Hair density

A stylish female image will not look complete and flawless unless it is complemented with an appropriate haircut and styling.

The best women’s haircuts of 2017 are natural and “simplicity” in everything related to hair color and styling. Stylists offer this year a variety of options for haircuts: from bold and unexpected decisions to classic, but still remain in fashion. For each hair length there is a win-win option, emphasizing the naturalness and beauty of the owner of a fashionable haircut.

Cascade – one of the best women’s haircuts, which has not been a trend for more than a year. You can choose a haircut with straight or side parting. If the stepped strands are raised at the roots and slightly curled, the classic cascade will turn into an amazing hairstyle. This haircut will give volume to thin hair, and to facial features – tenderness and softness. Owners of a round face are very suitable curled out strands or torn ends of hair.

One of the most beautiful and stylish women’s haircuts in 2017 is “Italian”. It is great for hair of any thickness and texture: straight or wavy, thick and thin. Haircut is an alternation of frequent steps and visually lengthens the face. It suits the ladies of any age, which makes “Italian” one of the most versatile haircuts. It looks best on medium-length hair. With this haircut all kinds of bangs, except for very short ones, are combined. The best option, which looks the most advantageous and stylish – arch cut fringe below the eyebrows. Owners of very thin hair need to remember that the haircut “Italian” in their case requires daily care and styling.

The best female haircut in 2017 elongated bean. This is the optimal solution for owners of medium-length hair. Haircut goes well with straight and oblique bangs. One of the advantages of an elongated bean is that the strands can be laid in different ways, creating numerous variations of fashionable hairstyles. Fashionable details, such as torn edges, layering and thinning make the haircut more interesting.

Current this year remain short haircuts. They are practical and do not require much time for installation.

For short hair, one of the best women’s haircuts in 2017 will be pixie. This is a female version of the haircut “under the boy.” Due to the different variations and accents, each lady will be able to find her stylish and feminine image. Another plus of this haircut is the ease of styling. Since the density and texture of hair does not play a special role for pixies, owners of thick hair and thin strands can afford it. Naturally lush hair when choosing a pixie perfectly lends itself to thinning and thinning, and thin curls visually acquire volume.

Asymmetric one should be attributed to one of the best women’s haircuts in 2017 pixie, supplemented with interesting strokes: highlighting, curls of different lengths, shaved temple or nape, oblique bangs. Laying this hairstyle will not be difficult: wet hair must be tacked, and randomly laid using a hair dryer and styling products.

Ultrashort bob With attractive details – one of the best women’s hairstyles of this year. Asymmetrical curls, graduation, pronounced differences in the length of strands, oblique bangs give new interesting accents to the haircut. When choosing a variant of this hairstyle, you need to take into account the type of person in order to hide the hairdo its flaws and emphasize the advantages. Bob will be the perfect option for thin or curly hair.

Caret with shaved nape

Caret with shaved nape – Another of the most interesting and popular women’s haircuts in 2017. Elements such as a shaved temple or the back of your head look outrageous, bright and stylish. Those ladies who are not yet ready to openly wear such a hairstyle or are not sure that it suits them can be advised by a square with a shaved nape. At work with such a haircut, the dress code will not be disturbed, and in a company you can lift hair in a haircut, open the back of your head and drastically change this image.

In 2017, among the best female haircuts remains gavrosh. She is great for both slim short girls and middle-aged women. However, choosing this haircut, you need to take into account that it opens up the face as much as possible, focusing on it. Those women who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance and like unexpected and non-standard solutions will be suitable for women. Stylists do not advise owners with large features to choose gavrosh.

Despite the fact that gavrosh is done on short hair, stacking a haircut in different ways, you can create different images – from elegant and feminine to boyishly daring.

Ladder for medium and long hair

Ladder for medium and long hair – one of the most popular types of women’s haircuts in 2017. She has many advantages:

Hair density

  • a huge number of styling options;
  • haircut makes volumes even the thinnest hair;
  • the ladder visually rejuvenates the face, giving the appearance more femininity, tenderness and charm;
  • using the ladder you can easily hide any hair imperfections.

Hair density

Ladder – one of the most versatile female haircuts. It is perfect for ladies with any face shape and hair texture. To maintain the hair in order enough a few minutes a day. Laying the ladder is not difficult in the presence of a hair dryer, a round brush and any styling means.

Among the best women’s haircuts in 2017 is long caret. Classic car remains in fashion for many years and underlies the creation of a lot of haircuts. The elongated version of the caret is not inferior in popularity to the short hairstyle. Such a haircut will suit the owners of a round face, because the elongated square visually pulls the oval of the face and makes it more proportionate. If you want this fairly simple haircut, you can add interesting accents: graded strands, straight or oblique bangs. The length of the hair with an elongated caret allows you to create different images.

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