Hair grows fast

I really like the mother-child place where we now live in Goa)) Firstly, once the sea is right there – 2 minutes to walk slowly, and we are there!)))) And such a cool path to the sea is a direct pleasure her go! Bamboo bridge over the river (which separates the house and the ocean) and the sandy path between the palm grove. And that’s the beach! Loose! Endless! Vastness and boundlessness. We did not see anywhere else such beaches as in Goa (and in the places closest to it). Goan beaches are elegant and unique not with snow-white sand like flour (such as on the Philippine island of Boracay), but endless huge beaches with dense black-gray-whitish-yellow sand, which is comfortable for a long time to walk and run.

Hair grows fast

And then the mother-child tusa)) Communication and mothers and children)) It’s like in Mui Ne in Vietnam. Just a little bit different.

I can swim alone in the sea, while Mishan and Kostyunya are passionate about something on the beach – toys, other children, a dog, a helicopter flying past, and so on. And this is soooo cool! Children at the time of writing the article 3G 8 months and 1 g 5 months.

The sea is now heavenly (the season of the cool sea in Goa from October to February))) Though not

The story of how a child of our friends suffered in a syroedenie

This is the story of our friends about syroedenii. Namely, about the problems that befell their child in a pure 100% raw food diet. This is not someone there, but people we know, our friends, from Sevastopol. I know how they ate, how they believed in the ideality of this food, we syroedili with them at one time. And then something like this happened. I really want everyone who has syroeda children to read it. Without fail. In order to avoid mistakes and sad experience ..

“As I wrote earlier, we switched to raw foods (hereinafter CE) in August 2012. And we were absolutely satisfied with everything. The state of lightness, clarity, full of strength, sea of ​​energy, clean tongue in the morning, no smell of sweat, weekly clean hair on the head, feeling the depth of tastes of vegetables and fruits, quiet sleep, clear consciousness and a completely new look at life, history, medicine and in general, another completely philosophy of life. ⠀

We prepared simple dishes, mainly various salads, breads, green smoothies, smoothies, peanut milk and live cereals. Our diet consisted of: vegetables, fruits, soaked nuts, different greens, flax, hemp, green buckwheat, seedlings of cereals and legumes. And you know, it was very tasty. When I wanted something like that, they cooked something complicated, such as rolls, raw food patties, pastila pancakes, cakes without baking … They prepared a lot of things. And if you wanted more health, then switched to mono-power, without mixing. Salt is not used. Spices too. Do body cleansing and sometimes starving. At that time it seemed to us that this is the best food in the whole world. And that it is “one hundred pounds” will make us healthy, happy and

Hair grows fast

I started a mini travel blog with two children.

I started a mini travel blog with two children. For speed and convenience, I lead it on instagram.

BUT here are some notes from there: November 12, 2018: We are traveling for the first time with 2 children))) Before, we traveled a lot with one Mishutka, and it was very comfortable, due to his temperament – he was very calm, assiduous, he didn’t run around the plane played with something, or asked him to read. So it was a pleasure to fly with him! And now, too)) But Kostusha is his complete opposite! He can’t sit still !! He has to go somewhere all the time. Sit on the spot to play – boring. Well, only if the toys are new, and even then this is not for long. He needs a move! And when they fool along with Misha, it’s just aaaaaa! Misha is only one calm, and if he is with someone, then he turns on the mode of fooling around. And we must also mention that Kostya is very (!) Shouting loudly if he is not allowed to do what he wants. So I will write on Instagram our traveled notes – the four of us, with 2 sons. The difference between them

As we were going to wintering in Asia for half a year with 2 sons: Grandmothers and grandfathers are very far from us, Seryozha works a lot, so the travel charges are on me. And there is little time for fees, in principle, I have little free time. Therefore, a week before departure, I became

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