Hair on the breasts of girls

I will not hide that I have thought about it more than once. Sometimes I believed that something like this would happen. But there were moments when I considered myself a pervert! :) I occasionally looked at the girls who attracted me, and noted for myself the charms that I liked.

This New Year’s Eve meeting with friends did not foretell anything of the kind, since six months ago we had a walk at their wedding. Yes, and just thought it was not that this could happen! We had a good time at the presentation, of course, not without flat jokes on the subject! The guys invited us to their room

I’m a little over forty, married. Externally – nothing special, the average type. My wife is very businesslike, the owner of her own small company, always busy, so I went alone to the sanatorium on the Volga. I had a single room. In the dining room at dinner at the next table I noticed a charming brown-haired woman, beautiful and, as they say, in the body, about thirty-five. But she was with her husband, who was much older than her. In the evening she appeared alone on the dance floor. I invited her to a slow dance.

– Where did you leave your husband? – I asked.

– Yes, sitting on a bench. Men who come to a sanatorium with their wives rarely go dancing. Only single men come here to learn. [ read the story ]

. It was their last day in Saint-Tropez, in which They spent five meaningless useless days, days of utter idleness. However, They, probably, also wanted it.

As usual, in the evening They went to the city, had dinner at the best restaurant of those days, and now have returned to their hotel. It was still not too late, I didn’t want to go to the room, and it would have been necessary to sit in the hotel’s bar at least once, and leave tomorrow. There was almost no one in the bar, only an elderly couple of Germans sat in the lobby, and a gentleman was sitting at a corner table, pulling gin and staring at a newspaper. It seems- "Herald Tribune". &. [ read the story ]

Hair on the breasts of girls

At last, Nataha finished the honey. Got to work in a country sanatorium. Work from one o’clock to eight in the evening. It was spring, warm. One evening I went out to meet my dear little wife. The bus that carries them already had to drive 30-40 minutes ago. I was overwhelmed with strange feelings of excitement, jealousy, and chills. It’s already dark.

And then I noticed how to stop "VOLGA" and my wife fluttered out of it, having merrily said goodbye to someone, she was walking in my direction. She is wearing a short skirt with a bull, black tights, stilettos, a light sweater, short leather jacket, bright mikayazh, looked great. Seeing me, the smile disappeared from her face.

Hair on the breasts of girls

I noticed that her lips were swollen, obviously sucked for a long time. [ read the story ]

Once I thought that I was a pervert, but now, when, thanks to and-no, I saw how many like-minded people I had, my fears were completely dispelled. The thing is, I like it when other men fuck my wife. It began almost from the moment of our acquaintance, or rather … I will begin in order.

Arriving from a rather lengthy business trip, my friend told me that he met a girl and they started dating, and after a few days there was some kind of celebration, quite insignificant, so the reason for the youth was more likely (we were twenty), his girlfriend there was no home and accordingly celebrations were held there.

We came in a big company, the door opened unusually beautiful. [ read the story ]

Planning a vacation, we began two months before it began. We are me, my wife and our friends – two married couples. My name is Vitya, wife – Julia, friends Sanya, Masha and Sergey, Lena. We rented a small private recreation center for a week.

The base was a large log house. It had three guest rooms, a kitchen, a large living room, a swimming pool. Near the house, at the cliff, from which the waterfall fell into the lake, there was a sauna. We immediately flooded it – suddenly needed today.

On the first evening we laid a table in the living room. The girls went to dress, and we at the men’s council decided that we would immediately seduce our wives for sex together. But what we saw pleasantly surprised us: our wives came to the table. [ read the story ]

. to paint a picture called – "Life is a success!"

Having finished with coffee and cigars, they went to the bedroom. Sasha was tense and tried to go behind Seva. They entered the room and saw a wonderful picture. Dasha, in a transparent peignoir, treacherously betraying that only Dasha’s skin was under him on Dasha, lay in a recruiting position and aroused herself, caressing her nipples with her fingertips.

Seva saw Sasha devouring her with his eyes and his cock was ready to break free from under the robe. He went over to Dasha and threw off the towel, which he turned around after the bath, and gave Dasha a chance to do it. [ read more ]

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