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Mandatory styling, which should be in the arsenal of a hairdresser – is mousse or foam, dry varnish, liquid varnish (or hair spray), wax or paste, and also recommend having hair shine.

Mousse (foam) makes hair more elastic and pliable for styling, allows you to give your hair volume and density when styled with a hairdryer and brushing, therefore it is especially recommended for fine hair. Also, mousse is used to create curls when laying on a diffuser or curlers.

In order to put thin hair, use mousse of weak or normal fixation, for hair of dense structure it is better to use mousse of strong fixation.

How to use hair mousse

Mousse is applied to clean, washed hair. It should not be applied to too wet hair, so the fixative substance will slide down. After washing the hair, you must first wet the towel well, and only after that distribute the product over it.

Consumption of mousse depends on the length and thickness of the hair, the volume can vary from a ball the size of a walnut to a ball with an orange. No need to use too much mousse, this will make the hair appear dirty and dull.

The mousse is applied to the hair roots, and spreads along the entire length, for even distribution of the product we use a comb, then we dry it with a hair dryer. If the hairstyle is done in the morning, it is advisable to do this procedure in the evening.

  • In general, freshly washed hair is very difficult to style, it is pushed, scattered, so the hair must be washed and dried the day before. And if it turned out that they were just washed, and the hairstyle needs to be done urgently, the hair must be artificially stained, for this you can apply for example the same mousse, liquid lacquer, paste, so the hair will not disintegrate.

Regarding paste and wax. In fact, this is the same thing, only the paste has a softer texture. Instead of paste and wax, you can use gel wax and cocktail gel. All these tools have a fat base, so they make the hair plate, obedient, allow you to create any shape. Paste and wax are used to highlight the individual strands and underline the texture, they smooth, smooths fluffy hair. You can apply them, for example, when you need to smoothly collect hair in the tail. Also, pastes and waxes are used when weaving, so that hair does not fly apart. Good for modeling hairstyles from thick and thick hair, as well as for styling wavy and curly hair.

Hair mousse

How to use wax. Before use, a small amount of it is ground in the palms, slightly warming up, and applied to dry hair, using a comb for a more even distribution.

The main thing with waxing is not to overdo it, as it contains a combination of oils and beeswax, if you apply too much of it, the hair can then look oily and greasy. Be especially careful when using wax for oily hair.

  • A little secret – if you overdo it with wax, spray dry lacquer on your hair, which will make your hair appear drier.

Dry and liquid varnish (or spray). The difference between liquid varnish and dry lacquer is that the first one dries longer, so it can be used to model hairstyles. Dry varnish is available as an aerosol (with gas), and a liquid in the form of a spray (without gas). In different brands, liquid varnish is called differently – spray, modeling varnish, forming varnish.

We apply liquid varnish during work to create a form, select individual elements, while we use a dry varnish for fixing an already finished hairstyle.

Liquid lacquer is suitable for styling heavy or soft unruly hair, they are good at making smooth hairstyles and removing edge fluff hair. To make the hairstyle look smooth, neat, loose hair can be treated with a liquid varnish, guiding it in the direction of growth of scales, and smooth the hair with a comb. For thin hair during the creation of volume, as well as during the performance of the pile, it is better to use dry varnish. With it, the volume will hold better.

How to apply hairspray

For uniform application, spray the varnish at a distance of at least 25-30 cm. For long hair and hair of medium length, varnishes are applied from the bottom up.

The degree of fixation of varnishes, sprays, as well as other styling products is selected in accordance with the type of hair. Thin hair is fairly easy fixation, thick and naughty – more strong. In addition, the harder the hairstyle, the more resistant means should be used.

Varnish should hold a good fixation, do not glue the hair, do not weight them and do not leave white bloom. When using good lacquer hair looks natural and maintain elasticity. The only thing is that lacquers have a drawback – they contain alcohol, and alcohol dries hair very much, so you should use lacquers in doses.

  • It so happens that the strand already fixed with varnish needs to be redone. But, if after drying the lacquer to comb the strand, it can become tough and covered with bloom. What can be done in this case. In this case, you can use a fat-based product, such as wax or glitter. These products dissolve the lacquer, so if you want, you can apply a small amount of wax or shine to your hair, and re-model your hairstyle.
  • And another small secret – if you didn’t calculate it and put so much lacquer on it that a patina of hair appeared on the hair, finally shine the hair on your hair, it will mask the patina and give your hair a natural look.

Shine always used at the final stage of creating hair. This tool does not fix the form, we use it to give the hair shine and well-groomed healthy appearance. Please note that we do not need glitter lacquer, but gloss. In some brands, this tool is called gloss. It should be in the form of an aerosol. Another very important point – shine – the product is oily, so you should use it very carefully, otherwise you can weight the hair. Especially carefully it is necessary to use gloss when creating volumetric styling. If you apply too much, the volume may fall off.

How to apply gloss

When applying the gloss should be sprayed from above, above the crown, from a distance of 30-40 cm. The hair should not fall under the stream of funds, but under the sprayed cloud. Thus, we provide uniform application and do not weigh down the hair.

About thermal protection

When using hair dryers, irons and curling hair, under the action of high temperatures, they are subjected to severe stress, in order to reduce this harmful effect, be sure to use a tool that has a thermoprotective effect before styling; if this is not done, the consequences can be dire: begin to split.

Tools for styling. Terms of use.

  • Any styling product is applied only to clean hair.
  • If the hair is damaged or weakened, do not apply strong fixation, as it is very dry.
  • In order not to weight the hair, do not use more than two styling products.
  • And the main rule – everything is good in moderation. Do not use too many styling products, otherwise there will be an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and dirty hair.
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