Hair loss mask reviews

We are used to that expensive means quality. But is it always like this? It is not necessary to spend space sums on beauty purchases, especially if there are budgetary, but worthy options. Belarusian cosmetics – one of them.

Hair loss mask reviews

Care and decorative tools come from Belarus are famous for good quality and high efficiency. At the same time, the prices for them are frankly ridiculous. We suggest you to get acquainted with the selection of the best products, based on real reviews.

Foam for washing “Chamomile”, “Belita-Viteks”

This “wash” will delight you not only with a budget price, but also with quality: a universal skin completely washes away everyday makeup, leaves a pleasant sensation, cleans and soothes the skin with a bang, making it soft to the touch. A chamomile scent will always cheer you up.

Hair loss mask reviews

Price – about 110 rubles.

Powder Sculptor Ideal Sculpting, Luxvisage

Not so long ago a cool sculptor appeared in the assortment of the Belarusian brand Luxvisage – judging by the reviews, he can compete with luxury counterparts in their texture, grinding and durability. The product is easily recruited and lends itself well to feathering – even a beginner can handle it. Powder-sculptor is presented in three successful shades that will help you create the perfect contour.

Price – about 270 rubles.

BB-cream for the face Photoshop-effect, Belita Young

“Wow effect” for 150 rubles – why not? Another hit of Belarusian cosmetics sales is BB-cream from Belita Young. The customers confirm that the contents of this pink girly tube can transform your skin, making it beautiful and fresh. The tonal tool perfectly “smoothes” the texture of the skin, and the shades perfectly adjust to its tone. We can not wait to try!

Price – about 150 rubles.

Liquid lipstick Glam Look Lip Cream Velvet, Luxvisage

The novelty from Luxvisage has already managed to win the love of shoppers. Still, a beautiful gradient bottle, excellent hues, named after famous resorts, creamy soft texture and glossy finish – how can you remain indifferent to such lipstick?

P. S. We especially like the trendy gray-lilac hue number 207.

Price – about 100 rubles.

XXL mascara effect false eyelashes, Luxvisage

This mascara is a real favorite! She has been very popular for several years now, and many girls cannot change her by buying again and again. The whole thing is a cool effect: a comfortable brush paints every eyelash from the roots, elegantly extends, divides and curls the eyelashes. In addition, the mascara is praised for excellent durability – why not try?

Price – about 250 rubles.

Mask “Burdock” against hair loss superactive, “Belita-Viteks”

The budget Belarusian mask “Burdock” will not only reduce hair loss, but also make it incredibly beautiful, which is confirmed by numerous reviews on the Web. Soft, shiny, smooth, moisturized, strong and thick – this will be your “new” hair!

Price – about 130 rubles.

Micronized compact eyeshadow ColorEyes, Relouis

Do you like the effect of natural makeup? Then be sure to try Relouis shadows – their quality will surprise you. Highly resistant and pigmented, these shadows are evenly distributed and can compete even with luxury products.

P. S. Pay attention to the shade-chameleon number 107, which will delight you with its modulations.

The price is about 200 rubles.

Hair loss mask reviews

Cream highlighter “Amazing Shine”, “Belita-Vitex”

Another interesting product is Belita-Vitex cream highlighter. Some compare it with the base from Clarins, others simply admire the effect. The tool can be used as a base, giving a soft glow to the entire face, or as a highlighter, highlighting certain areas with a more intense glow.

Price – about 120 rubles.

Moisturizing tonic for normal and combination skin, Liv Delano

Tonic from Liv Delano gently cleanse the skin, give her comfort, freshness and hydration. If you miss this stage of care, then immediately corrected. Moreover, such a cool and budget means is an excellent occasion.

Price – about 170 rubles.

Deep cleansing and soothing mask with green clay and tea tree oil Teebaum, BelKosmex

Clay masks have long been famous for their cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. A great option for problem skin – a mask with green clay from the Belarusian brand BelKosmex. It frees pores, removes surface dirt and has a refreshing effect. By the way, you can buy all these products in specialized stores of Belarusian cosmetics.

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