Hair dyeing 2019 for short hair

Korean hairstyle for a guy is a fashion trend not only among Asians, but throughout the world. The combination of light negligence, masculinity and style – the card of these styles.

Hair dyeing 2019 for short hair

Properly chosen haircut emphasizes individuality, will give the image of elegance. What are the types of Korean men’s hairstyles? How to make styling yourself? Which of the guys will fit Korean haircuts? Styling tips will help you find the answers to these questions.

A bit of history

Until the XIX century Koreans existed only 10 types of male hairstyles. Mostly these were bunches or horse tails, which were soon replaced by short haircuts. Here, the influence of the West played a significant role, and as early as 30–50. Twentieth century in the Korean fashion entered smoothed hair. They were parted or retracted.

1970–1980 – This is the period when highlighting first appeared, and the length of the Korean hairstyle gradually increased due to the popularity of the Beatles group. After another 10 years, new creative men’s hairstyles for luxurious hair, which suggested not just a deliberate mess, but also styling.

Korean guys sought to imitate idols from the fashionable pop group of the 2000s. TVXQ and singer Pe Yong Jun and wore curly long hair. Soon fashion was replaced by classic and aristocratic haircuts, like modern performers Pak Bo Goma,

Experiments with color are welcome: not only black is in fashion, but all shades of brown are also in fashion. Highlighting and coloring of the tips or individual strands are allowed.

To suit

Koreans have a distinctive feature: their hair is straight, black, thick and hard in its structure. European guys – owners of curly, thin and blond hair – it will be extremely difficult to make the desired styling. Of course, you can use the means of strong fixation or ironing, but the effect can be very different from the original. When choosing a hairstyle should be repelled by the type of person that the image does not look ridiculous. The main rule of any Korean haircut is simplicity and brevity. Without spending a lot of time laying, Koreans emphasize carelessness and create an easy creative mess on their heads.

Choosing the right Korean-style haircut will help emphasize masculinity and give any guy brutality. It is advisable to consult with a professional stylist before embarking on independent experiments.

How to make a Korean haircut

Owners of medium-length and thick hair can try to experiment with their image. It will be especially interesting to look like a European-looking guy with blue eyes who chose a Korean-style hairstyle. If the haircut is done by a professional in accordance with the rules, then the installation will not take long and will keep the shape all the time. Consider the basic options for hairstyles.

  • Torn endsThis is one of the most popular modern trends not only in Korea, but throughout the world. She enjoys unprecedented demand from young people, although in recent years middle-aged men cannot deny themselves the pleasure of at least superficially resembling a bully. The advantage of a ragged haircut is that it gives volume even to soft and thin hair. The essence of the work is to cut strands with a razor, giving them the effect of unevenness and incompleteness. Ordinary scissors are not suitable here, so hairdressers use a sharp razor. The clarity of the lines and torn bangs guarantee the guy a creative look in a grunge style.
  • Shaved whiskeyThe brutal image of the guy can create with shaved temples and medium length strands on top. This Korean funky hairstyle is suitable for everyday wear. When laying you can use a little wax or gel to give the desired shape of hair. Guys who are fans of biker style, you can consider the hairstyle, implying the formation of a mohawk. The protruding strands can be fixed by means of laying, but their length should not exceed a few centimeters. Highlighting the tips will be the highlight of the image of any modern guy.
  • AsymmetryStraight hair guys are advised to focus on a modern asymmetrical hairstyle with elongated individual strands or bangs. It is suitable for the classic and youth style and will retain its relevance for a long time. Korean guys are very fond of bangs of any shape, so the bob hairstyle is a versatile option. Best of all, it is suitable for an oval and thin face type, and for holders of square and round faces it is better to consider other hairstyles. If the female version of the bob haircut is different lush top, then the male hair does not need a fleece and fit the natural way. Oblique bangs and asymmetrical strands give the image completeness. It will be appropriate to dye hair ends a couple of shades lighter than the base color. You can try a double bob hairstyle for a sporty-looking guy with thin hair. Fashionable styling, as well as schemes and photos of the correct haircut are widely represented on the Internet.

Korean hairstyles for men – a universal option for all ages, which reflects the individuality and remains relevant at all times. Do not be afraid to experiment, look for your style – the result will not be long in coming!

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