for bus number 5, going 12 stops, then another 400 meters on foot, for 40 minutes everything. The clock was 19:10. I got dressed and went to meet the first sexual experience with the Hungarian fairy. By the way, photos. As you can see, not thin, but I was interested.

The house in which the fairy lives is a neat new building of a small number of floors. Surrounded by a fence with intercom, where you need to enter the correct combination of numbers to get into the yard. Entrances are open. Photos, including on the balcony, made in her apartment.

Hair products with silicone

He called back, got the cherished numbers and ran into the entrance on the first floor, which in our case is understood as the second, and the one we have is the first – they have zero. The fairy opened the door, noticed that the apartment was very clean, 3 doors – to the bathroom, bedroom and either the kitchen, or the studio, I was not there, so I don’t know. The fairy showed where to undress and put on shoes, hugged, asked what can I offer from drinks. I asked for water and, if possible, a pill from the head, which ached from excessive saunas in the morning. Got a soft and pleasant-smelling towel and went to the bathroom. Before that, he gave the money, although I don’t know how it is accepted here – before or after. The bathroom is perfectly clean, nowhere is there a drop of mildew or bloom from the water – everything shines. Gel-Bumblebee pieces of 15, not less. I noticed our Cytheal, something resembling the shape of containers, a large bottle of Listerine and a stack of disposable cups. I remembered that local comrades in the reviews drew attention to the presence / absence of a mouthwash. I do not know how they use it – refresh your mouth for kissing or rinse after Cooney, xs, I used before and after

In the bedroom I was waited for by the water in a crystal glass, a tablet and a naked Nono. A diode garland with white lights shone on the head of the bed, and candles were lit on the nightstand in the other side of the room. On the bed there was a very pleasant to the touch terry sheet. I went to her, we chatted for a couple of minutes about what the guy from Ukraine is doing here, as it turned out her mother is Ukrainian, but she herself does not know a word of ours. Then the fairy began to kiss me and very quickly my dick plunged into her mouth entirely. Sucks well, swallows under the root. Turned over in 69, the foil cap was delicious, I kunil and at the same time caressed her inside with my finger, there were no unpleasant odors. Then the fairy put on a prez and became a cancer, having demonstrated her tattoo on her entire back, but I asked her to lie on her back. Inside it was already wet, I did not use lubricant, the compression was present, while I fucked her, she moaned and caressed her chest. Looking at her breasts, beautiful face, perfect teeth, sometimes tilting my face for kisses, I rapidly finished, falling on her, the fairy pressed to herself and did not let go for several seconds. I note that she has a very pleasant to the touch skin and the whole fairy smells nice. She took off the con, wiped with wet wipes, threw in a neat trash can near the bed. Then we chatted for a while. The fairy speaks good English, told me that she wanted to open a small cafe, but the bureaucracy got fucked up and she scored on it, she will try again in a year, because she wants all the same "normal work", complained that, strangely enough, for some Greeks and Turks there are no problems with opening institutions. She complained about the customers – Romanians, who are often ugly, smell bad and are late for the stipulated time. Now seeing the Romanian number on the phone, she presses the call. She told me how she loved to travel by car, asked a lot about Kiev, about my family, work and

SB \ TTX – (sex appeal) – 168 \ 75 \ 31 \ subjectively, for me 5-, there would be a smaller stomach, there would be 5 + OLS \ KS – (sex in a missionary position) – 4YMBSH \ MN – (sex with a girl’s head , classic blowjob) – 517: 30 \ OTN – (relation to the client) – 5 + Vayu \ SHG – (anal sex in a condom) – no option ORN – (bi or hetero, orientation) – heteroVid advertising photos – correspond to 100%

Day 3. Having a thorough and leisurely breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, muffins, apricot jam, fruit salad, orange juice, tea) I went for a walk along the hilly Buda – the Citadel, the Buda Castle, then after going one of the bridges I walked a little wandering around the center, having lunch, drinking coffee, returned to the hotel to take a nap for an hour and then find a company for the evening. I decided that I had to call those over whose photos the telephone icon was blinking. For the sake of interest, I collected a fairy who does not speak English. Not surprised that the conversation did not work. Theoretically, if the fairy in the questionnaire indicated that she was responding to SMS, you can send her a message in Hungarian with the help of Google’s translator and arrange a meeting, but I didn’t experiment. I called the lady in the photo below who requested 30,000 forints in an hour.

I decided to check a couple more options. And the option immediately found in the form of a young silicone whore Zoe +36302717957 Works only on departure. 20,000 HUF per hour. I asked if I had to pay her a taxi. She replied that she did not need! It was 5:00 pm, she said that she would arrive at 7:00 pm Not late. She called me, went outside to pick her up. Young sweet girl, low, dressed unobtrusively. Brought into the room, settled, asked if he wanted something from the mini-bar. She replied that she had everything with herself, showing a 50-milliliter beaker with Jack Daniels Jolly, joking, but in the exterior there was a flaw that is not visible in the photo. Perhaps for this reason, there are no kisses in the questionnaire as a service. Teeth require brackets. It would be better if the girl invested in them, not in boobs. But boobs cool. Inserted recently, asked to be very gentle with them. Separated, a little manual caresses on her part, asked why I do not shave lyubok. I say what’s the problem? She replied that she didn’t like it when it took on the full length, and the hair got into the mouth. I laughed and suggested not taking it so deep. Nevertheless, the blowjob is very good, as I like – vigorously, but without teeth, with a smacking of lips. After some time, I suggested she put a pres on me and lie on my back. She did not use grease, only a little saliva. Damn, how narrow she was! There was no problem with friction, but I felt every inch of it. For a long time I didn’t have enough Fake dream prez with the help of wet wipes. I offered to give me a massage. She asked if I had body lotion. In the bathroom was a tube, and we used the whole – it is small. In the process, a little chatter niochem, with English, she is worse than her yesterday’s friend. A little lay in my arms and 10 minutes before the end of an hour, I said that she was free. Fake got dressed, politely said goodbye and left. And I went to take a steam bath in the hotel’s sauna, with the intention then to go to bed early, because at 8:20 there was a plane to Kiev. Again, I can’t help but remember the wonderful transport – the metro opens at 4:30, then the bus 200E and at 5:30 I am at the airport. As for Zoe, the aftertaste is good, but I liked Nono more.

SB \ TTX – (sexuality) – 162 \ 52 \ 23 \ 4, minus point for teethMNK \ KS – (sex in a missionary position) – 5YMBSH \ MN – (sex with a girl’s head, classic blowjob) – 517: 30 \ OTN – (attitude to the client) – 4WU \ SHG – (anal sex in a condom) – no optionWFJ \ CV – (the cost of sexually intimate services of intercourse) – about 2000 UAH, gave 50 euros + 5000 forint. YWT \ ORN – (bi or hetero) , orientation) – heteroVid advertising photos – correspond to 100%

4. ConclusionsOf course, it is difficult to make unambiguous conclusions on the industry on the basis of such modest personal experience, but some pros and cons can be traced. On average, of course, more expensive than in Kiev. But I didn’t have feelings for nothing. Tight time control. Paying for an hour, stay a half here will not work. Plus more. A large number of individuals – high competition and, as a result, higher service, more range of services, comfortable apartments, more friendly attitude. I am sure that the legality of prostitution here also contributes to this all. Questionnaires with minimized nybokami and reports that you can believe.

To the comrades, whom the wife does not expect at home, I definitely recommend Budapest as a variant of an okhuenny complex rest for several days, which will be filled with cultural, gastronomic and bodily impressions.

Thanks to those who read to the end. You are heroes

Hair products with silicone

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